Where Your Self-Sabotaging Belief Systems Came From

We all have an opinion,are driven and decide everything we do based on our beliefs. Some of our beliefs are very powerful and we will do everything possible to defend and hold on to them. Our most powerful beliefs determine who we are, how we think, decide, act and behave.

What are the first beliefs that come to your mind that determine your thinking, decisions, actions and behavior? What are the things in life that you believe you have to do or don’t want to do at all?

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Maybe you are not even fully aware of some of your beliefs, although they determine the things you say and do. Your beliefs already kick in when you wake up. Let’s take a look at a very simple example: What is the first thing you believe you have to do in the morning? For some, it’s making coffee and eating breakfast, for others, it’s reading the newspaper or checking your emails or Facebook account. It can be all kinds of things.

How would you feel if you would not do that tomorrow morning? Some of these things might be easy to skip, but others might give you an unpleasant feeling if you would skip them. That feeling is caused because your beliefs are connected to a code that creates these feelings. The feelings serve as some kind of “warning system.” It is almost like your subconscious is telling you: “Hey you there, what’s going on? Did you forget that you have to do that?” Of course your subconscious does not say really say that,  😉 but it almost feels like it.

This process of beliefs that translates into feelings is an ongoing process the entire day. For instance, you might “know” instantly, even by only seeing a certain person, what kind of person that is and if you like them or not. But what creates ‘knowing” that? It is not your rational brain but you know because of the feeling that you get in your body. Why? Because your subconscious comparison material creates the feeling that creates your beliefs and opinion about that person.

This process of feelings that lead to a belief, opinion, judgment, is an ongoing process. This is also why a specific color gives you a good or bad feeling. Or the feeling of liking and disliking a particular kind of food or drink. Sometimes these feelings are so powerful that even thinking of that particular food creates nausea or makes you want to puke. If you can relate to that, what are the food or drinks that trigger a negative feeling inside of you?

We are driven by our beliefs. Our real beliefs are always based on feelings. If this is not the case, it is just a bunch of words without any real meaning to us. If these feelings are caused by activated past experiences and we can remember the event from beginning to end (in Progressive Mental Alignment we call them clusters), then everything is fine. We know why we feel the way we do.

For instance, you hear someone tell you how they cut themselves while preparing food. You can instantly imagine how this feels because you remember that time you cut yourself while preparing a piece of tough meat, or like me, slicing an apple in a not so handy way ;). These are normal memories caused by activated clusters in your subconscious brain.

But the feelings that are generated when a bad cluster is activated are always negative and you can never remember the content of the bad cluster at that moment consciously, but your body will feel the negative feelings coming from that bad cluster. It’s these moments in life when you suddenly experience a negative mood swing without any “apparent” reason.

It could even be at a wonderful party that you were enjoying until suddenly, your good feeling was replaced by a negative feeling. If you are interested you can read about that in a previous blog of mine, Your response pattern: and why everybody responds differently in the exact same situation.

The feelings created by these bad clusters are therefore never appropriate for the present situation. Simple things like a color, smell, taste, a facial expression, gesture, etc. activate these negative feelings.

Let’s assume you are at an important meeting. Suddenly you start to feel uncomfortable without being able to pinpoint a specific reason or cause for these negative feelings.

Your friend mechanism activates its comforting rituals (see my post last week). These rituals/habits that you execute “helps” you to stay in control of the uncomfortable feelings you’re experiencing. Nevertheless, this whole situation creates feelings of insecurity and loss of control. These feelings are unacceptable for us. Your brain will automatically look for a ‘logical’ reason or cause as to why you feel uncomfortable. The ‘logical’ reasons or causes your subconscious comes up with, are nothing else than opinions, judgments, conclusions, theories, or in other words – belief systems! The beliefs you use at that moment are the ones that serve you best, they lead you away from what the real cause is to why you feel or react the way you do.

In this case you might create the beliefs that something is ‘wrong’ at that meeting. You can’t trust all the people there. You have to be careful not to agree to anything they can hold you responsible to later on. Maybe they want to trick you into something you don’t want to do. They don’t want you there. It’s always you they pick on. These are all beliefs! These beliefs you are not born with, they are created during events in your life.

Because the feeling that inspires these beliefs originate from activated bad clusters and are always negative. The beliefs that originate from this bad cluster will also be negative and counterproductive. Because these beliefs soothe and suppress the conscious registration of negative feelings, these beliefs don’t feel wrong to you when you embrace them!

Experiencing these negative feelings in a business meeting can easily lead to missing out on a great financial deal or create unnecessary future tensions between you and your colleagues.

But bad clusters are not just activated at your work. These same negative and unexplainable mood swings can occur at home, when you talk to a friend, during a family meeting, etc.

Can you imagine the damage that could be caused if you would develop incorrect negative beliefs about those who are dearest to you? This is actually the number 1 underlying cause of interpersonal-relationship problems, break-ups, divorces and fights. Keep in mind, I’m referring here to negative beliefs that are empowered by bad clusters. If a negative belief originates from experiences that you can remember (clusters) they are usually correct, and if not, they are easy to change.

Sabotaging belief systems are always fueled by the feelings from activated bad clusters. These feelings belong to the most powerful feelings we have. The belief systems that originate from them are also the most powerful beliefs we have. We even create beliefs upon why these sabotaging beliefs are totally right for us to hold on to.

I understand that it can seem like a lot to grasp at once in a brief blog like this. But the information is all down to earth and easy to follow if you allow yourself to listen to your own body and subconscious mind. I know you have the power in you to do so, and you can turn your negative beliefs in ones that really serve you.

I will continue providing you with helpful tools and insights to explore your true self!

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