How To Plug Into Endless Energy

Even the best-lived life can be exhausting! Responsibilities at home and work, activity filled weekends, an ever-growing list of to-dos and unavoidable stress can make bedtime feel like a well-deserved vacation at the end of a long day! You deserve to relax! But if you take a look at your own life, how much natural energy do you really have? Are you constantly tired and battling to get through the day? Do you rely on coffee, tea, or other supplements to stay energized? While exhaustion is normal and an important sign of much needed rest and relaxation, more serious fatigue has a deeper more powerful source. It’s a problem that can’t be fixed with temporary boosters or even with sleep, exercise, or a change in diet. It requires a strong look within.



You Are More Powerful Than Your Impulses!

Inside of your subconscious there is a great struggle taking place that is robbing you of precious energy. This battle is led by the most powerful force in the human body- the “away from pain” drive. This drive is a physiological system known as the Friend Mechanism.While it helps you survive, it also drains you of great amounts of energy as it works to keep you away from deeply stored pockets of pain in your subconscious known as bad clusters. Bad clusters are filled with powerfully negative emotions from past experiences that we usually don’t remember. The most powerful of those emotions is fear. The brain fights to keep us away from fear at all costs. This deep internal battle is the NUMBER 1 reason for our lack of energy. Because the friend mechanism works on genetic impulse to help you steer clear of physical danger, it doesn’t recognize that facing your own internal fear is actually good for you! That’s why it is up to YOU to rise above your friend mechanism, open the gates to your fear, and let it go forever!


Don’t Ignore. Embrace!

We’ve been trained to ignore our pain and push it aside but not only is that hard, it’s impossible simply because you carry it with you wherever you go, stored inside your subconscious. On top of that, the pain is as real today as it was in the past. You feel it powerfully in the present. You don’t heal by pretending it’s not there, you heal by facing it. It starts by addressing the root source of this pain. By moving towards it in the right way, the bad cluster that unrightfully keeps fear active is revealed. As soon as you become aware of its content, your subconscious will re-process the data correctly. This results in eliminating its negative draining power forever. There is no danger in doing this. What IS dangerous is leaving these health damaging, bad clusters undiscovered in your subconscious. Bad clusters are not just the root cause of your fatigue, they are also the reason for at least 75% of all diseases and behavioral problems! Face it, once and for all. Reveal why it hurts and how it controls your thinking, beliefs, actions, behaviors and health. Break apart the biology of these subconscious sabotaging forces, piece by piece.


Dig Deep to Discover Your Own Treasure

Reaching these subconscious jamming-stations is super easy using the PMA method. Using a system of advanced self-questioning, you’ll be able to connect the dots that lead directly to the bad cluster. Once you reach it, your subconscious automatically re-processes the data and releases the pain- permanently. You will feel an immediate surge in natural energy.

The energy it takes to fight negative emotions from your past is draining you! You don’t have to battle it anymore. PMA reveals the root-source of your negative emotion to specific events in your past which you don’t remember. Remembering these past events, releases them from their prison, re-processes the information, and disconnects its negative influences from the present.

True growth happens when you become completely aware of the bad clusters of your past and embrace the amazing self-healing power of your subconscious, once you understand how to approach it.

In return, your subconscious transforms draining events from your past into healthy inspiring energy to live your life to the fullest.

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