How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey rock star! How are you feeling today? Have you successfully accomplished the goals you set out for this day or are you pushing yourself along one heavy step at a time? Accomplishment always feels better doesn’t it?

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Nothing is better than the spark of motivation! It’s a powerful emotion, which jolts you to action and makes you feel accomplished and happy. When you’re motivated you can move mountains and you can inspire others to do the same.

What did your last spark of motivation move you to do? Maybe you cleaned the whole house top to bottom, or jogged 5 miles.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like this all the time?

Motivation is a big deal and it’s also big business.

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He is one of the most well-known motivational speakers and life coaches on the planet.

In his hugely popular seminars, Robbins uplifts thousands of people to extreme enthusiasm. He guides people through exercises that literally move them to scream, dance, jump, climb chairs, and even walk on fire. People leave the seminars inspired and uplifted.

While some do experience a significant life change, more often than not, people return to their old habits. In fact, 75 to 90 percent of people who’ve attended motivational conventions report losing most, if not all, of their enthusiasm after a certain period of time.

Have you ever attended a seminar or watched a motivational video that gave you a jolt of positive drive? During these sessions most people are 100 percent confident they will change and end the habits that don’t serve them like negative thinking or unhealthy eating.

Maybe you recognize this feeling. If you can be honest with yourself, did you stick to your motivated goals? Did you maintain positive thinking and begin to eat healthier?

The numbers show that even the best motivational inspiration has short staying power with most people returning to their old self-sabotaging habits within a short period of time.

So why does motivation fade so frequently?

It has nothing to do with your capacity to accomplish goals and EVERYTHING to do with the powerful forces in your subconscious brain which overpower the amazing feeling of motivation.

There is now an amazing and scientifically backed technique that can remove this heavy negativity from our subconscious to make room for a permanent positive flow of motivation.

In Progressive Mental Alignment these negative forces are called bad clusters.

First of all we have to realize that during the time that the more conventional motivational methods such as NLP, EMDR, The Works, EFT, Avatar, etc. were developed, bad clusters and their enormous negative and sabotaging power were unknown. If health or behavioral problems are caused by bad clusters, than these older techniques will never lead to permanent changes because they do not reach the root-source of the problem. That is why, after a while people fall back into their old habits and health problems.

We now understand the negative power of bad clusters and that the answer to transform them into positive energy lies in the content of our subconscious.

Our brain is constantly processing the world around us by what we perceive trough our senses and storing all of that information in regular clusters in our subconscious. These clusters include all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and emotions of all of the things we experience in life. It’s a testament to how miraculous the human brain is!

But our brain can process things incorrectly as well. Bad clusters are incorrectly stored during life experiences that activate an emergency response in our bodies. During this Code Red state, the brain is only focused on survival and so information in our environment is not processed as it normally would be, forming bad clusters.

This event could be as simple as a vase falling and landing on a toddler. The toddler panicked and her body went into an instant Code Red state as a form of survival. Even if she quickly came out of that state, anything picked up by her senses during that Code Red state will group together into a bad cluster. All of the negative feelings she felt during that moment will be connected to all of the sensory details of that moment. The music that was playing in the background, the color of the vase, or the specific smell of the kitchen during the episode are details that can trigger the fear and anxiety associated with the Code Red moment, whenever the bad cluster is activated, even in adulthood. This will stay this way until the bad cluster is revealed and rendered harmless.

The powerful emotions from this bad cluster are strong enough to create belief systems and behavior patterns that inhibit you later in life from accomplishing you goals. Progressive Mental Alignment’s detailed insights about how the brain works provide greater understanding about this destructive link.

So long as the content of the bad clusters remains hidden from our conscious brain, their power will always be strong enough to wipe out any conditioning technique or motivational approach.

The solution through Progressive Mental Alignment is to reveal these bad clusters so that the brain can re-process all of the information correctly. Keep in mind that our subconscious processes a million times more data than we will ever become consciously aware of! Once the information is correctly stored, the bad cluster is no longer a burden.

The Progressive Mental Alignment Homestudy Kit is specially developed to help find and transform bad clusters and is an excellent resource for the retrieval and transformation of bad clusters. The kit breaks down the amazing functions of the brain and guides you through the incredible process of revealing and transforming bad clusters. One kit allows you to practice Progressive Mental Alignment in the comfort of your own home and to help others practice it!

Everyone has experienced situations in their lives that created bad clusters. So everyone has them. The great thing is that we now have a solution for that problem which will open the possibilities for more growth, health, and successful achievement of your goals.

The more bad clusters we remove, the more energy and motivation we will experience.

Without the sabotaging power of bad clusters, motivation becomes permanent and life instantly changes into a landscape of endless opportunities.

Don’t feel unmotivated ever again. You CAN become healthier, more energized and more accomplished today.

You’re dreams are waiting for your arrival.

Get motivated to take the first step today!

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