Why Challenging Yourself Is Important

Have you ever felt really stuck in life? I’m referring to the feeling that life is passing you by without really living it to it full extent? You’re in a state of vegetating, captured in the daily routines of life, instead of being passionate and vibrantly alive.

Is there ever a moment that you wish you could do something you’ve never done before, or learn something new and brighten your horizon?

I like to challenge myself. I hope you do too. This could be anything, small and big challenges. It can reach from pursuing a whole new career to even challenging your taste buds to try a food you’ve never had before.

For most people it would not even sound like much of an adventure, but even “small” changes will make a difference in life. It reminds me of one of my own challenges.

I always like it when I hear someone speaking in French. It has such a charm and elegance to it, something so mystical. So to challenge myself, I’m in for a new adventure, I signed myself up many years ago for an evening class French. It was amazing!

We had a great group of people, and most of them were already acquainted with the French Language so I stepped up my game and went for it. Each week one of the group members brought a “typically” French snack for coffee break. We learned a lot from each other and talked mostly about real life experiences we had and what we loved the most about France.
Because I didn’t have contact with French speaking people for many years after the classes, most of my knowledge has faded away. But still, the accomplishment at the time felt great and also, the knowledge that I could do whatever I would set my mind to.

I was reminded of my French class when I watched a 4-minute TED talk video and I would like to share with you.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.45.04 PM

I hope this will give you that boost to start and challenge yourself with a new adventure to get you out of the daily routine and experience that sparkle of happiness and gratification we feel after accomplishing something.

Pick up the phone and call that one person you haven’t seen in a long time or sign up for a class you had in mind for so long. You’ll find out that you are so much more capable of exploring new exciting things than you give yourself credit for.

Learn how to change your life and help the ones you love the most transform!

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