Why and How Your Emotions Make You Unique

I was at the grocery store the other day and someone asked me, “how are you doing?” And I responded with, “thanks for asking, but I’m not doing so well today,” (I was curious what she would do).

I found out real fast: NOTHING! She continued on with her well-known routine and gave me a weather up-date. So, in fact she did say something in conversation, but it was totally  unrelated to her first question. 🙂

Have you ever wondered why so many people have such a hard time showing real empathy or compassion for someone else? Are we so afraid of emotions? Life has taught me that in order overcome the fear to freely engage in the emotions of others, you first have to overcome the fear for your own emotions.

In order to be able to do that, you need to recognize that emotions are the result of what you experience in your body.

For instance, when a group of people are watching a movie together, each person will have a different physical reaction to what they see and hear. They might label their feeling as hope, fear, sadness, injustice, love. etc. Although they may label a certain feeling the same, they often experience this differently in their body. This can be a fun game to do this with a group of friends. For instance, you could ask them to describe how each of them experiences happiness in their body.

Tell them to go back in their mind and re-live a moment they felt (what they experienced) as happiness. Then ask them specifically: WHERE in your body do you feel WHAT? You will be surprised of the diversity of answers you get. And we’re talking here about the exact same emotion!

But if you don’t want to bring your family or friends into the picture and would prefer to stay a little closer to home, I want to encourage you to watch the following video:

Just sit back, turn up the volume and allow every emotion to come up. Pay attention to what your feelings are while you watch this video. WHERE in your body do you feel WHAT?

I don’t know how you experienced the video, but for me it was a roller coaster of different emotions and feelings in my body. I felt sadness, hope, power, strength, but as mentioned before, those are all labels. I felt changes like 
heart palpitations, tension in the muscles of my neck, tears, and butterflies in my stomach. You might label the emotions you felt the same way as I did, but where in your head, chest, stomach, muscles, back, etc. did you feel something, and how would you describe what you felt?

This is just the beginning of your journey in learning to understand your own true self and powers. Because making the distinction that how you perceive YOUR emotions makes you unique, will have a profound impact on how you make decisions.

In my future posts I will reveal more about the source and the importance of emotions in regards to your health, wellness, behavior and relationships. But if you’re curious and can’t wait for those posts, feel free to download this free eBook, or if you’re a book lover, start reading an awesome book, Desirable Power, in my wellness shop!

Don’t wait for the right time to start your journey to wellness. YOUR time is NOW. 

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