How To Give Yourself More Energy Instantly

In one of my previous blog posts I briefly spoke about bad clusters. We all have these subconscious programs that interrupt our health and happiness. But after revealing the content of a bad cluster, it can transform into a powerhouse of positive energy that you can use to reach your goals in your life.

Bad clusters are created during events in our life that we feel we emotionally cannot handle. These moments of panic create a “short-circuiting” in our subconscious brain and the consequence of that is – we store all our sensory perceptions of such event incorrectly.

These bad clusters can get activated at a later moment, sometimes after many years, and will cause problems in our thinking, beliefs, decisions and actions. And what’s even worse, these bad clusters cause all kinds of emotional and physical health problems.

You might be thinking, is this something I even want to be aware of? Will this information really help me? If I’m not aware of my bad clusters, then why bother?

Well, here comes a huge wake up call. You cannot consciously remember the content of a bad cluster, but your body definitely feels their damaging effects! Once activated, bad clusters create unnecessary health and behavioral problems like depression, panic attacks, mood swings, addictions and all kinds of psychosomatic problems and many more unpleasant feelings.

But here is the good thing; I will share valuable information with you on how to effortlessly get rid of your bad clusters. You will be your own Sherlock Holmes, and will discover all these precious diamonds of energy that just are dormant waiting for you to get discovered.

How to give yourself more energy


Most people who know me think that after all these years I’ve practiced Progressive Mental Alignment, I don’t have any bad clusters left. Believe me, once in a while I still get introduced to an activated bad cluster that was dormant but suddenly popped-up. And with how weird it may seem, I’m totally fine with that! And you now why? I know for a fact that I will gain a lot of healthy and positive energy once I reveal the content of that bad cluster.

It allows me to continue my growth and I discover new valuable aspects about myself that I did not know I had. And believe me, that is such an amazing experience! When you start with Progressive Mental Alignment you’ll also know (and feel) with every fiber in your body the amazing tools inside of you. Then you can use them for what you feel is necessary right now in your life.

I attached a short video where the founder of the Progressive Mental Alignment method, Jacob Korthuis, explains bad clusters.

Hop on the “self-help train” with me to explore all your possibilities. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my contact page.

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.

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