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    “As developer and educator of the Progressive Mental Alignment technique I have never experienced someone who combines so many valuable talents in one person. Ingrid is open-minded, warmhearted, has a non-stop drive to help others and, on top of this, demonstrates an almost psychic accuracy to pinpoint someone’s problems at their deepest levels. It is therefore no wonder that you will find a large number of coaches, therapists and medical professionals among her clients who seek her help to get to the next level of their own personal development. Professionals like these always look for the best of the best. She really deserves her title as Progressive Mental Alignment ‘Master’ Coach.”

    Jacob Korthuis
    CEO PMA Institute
    Developer of Progressive Mental Alignment® (PMA)
    Florida, USA
    There are two things really special about doing a session with Ingrid. The first one is, she’s able to make you feel at ease very quickly. I was a little reluctant in doing a Progressive Mental Alignment session via Skype because I had never done one before. But despite the physical distance that a Skype session brings, Ingrid is able to make you feel safe very quickly. And this is a very important condition for a Progressive Mental Alignment session. Secondly, you can really sense that she has a lot of experience and so much insight into human nature. This benefits the quality of the session greatly. Ingrid will enable you to get to the core of things quickly, and you complete the session with a very good feeling.
    In fact, I can even say this much shorter: A very warm person who is a fantastic Progressive Mental Alignment Coach at the same time.
    Drs. (PhD) Inge Hummel
    The Netherlands

    Ingrid is an exceptional woman. She’s able to be both professional and warmhearted, supportive and inspiring. As a coach she zooms in on the areas that need to be addressed and doesn’t let you get sidetracked. I’ve seen great results in my professional as well as my personal life and I no longer get stuck in the same old patterns. I’ve grown a lot since I first started working with her, and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to reach his or her full potential.

    Jacqueline Keuning
    Personal Coach and Trainer
    The Netherlands
    The Progressive Mental Alignment coaching sessions with Ingrid have really helped me examine my resistances, fears, belief systems, and feelings of guilt and shame. And not only that, because of her Progressive Mental Alignment approach you are also able to get to their root-cause and transform these jamming stations forever. This will give you an unprecedented feeling of freedom and it will release a lot of positive energy. Ingrid has given me the confidence that I can go as deep and as far as I want to go. Without judgment, but with a lot of empathy she has accompanied me through my inner search. Progressive Mental Alignment and Ingrid have helped me discover what I already had in me.
    Monique Krom
    Personal Coach & Trainer
    The Netherlands

    I have had the privilege to be coached by Ingrid. In the past three years I have come to know Ingrid as authentic, sincere, honest, clear, smart and as someone who coaches and lives a complete life. Ingrid uses all her qualities with unprecedented sensitivity and ability to help me reach the goals I consider important. Ingrid never loses herself in this process. She completely understands my feelings and helps me draw my own conclusions about how to direct the steps to achieve my intended goals. She does this without any judgment or directing advice. Besides being my personal coach, I also highly appreciate her professional skills. Her passion, combined with extensive and substantive knowledge, makes her an expert in her field. Based on her professional knowledge, passion and ambition, she achieves far beyond the results her clients desire. And finally, I are happy to have Ingrid among my friends. She is a friend with a clear opinion that does not back away from a discussion about controversial subjects. She approaches these subjects from a constructive and open-minded attitude and is not afraid to address touchy issues as a friend. In all respects, she is a unique friend!

    Harold Vreeman
    The Netherlands
    Progressive Mental Alignment has brought me to places and experiences, by revealing the so-called ‘bad clusters’ within myself, of which I didn’t know they existed, let alone that I had any idea how they influenced my feelings, behavior and decisions on a daily basis. The coaching sessions with Ingrid Schabbing are therefore an adventure in finding triggers for these bad clusters and neutralize them. This created an immediate effect on my relations and performance in my daily life and work. Progressive Mental Alignment, and certainly when used by somebody as experienced as Ingrid Schabbing, is definitely a powerful tool.
    E.B. (Psychologist)
    The Netherlands

    The first time I heard of Progressive Mental Alignment was in 2012 through an acquaintance who experienced some Progressive Mental Alignment sessions in the USA. On his return from America he came back different, and I noticed that he radiated peace and balance. I was already working on my personal improvement for some years with several coaches and training programs. But what I always experienced was that after a few days, or weeks, I fell completely back into my old habits again. In short, nothing changed. Through a number of sessions and an 8-day Progressive Mental Alignment training in the Netherlands, given by Jacob Korthuis, that gave me the understanding how the human brain works and how Progressive Mental Alignment operates, followed by a number of sessions with my personal coach Ingrid, my life has improved in every way. Including increased energy, (better understanding of my own behavior and the subconscious origin of it), becoming more efficient, better relationships with my wife, children, friends, business associates and stopped smoking, drinking less alcohol, etc. I wish everyone a better life with Progressive Mental Alignment.

    Jan Pongers
    The Netherlands

    Ingrid gives me a very warming and trusted feeling, right from the start. For me, this is a priority and the foundation for a good session. Ingrid showed me exactly what my sabotaging “triggers” were in my daily life. This made me more aware and alert of the details and perceptions that caused me to get out of balance every now and then. My first session with her gave me such a safe and self-confident feeling, I immediately felt that it made me grow in my process. Can’t wait till the next session!

    Resi Beelen
    The Netherlands
    Being coached by Ingrid, and applying the Progressive Mental Alignment method has been a very important contribution in my personal development. Now, after about one and a half years I experience more inner peace, freedom, balance, and my confidence has increased significantly – and I know it will only grow because Ingrid will remain as my coach to accompany me in my personal process, making even more progress. My life has changed positively, both in personal relationships and in close business relationships, which has had a positive impact on business results. In every profession, the differences are made by people that have a ‘real’ passion for their work combined with talent and that’s what Ingrid is, a passionate and talented coach who makes the difference and a nice warm human being where you always feel safe.
    E. van Engelenhoven
    Managing Director
    The Netherlands
    I’ve been treated with Progressive Mental Alignment intensively for about two years now and there is a tremendous shift from being restless to calm, from being insecure to confident, and from skepticism to insight. I’ve experienced Ingrid as a very generous, kind and understanding person, with a lot of experience and knowledge of the human brain, and especially of what is hidden behind the “brain systems” that sabotage our hidden potentials. Like no other, she is able to support you to unleash these hidden potentials by using the correct reflection, sensing the right approach and action for you. Ingrid has taught me to see, feel and speak again and showed me that I can do things by myself and that my happiness and success does not depend on someone else. Thank You!
    John Bindels
    Trainer & Coach
    The Netherlands

    When I am soul-searching in unknown subconscious terrain, I need somebody I can trust. Someone who provides a safe place when I turn on the light in the darkness of my subconscious mind. Ingrid is my coach in that for sure. She doesn’t give you advice or push you in any direction or tell you how you have to explore the hidden causes of your problems. But she is always there. Always. I am much more relaxed now, more alert, better aware of what’s going on, healthier and much more successful in business. There is more terrain to explore and Ingrid will definitely be my coach. If you have a chance, meet her and your life will definitely change for the better.

    Ir. Paul Bartels
    Trainer & Coach
    The Netherlands

    I’ve started to notice that I’m coming out of this ‘police feeling’ (I’m a police officer). I mean, I feel like I’m slowly crawling out of my shell, and that’s a little scary and exciting and fun at the same time. For me, Progressive Mental Alignment has been the step to get closer to myself, without losing my control over the process. Ingrid will accompany you in this journey through your subconscious mind, without putting a stamp on anything. Anything goes, there is no taboo, nothing is ‘weird’, no judgment. I wish everyone could experience the personal growth I’ve experienced. It’s so beautiful to experience that the answers are within yourself. Not at all woolly or up in the air, just very practical. Super! I’ve even started my own coaching practice. Something I never thought I could do before.

    Hermien Beijl
    Police Officer – Instructor
    Behavioral Therapist
    The Netherlands

    Being yourself …

    If you’d have asked me this a year ago, I would have said: ‘That’s not possible for anyone, not even for myself’… or is it: Especially not for myself … ? Being able to feel free in a way that I can even show the tiniest and most vulnerable piece of me: that’s what Ingrid has given me. She uses the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, of course, to create that level of freedom, which she does in a very experienced, respectful and open manner. But especially by showing her own openness and vulnerability, which allows you the freedom to be who you are: yourself. I really wish from the deepest of my heart for you to get to know yourself and that Ingrid may help you in this.

    Drs. (PhD) Heidi Eijk
    Personal coach and trainer
    The Netherlands

    I feel like Progressive Mental Alignment has been a turning point in my life, and the beginning of a life in which Progressive Mental Alignment will always be a part of it. Since I’ve been doing Progressive Mental Alignment sessions I feel much closer connected to myself, to my inner person. I feel physically more energetic and I have an increased and clearer insight into my life and relationships. The sessions with Ingrid are really pleasant. I feel the personal attention and connection, although I’m doing the sessions at a great distance via Skype. I’m always looking forward to the next session.

    Caroline Leenders
    The Netherlands
    The sessions with Ingrid have helped me get rid of many resistances that I came across, time and again. I’m flabbergasted by the profound levels we’re reaching in the sessions. The sessions with Ingrid have given me new insights and above all, more peace of mind. I’ve learned to address the things that come onto my path much differently now. I often think back to how I reacted to situations two years ago and how I do now. The differences are very great, and they’re only getting greater in a positive sense. Anybody who examines Progressive Mental Alignment and is willing to do sessions with Ingrid Schabbing will feel like a new person. Just do it.
    Jan Stubbe
    Personal Coach & Trainer
    The Netherlands

    Every time I am wowed by how many insights I get after a session with Ingrid. She knows exactly when I’m blocking and just by asking the right question at the right time she helps me take the next step in my process. It feels like a series of falling dominos that end in a “Eureka effect”! Seemingly unimportant sensory elements have, in reality, an enormous impact on my subconscious belief systems and therefore, my life. It’s wonderful to experience being free of this more and more, and now I’m doing what I genuinely want to do in life. The sessions helped me discover who I really am. Ingrid, thanks so much!

    Inge Valk
    Account Manager/Personal Coach
    The Netherlands
    Ingrid, you’re such a special person and coach. Like no other, you’re able to bring me to my own answers. You’re doing this from a sincerely respectful connection and involvement. I am sensing in the sessions that you are free from obstructing emotions on a deeper level. You’re connecting this to a very keen feeling and intuition for the cause of my resistance. This is why your Progressive Mental Alignment questions bring me exactly where I need to be to be able to free myself from my inhibiting feelings and belief systems. The road to freedom and power! Thanks!!
    Ivo Platvoet
    The Netherlands

    I attended the Progressive Mental Alignment Coach Education in Florida last year. After those intense 10 days it was clear to me that you need to transform your own bad clusters first before you can help someone else correctly. I’d already met Ingrid in Florida, and she felt like a sincere and reliable Coach, that’s why I choose to work with her. She gives you the feeling of being really there for you; in the sessions we’ve already been able to solve many bad clusters. It was and is not always easy, because the pictures you encounter in the sessions are not the most pleasant ones. But it gives me a lot of answers. And the very best thing of it is, it really gets the sting out of the pain, so it doesn’t affect me anymore. And I especially like the energy and inner peace I gain from it.

    The Netherlands
    The sessions with Ingrid really help me because she knows exactly where I need to go to free myself from piles of negative subconscious material. This resulted in me finding my true ‘me’ and being able to flourish with energy and know how to remain balanced under difficult circumstances; not getting carried away by other people. Progressive Mental Alignment is the perfect tool for me and I’d say: Just try a session with Ingrid and you’ll understand what I mean.
    Sarai Stubbe
    The Netherlands

    After years of searching for answers through various therapies, I finally found Progressive Mental Alignment, the method that showed me the way to a level of freedom that I needed. Progressive Mental Alignment gave me so many insights into who I am. At first, I hesitated a little doing a Progressive Mental Alignment session via Skype, but I let go of all my resistance from the get-go. It’s like Ingrid is right there beside me and I feel completely safe. Ingrid is a fantastic coach and every session is a tremendously fascinating experience! I am so glad that I can make this journey with Ingrid.

    Bregje van Balen
    Den Haag
    The Netherlands
    The coaching sessions have brought me closer to a part of myself that I always felt was there, but was never able to put into words. What a revelation to discover how the subconscious mind controls my way of acting. The answers were very confronting and healing at the same time. This ultimately brought me inner peace and, above all, space in my life. I can now be open to the things that cross my path and, above all, I can now make my own choices in what I really want. In the sessions with Ingrid, her concern made me feel very safe. Her inner tranquility and trust made me feel supported to go and look for my own answers. Extremely thankful meetings.
    Erna Teunissen
    Behavioral Expert
    The Netherlands

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