Why Your Coffee Isn’t The Average Cup O’Joe


Are you someone who enjoys drinking coffee (or tea) from a specific cup or mug? You know, that ONE cup that always gives you that wonderful feeling which makes the coffee taste that much better? I know a few people who have a selection of mugs they choose from, selecting a specific mug that feels best at that moment.

You don’t know exactly why you choose that specific cup, its just got that something special to it which only has significant meaning to you. Can you relate? If so, did you know that your subconscious brain plays a large role in this morning routine? I’ll be happy to share some thoughts with you on how this works. I’ve included a fun ‘exercise’ (no sweating required) that’ll help you gain a lot of knowledge about you and your relationship with your special mug.

Let’s think about what controls our preferences. Why do we like one color over another, or certain shapes more than others?


  • Picture your favorite cup or mug.
  • What about it particularly do you like the most?
  • If you focus just on that particular detail, how does that make you feel? Try not to describe the feeling as a label, but WHERE in your body do you feel WHAT? Pay attention to even the slightest changes in your feelings.
  • Now focus only on that particular detail that you like so much of your most favorite cup, and become fully aware of how this makes you feel.
  • Now allow your brain to spontaneously come up with any memory it wants to.
  • What is the first memory pops-up spontaneously? (It can be anything! It doesn’t even have to relate to coffee at all)
  • What is dominant in that memory that just popped up?
  • Once you found the detail of that memory that is most important to you, focus on that.
  • Do you notice that focusing on this detail intensifies the feelings?

This is a really brief exercise to help you learn how your subconscious mind works. The spontaneous memory that popped up is not as “spontaneous” as you might think. This memory is triggered by the detail of your favorite coffee mug. The feeling connected to this memory was used by your subconscious to create your preference for this particular cup. I know that understanding that your subconscious brain determines your preferences in life opens up an entirely new world to you. But just imagine how many times per day you make choices based on preferences. Understanding why and where your preferences come from gives you an entirely new level of control over your life, and even more importantly, your coffee.

Wishing you tons of delicious cups,

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