How To End Panic Attacks Forever

Have you ever had a ‘Freak Out’ moment?

It’s that familiar feeling of panic and anxiety that rushes in when you realize you forgot something important at home, your pants rip during an important meeting, or you suddenly realize you don’t have the notes for the presentation you’re about to give!

We all feel anxious, nervous, and scared from time to time. But for some people it can get much more serious very quickly. A panic attack is a whole different level of anxiety that can really impact a person’s overall health.

Have you ever experienced one? Experts say it’s a feeling you’ll never forget.

According to WebMD about 40 million American adults get panic attacks every year. It strikes without any warning and it isn’t necessarily caused by a stressful situation. It can happen at any time and in any place. They can include sweating, chest pain, heart palpitations and sometimes even a feeling of choking. The symptoms can be so severe that some people often confuse it for a heart attack and may even feel like they’re going to die.

Can you relate to this feeling?

One woman I spoke with described her panic attack as “an inner rumbling you can’t control. It takes over your inner self. You can’t find ground….the opposite of peace. You lose communication with your heart, mind, anything that grounds you on earth- you lose it. You’re on the scariest roller coaster you’ve ever been in. You can’t control it. You can’t get off, you don’t know how and you can’t see the end of it.”

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Current responses to panic and anxiety include counseling, medication, and practices such as yoga and meditation. Do you embrace any of these techniques to keep calm? While these solutions may offer some relief and can help manage symptoms, none are permanent.

Only by understanding and removing the source of these attacks can we be free of them…forever.

One modern scientific technique has proven to permanently remove people from the rollercoaster of panic. It’s called Progressive Mental Alignment.

Progressive Mental Alignment teaches us how the brain works and why the overwhelming and frightening feelings of panic and anxiety take over us.

It starts by breaking down where panic attacks originate from.

We know that these attacks are an extreme form of anxiety.

Anxiety is a part of the many emotions that we experience as humans that make up our physiology.

So what is physiology?

Physiology is a description of everything that changes or moves in our body including emotions, thoughts, hormones, digestion, breathing, muscle activity, etc.

The book Desirable Power describes it as the total of all physical and energy processes in our body that make it possible for us to stay alive.

So what controls our physiology?

If we can understand what controls our physiology we will understand what controls our anxiety.

It’s important to understand that the physiology that causes panic attacks is NOT coincidental and NOT genetic. Still, it is driven by a very methodical system.

Certain triggers in our environment activate previously stored information that is loaded with physiological commands. These activated commands are the root cause of a panic attack.

Spontaneous panic attacks are NOT caused by threatening situations in the present, but are caused by a combination of simple triggers like colors, sounds, smells, and more. These triggers activate wrongly stored life events from our past that we experienced as very threatening and scary.

This wrongly stored information is called a bad cluster in Progressive Mental Alignment. These bad clusters make up part of our comparison material, which is a database of all of the significant lessons and experiences in our life.

Below is a simple example of how a bad cluster can form.

Linda was in a car accident. Right before impact her body entered into a survival state genetically programmed to protect her. This particular physiological program is called Code Red in Progressive Mental Alignment. While this emergency mode helps us survive it also causes the brain to function differently then it normally does for that period of time.

Even though the brain is in a different state, it still continues to process all the pieces of incoming sensory information, constantly. The problem is that, in this altered state, it’s processed INCORRECTLY and interlinked with all of the panic, anxiety, and fear of that moment.

While in this bad cluster state, Linda’s brain took in a lot of information. The color of the car she hit, a new song that played on the radio, the sounds that the accident created, a bird chirping, or the smells of a restaurant nearby.

While Linda will never spontaneously remember being in a bad cluster state, she WILL always feel the emotions of that moment because of all the environmental factors associated with the accident that constantly trigger the bad cluster.

It’s important to note that we all have experienced bad cluster moments several times in our life. While some ARE connected to incidents such as an accident others are not so obviously stressful. Many happened during our childhood when, even the smallest thing, like a loud noise, could scare and impact us greatly.

The bad clusters that formed from these events are activated when something from our current environment triggers it. The more information from a bad cluster is triggered at one time, the greater chance Linda has of experiencing extreme anxiety.

Even though spontaneous panic attacks are always caused by activated bad clusters, we are not able to remember the content of the bad cluster in the moment. We do feel the impact of the bad cluster’s powerful negativity once it’s triggered at any moment of our lives.

The result is a connection of the sensory data absorbed during a present panic attack with the scary feelings caused by the activated bad cluster physiology. This, by the way, is often the first step to creating phobias.

The human body consists of systems that are constantly reacting and responding to signals in our surroundings. Because nobody has the exact same subconscious comparison material, we all feel and respond differently.

The book Desirable Power offers much more detail about how this process works but with this basic principle we can understand that panic attacks are being triggered by seemingly innocent details like a smell, taste, sound, facial expression, etc. within our environment that is present at the moment of the attack.

This may sound like a lot of information but the solution is actually quite simple! Progressive Mental Alignment provides us with the method to get rid of these feelings of panic permanently! All you have to do is learn how the method works and then give your subconscious brain the freedom to reveal the root-cause of the panic attacks.

If you are familiar with feelings of a panic attack, than just think for a moment about the last time you felt this random feeling of panic. Where were you? What were you surrounded by? What did you perceive seconds before the panic attack?

Identifying the triggers that activate your panic is the first step to finding the subconscious root-cause. Once the content of the bad cluster reveals itself to your conscious brain your subconscious takes care of the rest. In a split second thousands of new connections are made in your subconscious. These new connections will remove the negative physiology from the bad cluster details forever and your panic attacks will stop.

Through Progressive Mental Alignment you remove these bad clusters from your subconscious by re-processing the information so they no longer cause panic, or a lot of other health and behavioral problems.

I invite you to watch this free webinar which explains the amazing way our brain functions, how bad clusters form, and how you can use Progressive Mental Alignment in your daily life to remove the powerfully negative impact of bad clusters.

Progressive Mental Alignment is a simple process that can change your life forever. Why not eliminate that which is keeping you from the peace you seek?

It’s horrible living a life plagued by the fear and anxiety of panic attacks.

I’m here to let you know that it doesn’t need to be this way any longer.

The power is yours to stop panic attacks forever.

Start today. Permanent peace, happiness, and freedom are the reward!

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read all you need to know in Desirable Power

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