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    Hi, Sunshine!

    I’m Ingrid Schabbing, wellness enthusiast and life-long explorer of personal solutions. My unbelievable journey has guided me into a wonderful career that involves helping women harness a true sense of self, inner peace, and acceptance for who they really are.

    I’m here to remind you that you are smart enough to make your own decisions, you do have value, there is a solution to every single problem you have, and you are definitely brave enough to think without boundaries.

    If there are answers you’ve been looking for, allow me to show you that you already possess every solution you’ve ever wanted. Join me, and let’s embark on an awesome journey that will guide you in discovering the many possibilities that lie ahead of the life you’ve always wanted. Onward!


    As the developer of the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, I have never experienced someone that combines so many valuable talents in one person.

    Jacob Korthuis

    Founder & Developer Progressive Mental Alignment, PMA Institute

    Ingrid is a passionate, talented and warm human being, who always makes you feel safe.

    Evert van Engelenhoven

    Managing Director, Menzing BV

    Ingrid is an absolutely exceptional woman.

    Jacqueline Keuning

    Life Coach & Trainer

    Choose your happiness
    “You have to help yourself first, only then can you contribute something truly valuable to others.”
    – Ingrid

    Progressive Mental Alignment is the only method capable of permanently removing subconscious roadblocks that inhibit our personal growth, health and success. Interested in learning how?

    The Book Desirable Power by Jacob Korthuis

    Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read Desirable Power.

    Homestudy Kit Progressive Mental Alignment

    The home study kit is an awesome tool for those interested in self-improvement on a more intimate and private level. It’s an in-depth, 6-week program.

    The Progressive Mental Alignment “Mini-Workshop”

    Your ideal life is closer than you think. Join us for a life-changing two hours workshop. Unlock the door to accomplishment and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

    Free Quiz: Discover Your Growth Potential

    Pin point your greatest potential for growth and pave a path of greater health and happiness tailored to your unique personality, starting today.