Where Your Shopping Addiction Really Comes From

Oh hi! I was just online checking out this amazing blouse I just HAVE to have. There’s something about buying a brand new shiny thing that can sometimes be so hard to resist! And did I mention it’s on sale! So basically I save money. 🙂

I know for me, buying something beautiful creates excitement and happiness. You get home and stare at it a little bit and you just can’t WAIT to use it or wear it for the first time….or is that just me? 😉

Think about how shopping makes you feel. Do you automatically start thinking about the things you love the most or a special memory that involves shopping? Does it make you smile and get excited? It should!

Shopping, for many, is an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon but for some, this habit can have a dark side.

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The Shopping Drug

Shopping, can become a serious addiction for some people. In fact, did you know that it affects about six percent of the U.S. population? That is more than 19,000,000 people! It’s a real addiction with some of the same types of treatment used for drug addicts. It’s marked by a compulsion to spend despite financial status, a tendency to hide purchases, an inability to pay off debts, and constant buyer’s remorse.

Do you recognize these behaviors in you or someone else? This type of compulsion is a dark cycle of highs and lows that can leave you drained, stressed out, and even worse.

You know, based on your almost maxed-out credit card that it would be wiser for you not to buy. Logic tells you that. So why can’t a large amount of people stop this self-sabotaging behavior? The reason it’s so hard to stop is because the cause is much deeper than logic can reach.

Like any addiction, a shopping addiction is in many cases used as a form of relief. It’s a behavior that you turn to when strong uncomfortable emotions arise within you.

Do you recognize some of these behavior patterns in your own life? Some of us do this on a smaller scale. For example, have you ever turned to chocolate or a similar treat when you feel sad or stressed out? Sometimes you’re so emotional you experience a sweet overload! You may feel a sense of peace right after eating something yummy but quickly that feeling can turn into guilt and physical discomfort.

With an addiction, this cycle is extremely intensified. Powerfully strong emotions are constantly triggered and somewhere along the way, you created the beliefs that your urge for shopping is normal, instead of understanding that this urge and the shopping itself is a ritual that your subconscious friend mechanism created to lead you away from the content of bad clusters.

Because of the way the human brain is wired, shopping (in this case) becomes the vehicle used to drive you far away from pain. The drive to escape from pain happens to be the most powerful force within you and all human beings!

It’s an amazing testament to the powerful role of our subconscious. The more you understand these impulses and forces within you, the more you’ll understand how to overcome some of the most damaging behaviors in your life!

Window to the Subconscious

The key here is not to focus on the shopping but to pay attention to what’s really happening on the inside. Ask yourself: What motivated you to go on a shopping spree? What happened just before you felt this urge? Once you understand how to approach your subconscious you will discover that there is always something that ‘triggered’ that feeling.

Once you recognize this picture of the sudden urge to shop and you are ready to get the scoop into why and how this urge is created in your brain, then join me for a little exercise:

  • In your mind go back to a situation that you remember getting a sudden drive to buy something
  • What comes spontaneously to mind in the seconds and minutes just before you wanted to surrender to your shopping urge?
  • Go to that moment and relive this moment in your head.
  • What particular part of that moment stands out?
  • Don’t think about it. Your body will tell you exactly what stands out if you really relive that moment and not just ‘remember’ it.

You will notice that the shopping urge always is preceded by negative and unpleasant feelings. At this point you might think: Okay, but how does this help me? You will tremendously benefit from this when you continue and complete this process. How? By applying the proper technique based on the understanding of how the brain works.

In this technique you do not stop at this first relived memory. You will continue the process until you reveal the underlying root source; the so-called bad cluster. Once you reach that stage, then the trigger that originally created the uncomfortable feelings will have lost its power forever. This means: no unnecessary uncomfortable feelings, no sudden urge to shop, and no more maxed-out credit cards. You’ll feel better about yourself and experience many other benefits.

Reveal. Restore. Restart.

If you are willing to change, then here is what you can do: Before you embrace the impulse to shop next time, stop and really feel those emotions you felt just before the shopping impulse came up. They are there for a reason! They are trying to tell you something! Start applying the exercise as described above.

If shopping has become an addiction, shopping is used as a means to make you feel safe and to distract you from the real source of the activated negative emotions. Once you reveal the true source of these emotions, you won’t feel the need to cover it up anymore and the addiction will end. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and it’s truly amazing! What will happen is that you will control the buying impulses and not the other way around.

I can help you so that you can leave this negative and self-sabotaging behavior behind you forever and make shopping fun again!

Don’t ever feel like there’s no hope. There is always a reason for your behavior and there is always a solution!

Invest in the most valuable gem you’ll ever acquire; a more peaceful, joyful, and confident you! Rest assured, shopping will still be a lot of fun but now, without previous negative activations, it will the purest form of fun 🙂

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.

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