Why Keeping Resolutions Is Easier Than Ever

It is Resolution Season. Have you created any intentions for this New Year?
The magic of New Year’s Eve lies in the opportunity to reinvent yourself. But what happens when that magic fades? All too often it does. In fact, it’s reported that only 8 percent of us actually fulfill the intentions we set at the beginning of the year.

It seems that the energy that motivates us to reinvent ourselves is overpowered by a familiar force that pushes us off track. Were you set on losing a few pounds but fell off of the diet after a month? Did you promise yourself you’d be more organized but once again found yourself in that familiar mess? Maybe you made a commitment to end a bad habit that you were only able to quit temporarily.

You are not alone. This cycle is common and happens to the best of us. But there’s great news! The power to change is not only completely possible; it lies in your own hands.  It starts by thinking beyond your goals.

It begins by understanding yourself and the unique images that are stored in your subconscious. Once you understand how your subconscious works, you’ll realize that you don’t have to start brand new every year; instead, you can make important improvements every single day!

Through Progressive Mental Alignment, we learn that the personal experiences stored in our subconscious powerfully impact our daily actions and can often prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

Let’s start with a simple exercise.

What do you feel when you think about riding a bicycle? Think about that image for a second.

For many of us, our experience with riding a bicycle began as a child. Maybe we remember learning how to ride a bike with our parents, or riding our bicycle down a trail with our best friends. As you matured, maybe riding your bike was a stress reliever, a form of meditation, or a way to innocently slip away from everyday life. All of these images are positive, peaceful, fun, memories stored in your subconscious about riding a bicycle.

But what if you had a completely different experience with bikes? What if the first time you rode a bike you rolled down a hill uncontrollably and broke your leg? There was terror, pain, and uncertainty wrapped up in the whole incident.

That terrifying experience could have caused you to store a negative feeling about bicycles in your subconscious without you even knowing it! That’s because what you don’t remember about that accident will be even more powerful than what you DO recall. During emergency events such as the accident described above, our bodies fall into a flight or fight response that is genetically programmed to protect us.

During that altered state, everything that the brain observes is processed incorrectly because of the body’s dedicated focus on protecting you. Progressive Mental Alignment calls these incorrectly stored images, bad clusters. These bad clusters contain information you do not remember about the incident but they emanate powerful emotions that you feel throughout your life and that impact your daily decisions in a significant way. (For more information about what bad clusters are see: Bad Clusters: A short-circuiting in our brain, Part 1 and Bad Clusters: A short-circuiting in our brain Part 2. Panic Attacks: just a normal day at the Zoo)

As time passed you lost interest in bicycles and even declined to ride bikes with your friends. All you know is that you don’t really want to ride a bike but don’t understand WHY you don’t. The answer lies in that original negative experience!

Now you’re in the present moment. Your spouse and kids love riding bikes together on the trails and they want you to join! So your resolution for the New Year is that you will start riding more with them! And yes, maybe even start the exercise that will get rid of those few pounds that you believe you need to lose.

Even though your intention is real, once you begin these activities, you will subconsciously activate all of the anxiety and fear associated with the bad clusters and so the promise you made at the start of the year is already falling apart.

Just knowing that this is the reason why you haven’t accomplished this goal is powerful enough! But knowing WHY is just as important.

The motivation involved in accomplishing goals is simply an emotion that is part of your physiology. The book ‘Desirable Power’ describes physiology as “the total of all physical and energy processes in our body that make it possible for us to stay alive.”

While 10 to 15 percent of our physiology is genetic, an astounding 85 to 90 percent is controlled by our previous experiences within our subconscious, also known as our comparison material. The brain uses this comparison material to process all of the information that is picked up by our senses.

Based on how our brains work, it would be easy to understand our avoidance of bikes or even exercise based on the negative emotions and images that arise related to these activities.

While you may have every intention of riding a bike, when the negative emotions of the original incident are triggered, the goal cannot be accomplished. Your brain simply won’t allow it.
Can you even imagine what you can accomplish once those nagging triggers are gone for good?!!

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to inhibiting thoughts about bike riding. This simple example can be applied to all of the goals you rationally want to achieve but for a reason unclear to your conscious mind, you were never able to accomplish.

The great news is that this does not have to be permanent. There is an important science behind removing these road blocks.

With these negative connections out of the way, the possibilities are endless!

In the book ‘Desirable Power’ you can learn how to find these negatively stored events, also known as bad clusters, and reprocess them so that you’re able to accomplish the goals you’ve always wanted to.

The power is all yours to begin living the life you’ve always envisioned. It’s the life you deserve.

A life without boundaries…isn’t that the most important goal after all?

Click here for more information about ‘Desirable Power’.

Jump out of your daily routines and into a once in a life time journey of transformation!

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