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Our brain is the most complex and intangible biological thinktank on earth. Nobody is capable to easily understand this. It is a combination of biological programs (from DNA) and the self-learning ability (information processing). You can compare it to the evolution of the semiconductor diode with 1 junction to the most advanced processor with billions of junctions, in a multi-operating environment.

The self-learning ability is the part where we possibly may have consciously access to. Desirable Power by Jacob Korthuis gives you in a easy understandable language a view of what impact this has on our behavior and beliefs, and finally our lives.

Once the reader understands the above, thousands of doors (junctions) will open to a new unprecedented existence of freedom and be free from your own roadblocks and have an insatiable energy. Your whole life gets a new twist by reading Desirable Power. A must for everyone who wants to meet their universal possibilities. I haven’t seen a better book on this level, yet.

Monne Baksteen


Conscious and unconscious possibilities

I discovered the book Desirable Power and the PMA coaching-method for the first time in 2009. After this I experienced PMA myself and finally I got the answers to the questions I had. That’s why I also decided to follow the training and become PMA coach. I coach families and young people with autism and a complex trauma, by using the PMA method. This results in remarkably positive development and results.

Hanneke Dijkstra


Desirable Power was for me a life saviour. The book is easy to understand for everyone and most of all it gives you hope. For example to people with psychosomatic complaints. After reading the book, I did some PMA sessions. I suffered many years from electric shocks through my whole body. After one session they disappeared (in february ’15) and I have never had them again. The book Desirable Power will learn you that there is a simple way to find out what the cause is of your problems. I followed all kinds of therapies, but this is the only one which helped me to get rid off my pain permanently. I can recommend the book to everyone.

Joyce Pachovsky


I’ve almost read Desirable Power all at once. Very interesting and enlightening with clear examples. I suffered many years from anxiety disorders, uncertainties and tiredness. By reading Desirable Power the root of my problems became clear to me. It has given me hope that there are solutions. After reading the book I started to attend sessions with a coach who uses the PMA method. I feel much better now, my hope was not unfounded.

Christa Bezemer


Jacob Korthuis is a passionate man. In his book Desirable Power he takes you on a very inspiring journey through your own brain. Before reading he warns you that there is a huge chance you will look differently to yourself and life after reading the book. For over 40 years I am busy with, teaching, learning and behavior. At change management, learning and development people often try to conditioning behavior. In most cases it doesn’t work because the root of the behavior isn’t solved.


Your past, experiences and beliefs make an unique combination of comparative material in which your behavior is based. Your past determines the biggest part of your consciousness. Everything is controlled by your brain. It is the operating system that receives, process and stores all information from your senses. This goes rapidly and expires mostly through subconscious processes. This can also expire wrong: incorrect codes and incorrect storage whereby neurophysiological jammers occur (bad clusters).
The PMA (Progressive Mental Alignment) helps to detect those triggers. Because of this awareness the bad clusters can be solved. This saves a lot of negative energy and creates space and freedom in your heart. Yes, everything could be different after this. Yes you come closer to your own source, to who you are. For me this warning was a inducement and challenge. And PMA will remain to be like this for me. I experienced by myself and others the impact of the method. It is about the awareness that you have desirable power over your emotions, decisions and behavior. Who doesn’t want that?

Piet Franke