How to Speak Your Mind Fearlessly

How to Speak Your Mind Fearlessly

In the Age of Communication, technology is the most powerful vehicle for information about the world and deeper connections with the people in our life. But despite these technological strides, emotional expression hasn’t become any easier, in fact it remains a difficult obstacle for most people to overcome.
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The World Wide Wall

While technological advances have helped us communicate more effectively and motived rapid economic growth it has also been known to foster a more intense separation between different countries, organizations, and individuals. It’s because the internet and other high tech tools allow us to seek out the stories, people, and information that support our beliefs about ourselves and the world. In that way, it fractures understanding and compassion between people and can make it challenging to express our own ideas and opinions.

Is communication block something you relate to?

Have you ever watched a movie or show and thought, “Just say it!!” during an emotional moment between two people? It’s almost difficult to watch how many problems could have been avoided by open communication. Have you ever noticed how watching these kinds of scenes create tension in your body? Filmmakers use these annoying moments on purpose to create these feelings of tension to draw you into the movie and lead you into a satisfying finish.

Did you ever realize that they’re enticing the similar experiences that you have stored in your subconscious to activate all these emotions? Next time you experience any kind of emotion during a movie ask yourself: ‘Have I ever found myself in a similar situation?’ Perhaps you desired to talk about something openly but felt insecure about expressing your real emotions? Maybe you were dying to share your misgivings about a guy your friend is really into or maybe you wanted to speak openly about her bad habit that keeps pushing her into social dilemmas at work but were concerned it might upset her? It’s almost as if something blocks you from speaking.


Finding the Fear

Have you ever asked yourself WHY it’s so hard to share you deepest feelings with others? What if I told you that the number 1 reason for this communication freeze is FEAR?

You might feel as if you aren’t afraid to say anything. But even the most bold among us have reservations about sharing their strongest emotions and deepest worries.

Of course this is not a suggestion to share your most sacred feelings with the entire world. It’s something we should definitely be selective about. But on a bigger scale, how can the world’s problems ever be solved without open and honest conversation? Most people want peace and harmony yet can’t find a way to speak peacefully about the most common topics. Why is it so difficult to have open communication with most people?

It’s because most of us don’t even have an open and especially, honest communication with ourselves. Our subconscious mechanisms inspire us to think we do, but understanding how the subconscious works will prove to you that we lie to ourselves about many things.

Understanding the true source of our own beliefs and emotions will help us connect and communicate more successfully with the people in our life and work.

The deepest journey of self-awareness leads us into the subconscious where the damaging programs called bad clusters create unwanted, self-sabotaging reactions in all of us.

The discovery of how bad clusters control our life by Progressive Mental Alignment Founder Jacob Korthuis, revolutionized the way we view our behaviors, beliefs, and overall wellbeing. You can explore deeper insights about the disrupting power of bad clusters in many of my previously written blogs, or in the book ‘Desirable Power’ which explains how you can permanently get rid of bad cluster’s negative and unhealthy impact on your life.


Releasing what’s real

When you address bad clusters you totally transform the ways in which you communicate with other people. You’d be blown away by how strongly bad clusters influence your relationship with loved ones.

Understanding how the power of bad clusters can influence communication to a level that it can destroy great relationships will protect you from so much trouble and pain.

Understanding this completely changed the way Lauren saw her relationship with her best friend Sarah. Lauren came to me for help when an argument she had with Sarah became so heated, it threatened to tear their life long relationship apart. The moment Lauren understood how her own subconscious sabotaged her communication with Sarah and eliminated these hurtful subconscious programs during her Progressive Mental Alignment session, she immediately contacted Sarah to explain to her what she found out in just one session. Sarah got enthused and felt intuitively that what she said to Lauren during their disagreement was not reasonable either. So she wanted to know more to find out what drove her to communicate in such a painful way with her best friend.

They were both determined to make it work. After I did a session with Sarah she was blown away by all of the connections she made between the subconscious content and the feelings during their disagreement and painful experiences from her past that had nothing to do with Lauren at all! She felt so relieved and finally understood completely why Lauren was so enthused after her session.

They discovered that their disagreement had nothing to do with the content of the argument but that they were both reacting as a result of activated bad clusters in their subconscious. By becoming aware of this toxic content in their subconscious they were able to understand how it lead them into irrational and sabotaging assumptions and beliefs about themselves and each other.

After their discovery and their healing, their friendship became closer than ever before. Today they’re able to communicate about almost anything in peace. Removing the negative subconscious energy of their bad clusters motivated understanding on a deep level and they instantly realized that their friend would never intentionally hurt them in any way. So now they can freely talk about subjects that would have been considered too touchy to discuss before.

They understood that Progressive Mental Alignment offered so much more than just the improvement of their friendship. So they decided to continue their soul searching by applying the Progressive Mental Alignment method from the comfort of home using the Progressive Mental Alignment Homestudy Kit.

With unnecessary toxic energy out of the way, you’ll experience more clarity about your own thoughts and feelings. You’ll gain the confidence and courage to speak your truth and offer a compassionate ear to the people you love most.


Don’t keep you truth captive any longer. Release it into the universe and let it free you.

Learn about the most powerful subconscious forces behind all of your behaviors and beliefs!

What Your Subconscious Reveals About Your True Self

This week I watched an impressive movie called Divergent, referring to being different than others. Divergent takes place in a world where people are divided into five distinct factions based on human virtues. Trish, the lead character, turns out to be a Divergent and is warned that she will never fit into any of the existing groups. The accepted belief in the society is that when you don’t fit into a specific group, you are a danger to the society because they have no control over you.

Now I don’t know how you feel about this, but personally, I don’t want to be put in a certain frame or category where others think I belong. On the other hand, we all live in a society that requires us to react and behave in a certain way if we want to be able to live peacefully and happy in this world. And to be sure we are molded into that shape is apparently required. You see it everywhere, in media, in magazines, on TV – everywhere; and it can be pretty confusing. This ‘mold-training’ already starts at a very early age. Let me give you a simple example. As a baby you start to talk and everyone endorses your babbling of words, and adults even stop their own conversation to ‘awe’ over all the cute words you produce, even when they don’t understand a word of what you are saying! A few years later, when you really get the hang of talking and formulate your sentences, suddenly, others don’t seem to think your words are so cute. You are vigorously busy taking your previously so highly appreciated talking to the next level, and suddenly, they tell you to shut your mouth because the grown-ups are talking now… hellooo, how confusing is that?

So now you learn that you have to be quiet when the grown-ups talk…

This simple example, and of-course many other contradictory input you get, will shape your thinking, beliefs, feeling and behavior. Which has a larger influence upon everything you do in the present and future. All these experiences are stored in your subconscious and from second to second, is used as comparison material to create your present behavior. All of your subconsciously stored positive experiences won’t bother you. But negative experiences can force you to have all kinds of beliefs and behavior that does not serve you at all. The worst part, is that in most cases, you’re not even aware of why you believe and act in a way that doesn’t serve you. This will effect how freely you really are in your conversations and behavior towards your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

We all have our own values on how to think and what the best way is to respond to others in a certain situation. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as our rational thoughts are in balance with all our feelings. If not, then we are conflicted. So many people feel that they would like to express themselves more clearly, but are afraid of what the responses will be of others in their surroundings. The sad thing about this is that you are slowly killing that inner pure voice you once had.

beyouruniqueselfThe real reason so many people are afraid to communicate freely and hold back their true thoughts depends on what is stored in their subconscious brain. We all have certain ‘jamming stations’ in our subconscious that stops us to be who we want to be. These jamming stations are called bad clusters, and are very easy to overcome, but more about that in future blogs…

But the point is, our unique-self lies in the essence of understanding our true selves, not who we think we are – or who we think we’d like to be, but who we really are to our core. And if we were to break this idea down to its simplest form, this is what it would look like.

I mentioned in my last blog post that our subconscious processes nearly 1 million times more information than we’re ever consciously aware of. And based on the natural laws of nature, there is no cause without effect. No function without a purpose, no cell, organ or tissue in your body exists without reason. So why does our subconscious need all of this large amount of data if we cannot consciously remember it? Without this large amount of data we would have no consciousness! Our subconscious needs this information to shape how we think and determine how we shape our lives. It protect us, it delivers the ingredients that we consciously use to create beliefs. Based on those beliefs, we form our opinions, which are all based on our past experiences. It pushes us away from pain – whatever the source of that pain may be. And the right understanding of how the subconscious works will help us access our true selves and shape our life in a much more effective and healthier way.

Our subconscious sounds like this scary and frightening place that we want to hide from, because we’re not sure what’s hidden in there. But you’ve already experienced this information that lies in this unfamiliar place. The information stored in there is communicating to your awareness every second of every day, and it’s just as much a part of you as the fingers on your hands or the toes on your feet. The only difference is you can’t see it. And if you allow yourself the pleasure of accessing this unfamiliar place, the information to the questions you’ve always had will be right there, ready and waiting for you. Your unique self that truly makes you different than everybody else on the planet will present itself to you like the prettiest gift you’ve ever received.

Why be like everybody else when you can be – you?

Learn about the most powerful subconscious forces behind all of your behaviors and beliefs!