How To Instantly Value Yourself More

We all know the familiar phrase: “Love your neighbors like yourself”.

There are many people who practice this very seriously, and next to their already busy work schedule, are constantly helping others. Some help to such a level that they totally exhaust themselves. I decided to write something about this after I read this great article about Taking Care of Yourself.

But back to that familiar phrase. Most people interpret these words with the emphasis on doing something out of love for others. But for people that exhaust themselves, that would mean that if they love their friends, family, kids, co-workers, etc. like they love themselves, would they also have to exhaust them? J You probably already get where I’m going with this.

If you truly love yourself, you will never exhaust yourself. So loving others needs to start with loving yourself first. If you do not respect yourself enough to love yourself, then what can you give to others when you say to them: “I love you”?

I Love Me


Many people find it difficult to put themselves first because they feel it’s an act of selfishness. Nothing is further from the truth. If you take care of yourself first, the quality of what you can give to others will be a lot higher. If you don’t love yourself first, than there will eventually be nothing left to give to others and you have to rely on their love and help.

Stay tuned for my future blogs, and if you can relate to how difficult it can be to put yourself first, you’ll want to know how you can change that for the better.

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