How To Start Doing What You Love Right Now

Odds are, you hate your job.

That’s according to a recent Gallup poll which cites that 70 percent of people dislike their place of work. SEVENTY percent! That’s a huge number!

Are you one of the millions of people who wake up, every morning, dreading the day ahead?

Many employees say it’s because of a lack of appreciation, respect, encouragement, and fulfillment. People overwhelmingly feel as if they aren’t living out their dreams or using their talents in a valuable way.

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Check Your Beliefs at the Door

So the big question is why? Why do people stay in jobs that make them so unhappy?

If you reflect upon your own experience, what do you feel when you think about your own job? What do you feel are the reasons you aren’t pursuing your dreams?

Do any of these sound familiar?


-It’s too hard to find a job in my field

-I don’t have enough education

-I have too many responsibilities at home to risk it

-What I like to do wouldn’t pay enough

-I don’t have the time to put the effort it takes

-It’s too late for me to switch careers now

-I don’t have enough support from those around me.

-There are too many hurdles

-This is life. We don’t always get what we want

-I’m not getting noticed by the right people


No matter what you’re reason, you’re right, at least that’s how it feels for you. You’ll notice, all these statements or reasons are belief systems. Belief systems only possess power if they are supported by feelings. The data of many experiences that are stored in your subconscious serve as the basis and origin of your beliefs. Unfortunately most of our beliefs that are loaded with negative feelings originate in deeply hidden comparison material in your subconscious. It is enlightening and freeing to discover the root source of these negative beliefs. That’s because it is your BELIEFS that determine your life. Your beliefs can propel you forward at a high rate of speed or slow you down until you’re completely stopped. The only difference is YOU.

What you believe about the world and about yourself drives every decision you make and behavior pattern you hold on to.

The thoughts that consume your mind represent your greater belief systems. Ask yourself, are these beliefs serving or sabotaging your future?

Changing your beliefs is the key to unlocking your greatest potential. But how?

Is the answer thinking positively, adopting mantras, vision boards, and repetition? These methods certainly have some value but most of these tools do not have the power to address what subconsciously forms your negative beliefs.


Leave Fear Behind

Fear is one of the many reasons behind your strongest self-sabotaging belief systems. Fear, which lingers from past experiences, sits there stuck, deep within your subconscious. It manifests itself through a variety of painful emotions like depression, sadness, anger, anxiety, and more when triggered by details in our environment.

If you had to come up with one or even two things that you fear, what comes up first? You might come up with:

The fear of saying ‘no’ to something you don’t like to do

Fear of freely addressing your thoughts

Fear of spiders

Fear of heights

Fear of crowds

Fear of the dark

Fear of flying

Fear of…..?


Our body’s most powerful instinct, the force to drive away from pain, will do anything to keep us from the TRUE reason for our fear so it pushes us to create belief systems that supposedly “explains” our feelings in order to prevent greater discomfort.

Discomfort. Hmmm. It is Author Neale Donald Walsch who asserts that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” It’s true! It’s a stern reminder, a DECLARATION that the best thing you can do for yourself is to face your fear- no matter how painful. Because when you do, you demolish what’s blocking you from seeing the brightness of your future and the reality of your amazing potential. You replenish belief in yourself effortlessly and naturally.


Embrace New Possibilities

But what does this mean? Am I telling you to take a leap head first into 20 feet of water to cure your fear of drowning? No. I AM encouraging you to embark on the deepest journey of self-discovery you’ve ever experienced so you see WHY you fear drowning- and by doing so you will cure it-forever.

I am encouraging you to explore the content of your subconscious. Science shows us that the simple act of revealing these fear-packed roadblocks in your subconscious releases their powerful hold on your beliefs and eliminates the connected negative feelings forever.

You’ll feel instantly happier, more powerful, and clearer about the direction of your life.

You’ll BELIEVE and move forward accordingly when you say:


-Anything is possible

-There is the perfect career/job out there that WILL accommodate my lifestyle and my skills

-The only hurdles are the ones I place on myself

-life is full of endless possibilities and I’m open to all of them

-It’s never too late to change my life

-Whatever happens I’m going to be successful!


I can help you easily and quickly reach the deepest parts of your subconscious so that you see yourself in a whole new light. Don’t accept unhappiness any longer.

Start living the life of your dreams today!

Learn about the most powerful subconscious forces behind all of your behaviors and beliefs!

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