Why Reading Your Body’s Signals Makes You Happier

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“Finally, it’s my last week of work and then my vacation will officially start”. You’ve counted down every second. This is the moment when you realize that all the work you still have to do this last week seems like a piece of cake. You have no idea where all your energy comes from, but just thinking of that well deserved beach vacation gives you a boost of energy juice. This already indicates that by just thinking of your vacation, a ton-load of positive memories and feelings get activated.

So far so good!

(skip forward a week, or two)

Your vacation was perfect. Before departing you read an article on How to Allow Your Vacation to Amaze You, which resulted in an amazing time away from your hectic life.

I know that feeling so well. Coming home after a week of basking in the sun’s glory, smelling like suntan lotion and feeling overall fabulous, you feel so good – and you want to tightly hold on to that worry-free mood you’re in. Just living in the moment and not thinking of all the obligations your daily life presents to you. Just feeling your toes in the sand with a cool drink in your hand and the sound of the beach waves in the background…

Can you picture it? Go back to the beach in your mind and feel the soothing affects in your body.


Then, click the video to your right and feel what happens when your daily routine kicks back in.

It’s your first day back to work and this lovely sound wakes you up. What was I thinking, buying this stupid alarm clock with this awful sound for my wake up call…Yes, you’re awake now and that relaxing vacation feeling is instantly replaced by the sound of obligations. Such a great way to start your day 🙁

With every fiber in your body, you instantly know that your free time is over and the first thing that goes trough your head is how badly you want to throw the alarm clock against the wall. But, the wiser voice in your head takes over and tells you that by doing so, you’ll have to buy a new one – so to follow your first impulse is not the smartest choice (unfortunately).

You drag yourself out of bed and there you are in front of the mirror thinking, “where is the spirit of last week?” You take a shower, get dressed and slowly get back into your work-mode, your mind is going a million miles a minute arranging what has to be done that day.

The ‘strange’ thing in all this is – you realize that the very same work you’re going to do today doesn’t seem to go by as smoothly as in the week just before your vacation. You start to ask yourself, “how it was even possible that I’ve managed to fit that many tasks in just one day and still have the energy to do all kinds of choirs around the house.” Now after being rested so well on your vacation, it’s around 1:30 p.m. and the only thing you want to do is go back to bed and wish it was Friday…

How come that, even when you love your job, it feels like such a burden returning to your normal work schedule after vacation time?

One of the many reasons is that your body was much more exhausted before you left than you realized. If you think back in time about how you felt before you vacation (and you’re completely honest to yourself), were your really so energetic in doing all those daily tasks? Did you feel the alarm signals in your body that were telling you to take it down a notch?

Our body is constantly communicating with us, and why don’t we act upon these warning signals? Our constant crave for a nap never seems to alter, our allergies may be out of control, our immune system isn’t functioning at 100% (because we’re tired most of the time), our eating habits may not be as healthy as they should be. Your body is telling you take a break! Yet, we don’t.

What are these signals? And how do we know when our body is trying to communicate something with us? Stay tuned for some future posts, I’ll be explaining this phenomenon and it’ll become much more clear to you how this works, and how you can use it to your own advantage.

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