How To Unlock Endless Motivation

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey rock star! How are you feeling today? Have you successfully accomplished the goals you set out for this day or are you pushing yourself along one heavy step at a time? Accomplishment always feels better doesn’t it?

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Nothing is better than the spark of motivation! It’s a powerful emotion, which jolts you to action and makes you feel accomplished and happy. When you’re motivated you can move mountains and you can inspire others to do the same.

What did your last spark of motivation move you to do? Maybe you cleaned the whole house top to bottom, or jogged 5 miles.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like this all the time?

Motivation is a big deal and it’s also big business.

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He is one of the most well-known motivational speakers and life coaches on the planet.

In his hugely popular seminars, Robbins uplifts thousands of people to extreme enthusiasm. He guides people through exercises that literally move them to scream, dance, jump, climb chairs, and even walk on fire. People leave the seminars inspired and uplifted.

While some do experience a significant life change, more often than not, people return to their old habits. In fact, 75 to 90 percent of people who’ve attended motivational conventions report losing most, if not all, of their enthusiasm after a certain period of time.

Have you ever attended a seminar or watched a motivational video that gave you a jolt of positive drive? During these sessions most people are 100 percent confident they will change and end the habits that don’t serve them like negative thinking or unhealthy eating.

Maybe you recognize this feeling. If you can be honest with yourself, did you stick to your motivated goals? Did you maintain positive thinking and begin to eat healthier?

The numbers show that even the best motivational inspiration has short staying power with most people returning to their old self-sabotaging habits within a short period of time.

So why does motivation fade so frequently?

It has nothing to do with your capacity to accomplish goals and EVERYTHING to do with the powerful forces in your subconscious brain which overpower the amazing feeling of motivation.

There is now an amazing and scientifically backed technique that can remove this heavy negativity from our subconscious to make room for a permanent positive flow of motivation.

In Progressive Mental Alignment these negative forces are called bad clusters.

First of all we have to realize that during the time that the more conventional motivational methods such as NLP, EMDR, The Works, EFT, Avatar, etc. were developed, bad clusters and their enormous negative and sabotaging power were unknown. If health or behavioral problems are caused by bad clusters, than these older techniques will never lead to permanent changes because they do not reach the root-source of the problem. That is why, after a while people fall back into their old habits and health problems.

We now understand the negative power of bad clusters and that the answer to transform them into positive energy lies in the content of our subconscious.

Our brain is constantly processing the world around us by what we perceive trough our senses and storing all of that information in regular clusters in our subconscious. These clusters include all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and emotions of all of the things we experience in life. It’s a testament to how miraculous the human brain is!

But our brain can process things incorrectly as well. Bad clusters are incorrectly stored during life experiences that activate an emergency response in our bodies. During this Code Red state, the brain is only focused on survival and so information in our environment is not processed as it normally would be, forming bad clusters.

This event could be as simple as a vase falling and landing on a toddler. The toddler panicked and her body went into an instant Code Red state as a form of survival. Even if she quickly came out of that state, anything picked up by her senses during that Code Red state will group together into a bad cluster. All of the negative feelings she felt during that moment will be connected to all of the sensory details of that moment. The music that was playing in the background, the color of the vase, or the specific smell of the kitchen during the episode are details that can trigger the fear and anxiety associated with the Code Red moment, whenever the bad cluster is activated, even in adulthood. This will stay this way until the bad cluster is revealed and rendered harmless.

The powerful emotions from this bad cluster are strong enough to create belief systems and behavior patterns that inhibit you later in life from accomplishing you goals. Progressive Mental Alignment’s detailed insights about how the brain works provide greater understanding about this destructive link.

So long as the content of the bad clusters remains hidden from our conscious brain, their power will always be strong enough to wipe out any conditioning technique or motivational approach.

The solution through Progressive Mental Alignment is to reveal these bad clusters so that the brain can re-process all of the information correctly. Keep in mind that our subconscious processes a million times more data than we will ever become consciously aware of! Once the information is correctly stored, the bad cluster is no longer a burden.

The Progressive Mental Alignment Homestudy Kit is specially developed to help find and transform bad clusters and is an excellent resource for the retrieval and transformation of bad clusters. The kit breaks down the amazing functions of the brain and guides you through the incredible process of revealing and transforming bad clusters. One kit allows you to practice Progressive Mental Alignment in the comfort of your own home and to help others practice it!

Everyone has experienced situations in their lives that created bad clusters. So everyone has them. The great thing is that we now have a solution for that problem which will open the possibilities for more growth, health, and successful achievement of your goals.

The more bad clusters we remove, the more energy and motivation we will experience.

Without the sabotaging power of bad clusters, motivation becomes permanent and life instantly changes into a landscape of endless opportunities.

Don’t feel unmotivated ever again. You CAN become healthier, more energized and more accomplished today.

You’re dreams are waiting for your arrival.

Get motivated to take the first step today!

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There’s no time like girl time!

I love to catch up with friends, have a good talk, and exchange silly stories. We laugh and enjoy a drink and a good meal. It’s a refreshing and healthy break from daily life.

It’s easy to use the woman in our lives as a standard from which we measure ourselves. It’s something that can provide perspective but research shows that this can also trigger deep insecurities within us.

Do you relate to the impulse to compare ourselves against what we view as beautiful celebrities and people we know? All aspects of a women’s appearance is up for grabs! Hair, makeup, body type, weight, and clothes, are all used as a means to measure our own self-worth.

Social media emboldens this habit and literally places the power of comparison right at our finger tips. We can follow every wardrobe change of our favorite celebrities or closely monitor a friend’s weight loss journey. But Facebook and Instagram aren’t the only culprits. Television, magazines, and advertisements also play a huge role.

It can happen while strolling through the internet, watching your favorite sitcom, or even as you pass someone interesting in a shopping mall. It can seem like an innocent and automatic habit but research shows us that there is much more to this behavior.

20150127 - Discover the truth within you and watch the world transform before you.

I recently came across an issue in Glamour Magazine which explored this very issue. The article found that self-comparison significantly affects our relationships with others, contributes to the self-image problems at large, and negatively contributes to our personal well-being.

The article found that in most cases this type of comparison only leads us to find something negative about ourselves. It strengthens the insecurities in our minds and makes the issue bigger than it really is. Your beliefs kick in and the negative view that you HAVE to do something to fix problem gets even worse. The weird part is that what was once a small problem grows by the day.

So if it doesn’t serve us in any way and only intensifies our own insecurities why do we do it?

Through Progressive Mental Alignment we learn that our image is usually not the real cause. The habit of comparing is really a way for us to stay away from the real problem.  The thoughts and feeling that come with the act of comparing keeps you quite busy. Busy enough that the real underlying issue will not arise from your subconscious. And while there is no one that can multi task better than a women, there are still only 24 hours in a day! J So how do we remove this behavior and make time and energy for the things that really matter- like discovering and believing in the real beauty within you?

The answer lies in self-awareness.

The comparison of others is a reference point from which we judge ourselves and it’s driven by our own self-image. But where does your self-image come from?

Self-image is really a belief that you have about yourself which, like all beliefs, is rooted in your life experiences.

Some of these experiences impacted us more than we even know.

Through PMA I became aware of the fact that during certain experiences that are significantly negative, our brain activates an emergency response in our bodies which causes information to be incorrectly processed and stored in our subconscious. This abnormal collection of information is known as a bad cluster in Progressive Mental Alignment and is interlinked with all of the emotions and details we experienced during this emergency state.

Here is a simple example:

Growing up Leah’s parent’s argued often. One night the argument got out of hand. Her parents were both screaming loudly. In the end Leah’s father looked at her mother and then turned to Leah, hit her and pushed her aside and shouted ‘you’re as ugly as your mother!’ He stormed out of the house, never to return.

This was a significant moment in Leah’s life. She heard her mother crying as she watched her father drive away forever. In this helpless, panicked state, her brain activated an emergency response in her body which created a bad cluster but also shaped her beliefs.

After this traumatic incident (bad cluster) Leah adopted the internal belief that her father left her mother because he thought she was ‘ugly’ and that in order to for people to stick around she cannot be ugly.

This moment shaped the rest of Leah’s life.

As a child Leah was healthy but became a bit overweight. A negative remark of one of her friends activated the bad cluster and after that she became consumed with the slim and photo shopped models that sprinkled the pages of her magazines and dreamed of transforming into one of them. As a young woman and adult Leah goes to great lengths so that others will not view her as ugly.

She became an extreme dieter and spends a lot time comparing her appearance to that of other women as a tool to measure how she should look. That’s how far negative beliefs that originate from bad clusters can impact us.

It’s important to note that Leah doesn’t necessarily remember this incident with her parents or what her father said to her. But subconsciously, this incorrectly processed event radiates powerful emotions there are activated in her daily life and used as comparison material by her brain to create negative beliefs about herself.

Progressive Mental Alignment shows us that we create beliefs that seem logic and just to us. The purpose of these beliefs is to pull our conscious brain away from the real source (the bad cluster). Consequently, the ‘comforting’ beliefs we develop, while well intentioned, are really leading us in the opposite direction from the real cause of our negativity.

In Leah’s case urge to alter her appearance is strong and exhausting but because of her activated bad cluster, she will continue feeling this way. As long as Leah is not aware of the real cause of her discomfort with her body, she will be consumed by her negative beliefs about image.

After revealing the content of the bad cluster she will effortlessly let go of her negative beliefs which will allow her to fulfill her true potential, with no hurdles! She will feel balanced and become aware of the true beauty inside of her.

Can you even imaging how much time and energy has been lost in her life trying to pull away from an incorrect feeling?

Progressive Mental Alignment allows her to put a stop to that once and for all.

The beliefs about her body are so embedded in Leah’s subconscious that no amount of logic or positive thinking can permanently re-wire her brain.

Only Progressive Mental Alignment can locate these bad clusters, address inhibiting belief systems, and free of us the negativity that impacts our daily lives and prevents us from reaching our full potential…and the process is easier than you think.

In the book Desirable Power, you are taught how to find and remove your own bad clusters. It’s a process which promises to provide more clarity, energy, and happiness in your life.

Many people want to forget their past and leave it where it is. But here is an important fact: the past will never leave you alone until you make the proper conscious and subconscious connections! And don’t get me wrong here. I don’t want to scare you. Instead, I want to inform you that you have the power within you to finally get rid of those nagging feelings and habits that control your life in an unnecessary negative way.

I know that not loving who you are is hard and exhausting. You don’t have to feel this way any longer…and you won’t, once you see the beauty that’s been there all along. Trust me. It’s more alluring than any magazine cover you’ve even seen!

By removing the damaging blemishes from your subconscious you’ll begin to shine brighter than ever.

Who’s the star now? 😉

Image credit: Glamour

Witness the powerful and immediate impact of Progressive Mental Alignment on yourself and others!

How Self Discovery Solves Insecurity

Hi beautiful!

What is your reaction when someone greets you that way? Do you own it? Does it make you smile or do you automatically reject it internally?

According to some interesting stats about body awareness, more than likely, you don’t even believe it when someone tells you you’re beautiful.  In fact, the website notes that a whopping 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies, 58 percent of college aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight, and more than 40 percent of women would consider cosmetic surgery in the future.

Have you ever felt that pang of self-consciousness when you just can’t seem to find the right thing to wear or you arrive at a party and start questioning how you look? How about the constant comparing most women do with other women about weight, hair, makeup, or body type? It’s common among women and it’s rooted in our self-value.

So why are so many of us so unhappy about our appearance? We know that female babies and toddlers aren’t concerned at all about their self-image which means that we are not born with all of those negative feelings about ourselves. So where does it start?

20150121 - The greatest love story ever told…Love yourself.

Like all belief systems, they are based in our life experiences and in understanding how those experiences impact us every day.  Some of these experiences date way back to our childhood and while they differ from person to person there IS a common theme of feelings rooted deeply in fear, although we are usually not aware of it.

As a simple example, let’s look at the experience of Susie, a 6 year old girl, excitedly preparing for a birthday party. She puts on her prettiest dress, her shiniest shoes, and biggest bow! She feels great and can’t wait to see her friends. Her mom drops her off and the little girl knocks on the door. When the door opens, she sees the birthday girl standing there in her pajamas! Susie looks around in a panic as she realizes that this is a pajama party and she is WAY over dressed. The room starts spinning as the other children begin to giggle and stare at her. She turns around but her mom has already driven away! All kinds of emotions begin stirring up inside of her, all at once. Some girls might experience this just as a very unpleasant situation, but not Susie. She panics! She feels dizzy; her heart is racing, and her muscles tense up, and she starts to sweat.

During panicked states like the one described above, our subconscious connects certain details from these experiences with the negative emotions felt, forming what is referred to in Progressive Mental Alignment as bad clusters. It’s important to understand that these bad clusters are stored inside of the subconscious brain, without our knowing. Despite that, the emotions radiated from these bad clusters are felt strongly in our bodies every time they get activated, even decades after they were created.

While it is impossible to spontaneously remember the content of a bad cluster, you can use Progressive Mental Alignment to easily trace the bad clusters.  The feelings that radiate from bad clusters are extremely powerful and they can be triggered by anything that was present in the negative situation! A color, a sound, or even a smell can trigger parts of a bad cluster and create instant feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

Using the example above, imagine that perhaps they were baking and eating sugar cookies at this party. Susie focused on the smell and taste of the cookies to avoid looking at the faces staring at her. During her panic, Susie’s brain processed these sugar cookies in a way that associated them with keeping her away from pain. Later in life, the thought of sugar cookies always made her feel safe but she never knew why! Even more, she stored eating sugar cookies in her brain as a source of comfort in times of emotional panic associated with insecurity. This type of subconscious connection can later be activated and seriously interfere with reaching your diet goals, further aggravating self image.

The unified brain model of Progressive Mental Alignment provides a technique that allows you to trace the root-source of your negative emotions and to transform these bad clusters once and for all. This way you will permanently overcome their powerful control over your life. Once you focus on the triggers that activate bad clusters in every day life and apply the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, you’ll notice that these feelings come from a much deeper place inside of you. It’s a place that a simple compliment, or other techniques and methods, can’t reach or fix- but Progressive Mental Alignment can.

We know, through Progressive Mental Alignment, that once all of the active bad clusters related to a negative self-image are revealed and transformed, the dark feelings tied to insecurity will disappear instantly. Progressive Mental Alignment provides us with this wonderful opportunity!

Issues with body awareness are too familiar for many of us. Wouldn’t it be freeing to not have to experience these bouts of inadequacy any longer? To wake up feeling proud, satisfied, and confident? This vision IS a reality.

In the Progressive Mental Alignment Home Study Kit Founder Jacob Korthuis guides you through the amazing process of finding and transforming bad clusters. Improving your self-image is only the beginning.  Bad clusters are the reason for all sorts of fears, emotional problems, health complaints and setbacks in our life. It’s a groundbreaking first step into a happier more fulfilled you!

The Home Study Kit shows you how to practice Progressive Mental Alignment on your own and how to guide your loved ones through the process as well. I always recommend the Home Study program to my clients and encourage them to grab a group of friends that are also seeking answers about any numbers of health or behavioral issues they may struggle with. I advise my clients to buy just one kit. Share the information and treat others! I always love hearing about your success stories after using the Progressive Mental Alignment Technique and would be delighted to hear your story!

Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Fall in love with the person your see in the mirror. The treasure is already yours.

You just have to uncover it. Isn’t that beautiful?

Image credit: The Massachusetts Daily Collegian

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How To Love Yourself More Starting Right Now!

“You are unique!” We’ve all heard that time and time again. But what is it that actually makes you unique?

How To Love Yourself More Starting Right Now

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It’s your specific characteristics that distinguish you from others. Characteristics like your personality, all your traits with all the quirks, rituals and habits, that makes you typically YOU!

The majority of us want other people to like and love us for who we are. Strange enough though, most people are to shy to sum-up all their good qualities, but have no hesitation listing what they believe to be their bad characteristics and habits. Are you familiar with that feeling?

Would you agree that you would radiate a completely different energy to others if you would be balanced in your opinion about yourself, instead of putting more emphasis on your (alleged) negative qualities than your positive ones? Would the way you perceive yourself not reflect in anything you radiate to others?

It’s okay to be skeptical towards yourself. It will keep you on your toes and stimulates you to get the best out of yourself. But if it’s not in a balanced way because you criticize and question everything you do, it will devaluate who you really are.

An unrealistic negative self-image will exhaust you. By understanding how our brain works, you will know that an unrealistic negative self-image can even lead to serious health and relationship problems. You will also understand how to overcome shyness and create a balanced self-image.

Are you up for a daring exercise to increase your self-appreciation? Here’s what you can do:

Write down ALL your great qualities, ALL your characteristics that makes you, YOU.

Also write down your qualities that other people told you that they appreciate you for. Create this list without any boundaries of shyness! This will usually increase your awareness about how you already inspired other people.

To deepen your understanding of how to inspire others even more, you can make another list of the people that inspire you. Write also down how they did this. This will give you additional ideas and tools to perfect your power to inspire others.

Who are the people that said the right words at the right time to encourage or help you to overcome a problem or hesitation? Who helped you take the next step, inspired you to make a great decision or finish that job successfully? And in what way did they do that?

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have (or will find) several inspiring people like that in your life. Who are the people that believe in you, see you the way you are and totally accept the whole you and not just a part of it?

Often, not so much is needed to be that kind of person. Lending a helping hand without somebody asking you for it, a phone call, an e-mail, a postcard, just to let the other know you’re thinking of them. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to be inspiring and saying the right words at the right time. Or sometimes, just being there without saying anything is the perfect thing to do.

We all need each other and in most cases it’s the little things, the things that are so easy to do that we forget. We’re all longing for the feeling that we’re not alone; the secure feeling that there is always someone out there for us.

Ready for our next little exercise?

Ask a good friend or family member how they see you? You will notice that they will come up with all kinds of positive traits and qualities about you. They will even illustrate this with stories from your past to confirm these qualities.

The result is always a win/win! They will definitely provide you with a much more positive image of yourself than your own self-image. And even….even if they might come up with a negative quality, even that is still a “win” for you. Why? Because if you feel, umm… that person is right about that, I’ve never seen it like that before, they’ve handed you the opportunity to improve yourself and become even more likable than before.

After you become aware of what your unique qualities are, you can start to perfect them to inspire others. To find role models who inspire, just ask yourself: “Who inspired me?” What did they do that inspired you? How did this inspire you and give you the courage to take your next step in life?

Do you belong to that large group of people that deal with this nagging feeling that you are never good enough for others, or are you unable to love yourself in a balanced way? Are you always busy giving in and sharing with others? Are they the right people to share your time and energy with?

If you have difficulties with these little exercises, ask yourself why, or what is even much more important: are you willing to have a balanced self-image and a good feeling about yourself?

We are not born with negative feelings and sabotaging beliefs about ourselves.  They are created during our life. There’s a fantastic book called “Desirable Power” that I write about a lot, and it explains exactly how these sabotaging beliefs are created, and more importantly, how to transform a negative self-image into a balanced and positive one.

Inspire your unique self and pass it on to others!

Jump out of your daily routines and into a once in a life time journey of transformation!

How To Instantly Value Yourself More

We all know the familiar phrase: “Love your neighbors like yourself”.

There are many people who practice this very seriously, and next to their already busy work schedule, are constantly helping others. Some help to such a level that they totally exhaust themselves. I decided to write something about this after I read this great article about Taking Care of Yourself.

But back to that familiar phrase. Most people interpret these words with the emphasis on doing something out of love for others. But for people that exhaust themselves, that would mean that if they love their friends, family, kids, co-workers, etc. like they love themselves, would they also have to exhaust them? J You probably already get where I’m going with this.

If you truly love yourself, you will never exhaust yourself. So loving others needs to start with loving yourself first. If you do not respect yourself enough to love yourself, then what can you give to others when you say to them: “I love you”?

I Love Me


Many people find it difficult to put themselves first because they feel it’s an act of selfishness. Nothing is further from the truth. If you take care of yourself first, the quality of what you can give to others will be a lot higher. If you don’t love yourself first, than there will eventually be nothing left to give to others and you have to rely on their love and help.

Stay tuned for my future blogs, and if you can relate to how difficult it can be to put yourself first, you’ll want to know how you can change that for the better.

Learn how to change your life and help the ones you love the most transform!

How to unlearn the insecurities about your body

We’re women, and our own biggest critics if it concerns our body and appearance; at least I was.

Because you’re always with yourself 24/7, it’s not difficult to find something that you can put under the microscope to focus on until something that’s definitely a small concern is blown up to a bigger and bigger problem. 🙂

Most of that takes place in our own brain and in that regard, we are our own worst enemy! It’s human nature to always want something we don’t already have, regardless how good what we already have is! And yes, many things of what we really want, we can achieve if we set our mind to it. Nevertheless, there are some things that are hard, or even impossible to change. One of those impossible things is our genetically determined body type.  Let’s figure out first what your body type is. By doing so, you’ll get more of an understanding about your bone structure and the aspects of your body you absolutely cannot expect to change, regardless what you do about it.

Women have all kinds of different body shapes, but the top three are:


  1. Ectomorph body type: An ectomorph is a typical skinny-girl. Ectos have a light build with small joints and lean muscle.
  2. Mesomorph body type: A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique.
  3. Endomorph body type: The endomorph body type is solid and generally soft. Endomorphs gain fat very easily.

If you are more of an ectomorph body type and your goal is to become an endomorph or mesomorph, or visa versa, you will have a hard time to make that work (to say the least). In other words, you’ll do a great job in making yourself fee insecure and miserable.

The best thing to do is to find out why you focus so much on your body and why you create a problem about it instead of accepting the natural beauty of it. You might be inclined to say: “This is simply who I am, I can’t help it!” well trust me, that is not true! If that would be the case, you would have been born with these negative beliefs, but you were not. You developed these negative beliefs about your body somewhere during your life. There is always a reason, a previous experience in your life, why you developed these opinions and feelings about yourself.

Once you make the proper connection in your brain you will start to see and accept the true beauty you are. I will post more on this subject later because there is so much more to tell about this, it will help you greatly to become proud of how you look and who you are.

I know exactly how you feel.  And with the insight and tools Progressive Mental Alignment gave me, I learned to put these nagging feelings of doubt and insecurity behind me, just like you will, too.

Image credit: Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read all you need to know in Desirable Power