1 Simple Secret for Greater Health

What does physical health means to you?

I like staying active, exercising and exploring the outdoors. But I also like going out with my loved ones and/or laying on the couch and watching a movie or one of my favorite shows. Add some snacks and I’m a happy camper 😉

Do you ever notice how many drug commercials you see on TV? For every “problem” there is a pill nowadays.  Even if you feel good, they insist you take certain pills after you reach a certain age, just as a precaution because maybe you could get a serious illness!

And maybe it’s the Dutch girl in me that gets even more stunned when they start warning you about all of these nasty side-effects; some of which seem even worse than the original problem for which you’re taking the medication!

On top of that, at the exact time that the moderator is describing all these horrors, they’re filling the screen with a series of smiling faces and happy people just blissfully enjoying their life. How confusing is that?

And don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you shouldn’t take medication. Medication can be helpful and even necessary. But I am saying you can also take medication to an obsessive level. But of course there are medicines for obsessiveness too 🙂


Stop Searching

For many of us, the pursuit of health is a heavy weight on our shoulders.


It can add-up; especially if you are a worrier who commits yourself to all sorts of tasks for yourself and others.

Exercise is work. Eating right is work. And most people do a lot of things that negatively impacts their bodies and minds.  We all WANT to be healthy but we also want to enjoy life’s greatest and sweetest pleasures without this overbearing distraction!

That’s why so many of us lose ourselves in the business of quick fixes and cures.

How many organizations exist to raise money for the ultimate cure? How many drug commercials promise more happiness and peace with their product? How many new age remedies offer meditation, positivity, yoga, and mindfulness as the answer to managing the stress that impacts our physical health?

The options are limitless! But the most important questions is why.


Shift The Focus

Why haven’t we found a cure for some the world’s most devastating diseases? Why don’t drugs provide permanent results? Why do natural remedies have to be practiced over and over?

It’s because the CAUSE is not the focus, when it should be.

How much time have we really spent focused on the cause of our struggling physical health?

I’m here to inform you that the cure is NOT as important as the cause. In fact the cure lives in the cause!

The problem with the cure is that it can address the revealed symptoms but it does NOT address the driving force behind those symptoms.

Have you ever pondered a negative situation? Although pondering apparently takes place “just” in your head, how did those thoughts make you feel in your whole body? What did you feel and where in your body did you feel the effect of the pondering process? Did these feelings give you energy or did they drain you?

Pondering only persists if it is rooted in so called bad clusters. As long as the bad cluster is not rendered harmless, the attacks on your physical health will continue. Although this is all controlled “just” in your head, your total body will pay the price for it. All exercise, healthy eating and additional health techniques can lose their effect as long as the subconscious programs of activated bad clusters control your physiology.


See The Source

Until the root cause of your symptoms is addressed, it will manifest itself in different ways and with different symptoms over and over again.

This will leave you in circles, jumping from quick fix to quick fix in an attempt to feel better.

Think about it. You can clean up a water spill from a leak but unless you address and repair the source of the leak, you can expect a lot more mopping in your future!!! J

Pinpointing the exact cause of our health issues simplifies the process. It allows you to zone in on the root source of the problem and heal in a localized, effective, and permanent way.

We know that in at least 75% of cases, the root source of all health problems is located in our subconscious brain. That’s where deeply stored data emanates powerful energy when triggered by your environment.

The most negative of that energy weighs us down physically and causes a variety of symptoms that is felt in all areas of our body.


Feel The Difference

Now there’s a way of reaching and re-processing deeply buried brain data causing the most havoc on our bodies. Specifically targeting and re-processing these problem spots means they will never cause an issue again, offering people a huge increase in physical health and healing from a number of physical issues.

The results have been amazing to watch and mean much more health and happiness for anyone looking for solutions to physical pain and discomfort.

Take the guess work out of health and free yourself to experience life without limits!

Discover and dismantle the root source of all your emotional and physical pain!

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