How Kate overcame her Depression symptoms

I’m pretty sure that you are now well aware that I am really passionate about the Progressive Mental Alignment method. 🙂 It completely changed my life and countless of other people. My passion to help others in the fastest and most effective way keeps me talking about Progressive Mental Alignment because it has so much more to offer than any other existing technique out there.

In this blog, I want to tell you the story of Kate. She allowed me to share her story with you because she knows that it can help many women with similar problems.

How I met Kate

A few months ago I received an e-mail of Kate; she was desperate, she wrote:

Dear Ingrid,

My name is Kate. I am 39 years old and for two years have been extremely depressed. I have two beautiful children (9 and 11 years), I have a fantastic husband, no financial worries, a wonderful home and great friends. To any outsider, I’ve got it all. But honestly, I feel horrible. 


I remember a time when I was a very energetic woman and next to my work,  did a lot for others. And now I feel exhausted all the time, it’s so frustrating for me! I can’t concentrate, sometimes I can’t eat and at other moments I eat way too much. At least twice a week I suffer from terrible headaches, which makes me irritable and I don’t sleep very well. My children and husband try to cheer me up, but I can’t enjoy it, regardless how funny or enjoyable their efforts are. I’ve become a burden to my husband and my children, which makes me feel worthless and guilty.  Sometimes I wish I were dead.

I recently purchased the Progressive Mental Alignment book “Desirable Power” and after reading it I instantly felt that this is what I needed; this is what will help me. Please write me back to make an appointment.



I emailed her back the same day and I want to describe to you what happened during my Progressive Mental Alignment session with her.

The Progressive Mental Alignment session with Kate

After we started the session Kate told me that she was always a very happy and outgoing person. She had a great childhood and did not understand why she felt so horrible and had all these symptoms of depression. My first question was:

Question:       When did this feeling start?

Answer:          It started two years ago.

Question:       What happened two years ago that was the starting point? Please don’t think about it, but what is the first memory that spontaneously pops up in your head after I asked my question. 

Answer:          Huh, that’s weird. The first thing I remembered was my youngest daughter; she was 7 at that time. I was reading an email my mother wrote me and suddenly I heard a loud noise in the hallway, like someone fell down followed by crying of my daughter. I ran to the hallway, and there was my daughter at the bottom of the stairway crying and screaming that her right arm hurt. It’s weird because I don’t know why I would think of this event because after visiting the hospital it turned out that nothing was broken and the bruises healed fast.

Question:       Trust your subconscious it does not make mistakes. If this situation comes up first than there is a reason for that. So, please go back in your mind to that particular moment, that moment where you are reading the email from your mother. Don’t just remember that moment, but instead, relive that moment with all your senses. Be there again in your mind. If you do that, what is the very first thing that comes to mind about that moment?

Answer:          The first thing that comes to mind is the loud sound of someone falling down the stairs and the screaming words “noooooo” in combination with the crying of my daughter.

Question:       Is there anything else in that moment that stands out and also comes to mind?

Answer:          I see the white screen of my computer and words from the letter?

Question:       What words stand out the most for you?

Answer:          It was about an annoying neighbor and she wrote: I have no hope that she will change.

Question:       Is it the whole sentence or just one or a few words that come to mind?

Answer:          It is actually just the phrase “no hope” that is dominant for me.

Question:       Just stay in that moment, what happened after you heard your daughter scream? What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Answer:          I jumped up from my chair and ran to the hallway. The first thing that pops-up now is the face of my daughter.

Question:       What part of her face?

Answer:          Her teary eyes.

Question:       Is there anything else that stands out and comes to mind?

Answer:          Yes, I don’t know why but the white marble floor in the hallway comes to mind and dark wood railing and the red carpet of the staircase. This is so weird! Those details are always there and I must have noticed them every single day, but now they stand out and are more dominant then ever!

Question:       What is the most dominant detail of all the things that popped-up so far?

Answer:          Weird enough it is the words “no hope” of the letter from my mom and the teary eyes of my daughter.

Question:       Just focus on these two details and allow the feelings to come up that you felt at that moment. Where in your body do you feel something and what is it exactly that you feel?

Answer:          It feels like my stomach squeezes together – My heart is pounding in my throat – my eyes are burning – my hands are trembling and I heave difficulty breathing. It is not extreme, but powerful enough to notice.

Question:       Are these feelings familiar to you?

Answer:          Absolutely! They are totally connected to my feelings of depression. The more intense these feelings are, the more intense is my depression.

In the book Desirable Power you read how and why the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works, and how you can apply it to deal with depression forever.

From here Kate goes to other situations throughout her life, events that contains similar details as the recent situation where she started from.  And after going trough a few of these events she jumps to the final content of the bad cluster. The period I skipped in between the first part of the session and the moment the content of the bad cluster revealed itself is also very important, but in this blog I want to show you the connections between a moment of activation (E-mail + fall of daughter) and how that activated the content of a bad cluster. I want to show you here especially how everyday observations and details can activate the content of a bad cluster and how this activated bad cluster material finally lead to all the symptoms of depression that Kate suffered from.

Kate revealed a number of details that stood out because they were all loaded with negative feelings. How did we know that they were loaded with negative physiology? Because her negative feelings intensified, or it activated the urge in her to go away from the situation, whenever she focused on these details. So, what I say here is that it is not your rational memories that tell you what the most important details are. It’s the feelings in Kate’s body that tell you what’s most important for her.

So far the following details showed-up:

  • The words: “no hope”
  • Screaming, “nooooo!”
  • Jumping up from her chair
  • Running (to the hallway)
  • The teary eyes of her daughter
  • The white marble floor
  • Dark wood railing
  • Red carpet of the staircase
  • Stomach squeezes together
  • Heart is pounding in her throat
  • Eyes are burning
  • Hands are trembling
  • Difficulties breathing 

During 40 minutes, until she reached the bad cluster, Kate brought up several other memories that all contained some of the above details. During the “reliving” of each of those memories the negative feelings in her body intensified, or as I said before, it activated the urge to go away from the situation. Let’s now jump to the content of the bad cluster. Keep in mind that you cannot just spontaneously remember the content of a bad cluster. Through the specific question technique of Progressive Mental Alignment you first collect all kinds of negatively loaded details. This will take the load off from the total bad cluster. After the load is partly gone and you ask the right questions, that is the moment when the suppressed memory pops-up spontaneously. Once you are in the suppressed memory you keep asking the right Progressive Mental Alignment questions and suddenly, the whole content of the bad cluster reveals itself.

The content of the bad cluster:

Question:       The expression on your face and your sudden body movement tell me that something else came up. What is it?

Answer:          Yes, that’s correct!

                        It is 23 years ago, I am 13, and I am at the hospital where my father died after a tragic car accident.

Question:       Try to be there again and relive that moment. What do you experience?

Answer:          I see my father and the white sheets of hospital bed. There is blood (red) all over his face and clothes. A doctor comes and my mother asks him: “how serious is it?”  The doctor answers: I am so sorry, he is brain dead and there is no hope that he will ever wake up again. My mother jumps up from her chair and screams “nooooo!” I run towards her to hold her. I see her teary eyes and I look away to the bars of the hospital bed and to the dark wood of the closet behind the bed.

Question:       What do you feel?

Answer:          I’m so afraid and my stomach squeezes together – My heart is pounding in my throat – my eyes are burning – my hands are trembling and I heave difficulties breathing. It is not extreme, but powerful enough to notice.  I feel the energy leave my body and feel drained at that point.

Question:       (After giving Kate a little time to process the entire picture, I continue. Note: keep in mind your subconscious processes a million times faster than your conscious mind. That means the correct connections will be made in seconds) Go back to the moment you are in front of your computer and hear the screaming of your daughter after she fell of the stairs. And now go back to the moment in the hospital. Are there similarities in your feelings in both situations?

Answer:          Oh, yes, they are exactly the same!

Question:       Now go back and forth to the moment with your daughter and the moment in the hospital. Just be there again. What are the similarities between both situations?

Answer:          (After a few seconds Kate responded:) Wow! This is amazing! So many things! The words “no hope”, the white sheets, the red of the blood, the screaming of my mother, her teary eyes, the bars of the bed and the dark wood of the closet.


Question:       What do you feel at this moment?

Answer:          That is even more amazing, I feel relieved, like a heavy backpack is taken of my back.

Question:       What about all your symptoms of your stomach, heart, eyes, trembling and breathing when you relive both events again?

Answer:          They’re totally gone, I feel great.

Question:       Did this session give you answers about yourself and the cause of your depression?

Answer:          I am totally flabbergasted! I realize now that simple things like colors, words, sounds, eyes, etc. from everyday observations can activate the same details of an unrelated traumatic event that is stored in my subconscious as a bad cluster. These details were still loaded with the same extreme negative physiology from that moment because they were stored wrongly and coded incompletely.

In the book Desirable Power you read how and why the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works, and how you can apply it to deal with depression forever.

But not just that! After the event with my daughter my computer, receiving emails, the colors of the stairs and hallway became the trigger that activated daily that memory (cluster) of the painful fall of my daughter. The activation of that memory (cluster) activated the bad cluster over and over again. This way I built up a whole lot of everyday experiences that are all connected in my brain because of all the similarities. This way the negative symptoms (physiology) of the activated bad cluster stayed active all the time and led to my depression symptoms.

And to know that I was the one who picked out the color scheme and material for our hallway J. It always gave me a sense of peace but after the activation, it turned around to a nagging feeling when I was in the hallway and didn’t even know why.

First I was afraid that I had to redo the hallway because of that feeling. And although I like to shop and decorate, it would have become very costly 😉 The amazing thing is that once your brain makes the proper connection (and that is fast when you do Progressive Mental Alignment) you don’t have to change anything because the negative load is gone and you are appreciative of your belongings even more.

Kate is just like you, a real smart cookie. She almost instantly realized that simple everyday details and sensory signals like colors, words, sounds etc. can activate similar details in a bad cluster which, in turn, activates the attached negative physiology. Needless to say – her two-year suffering from symptoms of depression ended instantly after this session.

I mentioned before that we cannot spontaneously remember the content of a bad cluster. Does that mean that Kate could not remember that her father died when she was 13? Of course she could! But all the details of that moment in the hospital she could not remember because they were so painful at that moment she lost control and stored these particular details away in a bad cluster.

Kate is one of the many amazing people who allowed me to help her. Each time when somebody opens up to me and together we go on this incredible journey, it is a true privilege for me.

People are so much stronger than they give themselves credit for. Being a part of seeing them grow after practicing Progressive Mental Alignment, in areas of life they never thought they could, is amazing and motivating.

Everyday I get these kinds of “presents,” which makes my passion about Progressive Mental Alignment even stronger.

Give yourself the present of life and reveal the ‘hidden’ energy diamonds you have in yourself too!

In the book Desirable Power you read how and why the Progressive Mental Alignment technique works, and how you can apply it to deal with depression forever.

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