How One Little Flyer Changed My Life Forever

On the “Meet Ingrid” page of my website I talk about a “little flyer” that completely changed my life. The content of this little flyer activated a turning point, the message was so clear and logical that I instantly knew – this method will finally give me the answers I need to get my life on track.

It was about this method called Progressive Mental Alignment, also known as PMA. It explained in a nutshell how our own brain can make our body sick, and, how we could overcome and even prevent that from happening. While I read over the flyer I felt an excitement of recognition in my body I had never felt before.


I felt a door open in front of me, and it was opening up to entirely new levels of experiences. Understanding (and above all), feeling that the answers I always wanted had been inside my subconscious brain the entire time completely transformed everything I knew about myself.

So I want to share its content with you, and I hope it will resonate with you as it did with me and that it becomes your first step to opening the door to your amazing future.

Progressive Mental Alignment ®

Free yourself from your psychological and psychosomatic health problems

Get rid of your health problems by yourself

More and more people suffer from depression, fear, headaches, intestinal problems and panic attacks. Since the discovery of the Progressive Mental Alignment method you are able to deal with these problems yourself once and for all. Progressive Mental Alignment approaches psychological and psychosomatic problems in a very effective and recognizable way and is easy to learn. The results speak for itself: most people who used the Progressive Mental Alignment method indicate that they started a new life since. The Progressive Mental Alignment method gives you results in a very short period of time. Years of treatment by psychotherapists will stop forever because you will learn how to be your own therapist.

What kind of therapy is Progressive Mental Alignment?

The Progressive Mental Alignment therapy teaches you in 5 to 10 sessions at 2 hours per session how your brain works, how psychological and psychosomatic complaints are created, and how it is possible to eliminate those problems yourself through the Progressive Mental Alignment method. Some patients master this after 2 or 3 sessions.

An effective method

The Progressive Mental Alignment method is a scientific system with which one can easily identify. Progressive Mental Alignment stands for Progressive Mental Alignment. Bad-clusters are memories that are created when we are in extreme fearful, painful, or threatening situations. These could be shocking experiences such as the death of a loved one, physical violence, rape, incest, or divorce. It could also be very common situations like being teased or engaging in a painful argument. It all depends on how serious you take the situation, what your age is and how much impact it has on you at that moment.

Why do bad-clusters make you ill?

Bad clusters are hidden memories that are stored away very deep in our subconscious brain. The sensory data of these painful and terrifying moments are stored in a different way in our brain than normal sensory data. For that reason we cannot totally or simply recall those moments. The bad part of this is that all the intense emotions and physiological reactions of that moment are linked to the bad cluster and stored away together.

Is that really bad?

Yes, we have to realize that everything we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste day to day has to be analyzed by our brain. Seeing something is not the same thing as understanding what you see. Because of this, our brain is constantly analyzing without us being aware of it. To do this, our brain needs comparison material. Everything that has been stored in your brain can be used as comparison material to identify present observations. There is no danger in innocent memories. But, our brain also uses bad clusters as comparison material. The moment these bad clusters are used as comparison material in your subconscious, the emotions associated with the bad cluster, in the form of physical reactions, become active. They could become active by insignificant triggers in your surroundings and they will cause negative effects your whole life.

Example:     This morning you were sitting in the kitchen. You were reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. You see a picture of a car accident. In the background you hear the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. At once you begin to feel nauseous. Your heart starts to beat faster; you begin to sweat and choke up.

How is this possible? Nothing happened that was aggravating or unpleasant, did it? Wrong, a lot of things are happening! Let’s see what a later Progressive Mental Alignment session showed us.

Progressive Mental Alignment session:        

Nine years ago, your dad died in a car accident. Obviously this has nothing to do with how you feel now. But watch if we go back in time! It is in the morning nine years ago and the phone is ringing. It is the hospital on the other end. They give you the message that your dad died in a car accident. Your world is falling apart. At this moment a bad cluster is created. What did you feel at that moment? Nausea, choked up, your heart was racing, and you began to sweat. That feeling is then linked to the bad cluster and is stored away in your brain. As if you were stunned, you walk to the kitchen and sit down. You take a bite of your bagel with cream cheese and wash it down with a draught cup of coffee that you prepared just before the phone was ringing. In the background the radio was playing the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles!

What activated the bad cluster?

The bad cluster was activated by memory moments (triggers). You were reading in the newspaper about a fatal car accident while you were in the kitchen, eating a bagel with cream cheese, and drinking a cup of coffee. In the background the radio was playing the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles! This information seemed innocent enough by itself, but together it was enough comparison material to activate the bad cluster. All these innocent details are stored in your subconscious brain but you could not remember them.

Through the Progressive Mental Alignment method these bad clusters are being activated and the emotions linked to them will be eliminated forever. Through this method all these irritating emotions and unhealthy physical reactions will be gone forever! It is not necessary to bring up your whole past again. The only need is to target the bad clusters. Isolating the pertinent details of a bad cluster memory is the goal, in contrast to other methods. As soon as you bring up all these details in the proper way, the physiology attached to these memories are eliminated and gone forever.

Progressive Mental Alignment is clearly more than just a “technique”. The Progressive Mental Alignment method teaches you how and why your brain works. It lets you see how bad clusters can influence, yes control, your entire life. The elimination of bad clusters has a tremendous impact on every aspect of your life: your energy, joy of life, memory, concentration, judgment, and your psychological and physical state will improve tremendously. The entire quality of your life will skyrocket. You will be surprised how strong the human mind is, after you discover how the brain really functions.

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and how you can free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? You can read it all in the (E)book Desirable Power – By Jacob Korthuis

As I learned more about the Progressive Mental Alignment method I quickly discovered that there is was much more to explore about our brain than the brief information I read in this flyer.

Currently there are many more fancy Progressive Mental Alignment flyers, books and seminars that explain the method much more in detail, but this simple flyer is so close to my heart that I wanted to share this beginning part of my journey with you.

What I love so much about Progressive Mental Alignment that it has so many possibilities and levels you can grow into. You can apply it to solve minor problems and you can reach unbelievable depths in every area of your life.

Regardless what you choose, you will always stay in control and decide how far and deep you want to go in your own journey.

Witness the powerful and immediate impact of Progressive Mental Alignment on yourself and others!

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