Why You’ll Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Senses Again


What do you experience in your body when you look at this picture above?

As a chocolate lover myself, I feel water in my mouth and a smile appears just thinking how it would feel to take a huge bite in this delicious looking cupcake. I almost feel the chocolate in my mouth and hear the crisping of the chunks of chocolate. Did I mention the gooey caramel inside the cupcake? MMMM the urge to have one grows by the minute. The growling sounds of my stomach encourage me even more to jump in the car and get one right now! And sure, if you don’t like chocolate at all, you will have a total different reaction in your body but that is what I just felt.

Have you ever asked yourself how it’s possible that by just seeing a picture (like this cupcake) your body reacts this way?

Your body responds this way because your brain connects the visual image of the cupcake with previously stored experiences of eating chocolate, cup cakes, caramel, etc.

These previously stored experiences do not only contain images of chocolate, cupcake, caramel, etc., but also the feelings that created the physical response when you actually ate these things.

By activating these images in your subconscious database, it also activates the feelings (physiological commands) that are connected to it. This is causing physical reactions like water in your mouth and other related feelings that you experience when you look at the picture of the cupcake. You have no control over these physical responses because it is your subconscious brain who causes this by executing the physiological commands that are attached to the activated cupcake images of the past. Your subconscious does not think or feel. It works like a stimulus response “machine,” comparable to your computer.

Your physical responses after seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or touching something are primarily caused by activated similar observations and experiences in the past that are stored in your subconscious brain. Your body will respond instantly and you have absolutely no control over it. It is based on strict rules of how the subconscious works and it will never deviate from those rules. These rules of processing sensory input and activating connected emotions counts for everything that you see, hear, smell, taste or touch.

And yes, these rules also apply on how you perceive other people. Your brain will automatically compare every little detail about them with already existing similar comparison material in your subconscious.

Your subconscious is processing (on average) a million times more sensory data than you will ever become aware of in the conscious part of your brain. It will not just compare the overall image of another person, but every little detail like facial expressions, the sound of their voice, words they speak, how they move, details of their face like mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and much, much more.

Out of an amazing amount of activated subconscious comparison material, your subconscious will select the most important images and executes the attached feelings.

Are you familiar with the idea that just by seeing a person you immediately have an opinion about them? This is just a brief explanation of why we like or dislike certain people without exactly knowing why.

We have five external senses that play a role in how we interpreted and feel about what we perceive, but let us focus today on just one of our senses – on what we see through our eyes. Let’s do a little fun exercise to explore the power of your own subconscious:

I want to invite you to look at each of these pictures. Do not just glance at the picture but keep looking at the same picture until you become aware of how your body responds to this picture.

  • Become aware of what you feel in your body.
  • Where do you feel something in your body?
  • What is it exactly what you feel there?

Once you become aware of how your body responds, go to the next picture and become aware of how that picture makes you feel (Where and what). Okay, lets get started and have some fun!


P.S. Also become aware of the facial expression that you make right now just by looking at this picture. I’m not a fan of lemons myself so if you have that too, I’m sure you can picture my expression 😉



Beach Hammock

Did you feel the differences in feelings between one picture and the other? Some people feel this very clearly and some hardly feel anything. This is not primarily because they are genetically different. There is another reason why some people feel a lot and others almost “nothing.” But about that later in another blog. I hope you enjoyed doing this little exercise with me. For now I’m still fixated on the cupcake so I’m hopping in my car and getting myself a treat! 🙂

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