How Self Discovery Solves Insecurity

Hi beautiful!

What is your reaction when someone greets you that way? Do you own it? Does it make you smile or do you automatically reject it internally?

According to some interesting stats about body awareness, more than likely, you don’t even believe it when someone tells you you’re beautiful.  In fact, the website notes that a whopping 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies, 58 percent of college aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight, and more than 40 percent of women would consider cosmetic surgery in the future.

Have you ever felt that pang of self-consciousness when you just can’t seem to find the right thing to wear or you arrive at a party and start questioning how you look? How about the constant comparing most women do with other women about weight, hair, makeup, or body type? It’s common among women and it’s rooted in our self-value.

So why are so many of us so unhappy about our appearance? We know that female babies and toddlers aren’t concerned at all about their self-image which means that we are not born with all of those negative feelings about ourselves. So where does it start?

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Like all belief systems, they are based in our life experiences and in understanding how those experiences impact us every day.  Some of these experiences date way back to our childhood and while they differ from person to person there IS a common theme of feelings rooted deeply in fear, although we are usually not aware of it.

As a simple example, let’s look at the experience of Susie, a 6 year old girl, excitedly preparing for a birthday party. She puts on her prettiest dress, her shiniest shoes, and biggest bow! She feels great and can’t wait to see her friends. Her mom drops her off and the little girl knocks on the door. When the door opens, she sees the birthday girl standing there in her pajamas! Susie looks around in a panic as she realizes that this is a pajama party and she is WAY over dressed. The room starts spinning as the other children begin to giggle and stare at her. She turns around but her mom has already driven away! All kinds of emotions begin stirring up inside of her, all at once. Some girls might experience this just as a very unpleasant situation, but not Susie. She panics! She feels dizzy; her heart is racing, and her muscles tense up, and she starts to sweat.

During panicked states like the one described above, our subconscious connects certain details from these experiences with the negative emotions felt, forming what is referred to in Progressive Mental Alignment as bad clusters. It’s important to understand that these bad clusters are stored inside of the subconscious brain, without our knowing. Despite that, the emotions radiated from these bad clusters are felt strongly in our bodies every time they get activated, even decades after they were created.

While it is impossible to spontaneously remember the content of a bad cluster, you can use Progressive Mental Alignment to easily trace the bad clusters.  The feelings that radiate from bad clusters are extremely powerful and they can be triggered by anything that was present in the negative situation! A color, a sound, or even a smell can trigger parts of a bad cluster and create instant feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

Using the example above, imagine that perhaps they were baking and eating sugar cookies at this party. Susie focused on the smell and taste of the cookies to avoid looking at the faces staring at her. During her panic, Susie’s brain processed these sugar cookies in a way that associated them with keeping her away from pain. Later in life, the thought of sugar cookies always made her feel safe but she never knew why! Even more, she stored eating sugar cookies in her brain as a source of comfort in times of emotional panic associated with insecurity. This type of subconscious connection can later be activated and seriously interfere with reaching your diet goals, further aggravating self image.

The unified brain model of Progressive Mental Alignment provides a technique that allows you to trace the root-source of your negative emotions and to transform these bad clusters once and for all. This way you will permanently overcome their powerful control over your life. Once you focus on the triggers that activate bad clusters in every day life and apply the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, you’ll notice that these feelings come from a much deeper place inside of you. It’s a place that a simple compliment, or other techniques and methods, can’t reach or fix- but Progressive Mental Alignment can.

We know, through Progressive Mental Alignment, that once all of the active bad clusters related to a negative self-image are revealed and transformed, the dark feelings tied to insecurity will disappear instantly. Progressive Mental Alignment provides us with this wonderful opportunity!

Issues with body awareness are too familiar for many of us. Wouldn’t it be freeing to not have to experience these bouts of inadequacy any longer? To wake up feeling proud, satisfied, and confident? This vision IS a reality.

In the Progressive Mental Alignment Home Study Kit Founder Jacob Korthuis guides you through the amazing process of finding and transforming bad clusters. Improving your self-image is only the beginning.  Bad clusters are the reason for all sorts of fears, emotional problems, health complaints and setbacks in our life. It’s a groundbreaking first step into a happier more fulfilled you!

The Home Study Kit shows you how to practice Progressive Mental Alignment on your own and how to guide your loved ones through the process as well. I always recommend the Home Study program to my clients and encourage them to grab a group of friends that are also seeking answers about any numbers of health or behavioral issues they may struggle with. I advise my clients to buy just one kit. Share the information and treat others! I always love hearing about your success stories after using the Progressive Mental Alignment Technique and would be delighted to hear your story!

Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Fall in love with the person your see in the mirror. The treasure is already yours.

You just have to uncover it. Isn’t that beautiful?

Image credit: The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

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