How To Help Someone With Depression

Experience a personal Progressive Mental Alignment session with founder Jacob Korthuis in this interactive video. Take a journey through the depths of your subconscious. Discover the root cause of depression symptoms and how to help someone with depression overcome depression permanently.

In the book Desirable Power you read how and why the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works, and how you can apply it to deal with depression forever.

What is depression?

Are you familiar with depression? I hope not.  But maybe you are or maybe there is somebody in your surrounding that is. Maybe a good friend, maybe a relative or family member. If you saw it or even worse if you experience it yourself, you know depression makes life really to a dark place.

A lot of people who suffer from depression, and unfortunately more and more people suffer from depression, have that feeling of being in a bottomless pit of darkness. Even funny things, even the beautiful things of life, even the pleasant things of life, they cannot really enjoy it.

What causes depression?

If you look on internet, “what causes depression”, you see all kinds of things. It can go from hormonal situation, it can be an underlying disease, it could be you lost somebody or other nasty events in your life. I mean there’s a wide range of so-called possibilities. I don’t deny that these things play a role, of course they do, but they are not the real cause of depression, of being depressed. Being depressed is a physiological situation in your body.

What is physiology?

Well physiology is basically everything in your body that moves. Whether that is your brain activity or it is how you breathe or your respiratory system or it is your digestive system or it is the blood flow or the lymph flow or hormones. It doesn’t matter. Whatever goes from one state to another state so that what moves in your body one way or the other is called physiology, are physiological processes.

If we have feelings, regardless what kind of feelings, I mean literally everything we can feel there are more than 300 different types of feelings known by science by now that we can feel and all of them in different levels.

All of these changes that create feelings are the result of physiology. Depression is a feeling, a feeling of hopelessness, a feeling of not being able to see things as they really are.

So the real root cause of your depression is not what happened to you when the depression started, that what you think it is activated something older, something hidden deeply in your brain and the new understanding of the brain showed us how to get to those memories and how to, you could almost say anagetically rewire them so that you totally feel different about it.

How to treat depression?

Free eBook Have you ever felt like your world was falling apartIn the above video, we bring up the content of bad clusters, bring it to your awareness and because we bring it to your awareness suddenly a new code is attached to it. A code based on the fact that it was something you survived, something in the past, something that isn’t dangerous anymore and a total new complex amount of physiological commands will be attached, will be attached to that experience and the physiology, the negative physiology is gone forever.

That is why Progressive Mental Alignment cures permanently, not just soften the problem; it cures the problem completely because it takes out the root cause. This was just a brief explanation. I mean I could tell you so much more about how the brain works.

I could tell you why you believe what you believe, how emotions are created, why some people have certain emotions about certain things, other people about other things, how all these processes work. There’s so much to learn about the brain, so much exciting stuff and I really wish that I would have more time to explain all these things to you but there is a ton load of information, free information on internet.

Just go on internet, progressive mental alignment, go on YouTube you’ll find a lot of information there, on our website you’ll find information, we have books, we have seminars, we have programs, we have people that we taught to be a Progressive Mental Alignment coach so we can refer you to them. There are all kinds of possibilities to get help to get rid of your depression or any other diseases that bothers you. I really look forward to meeting you in one of my next videos because I’m going to send you regularly emails about very interesting topics.

Thank you for watching this video and who knows, maybe we’ll meet one day on one of my 8 day seminars.

In the book Desirable Power you read how and why the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works, and how you can apply it to deal with depression forever.

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