6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment

6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment

Progressive Mental Alignment. When I first heard about this method, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It ended up being the most important journey of my life. The more I learned, the more I discovered the answers to some of the biggest questions I had about myself and about the world around me. Progressive Mental Alignment opened the curtain to the real causes of my physical and emotional pain, my bad habits that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, and my thoughts which were preventing me from believing in myself and from reaching my dreams. It’s the single most important discovery I made in my life because it really became the beginning of a new life- the life I always dreamed of.

It’s why I get so excited about sharing everything I know about Progressive Mental Alignment with as many people as possible! I know that the Progressive Mental Alignment tools can do for you what they did for me. No matter your struggle, Progressive Mental Alignment can help you map out the solution that best fits you. Because Progressive Mental Alignment has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start! So I decided to compile a list of what makes Progressive Mental Alignment so special. It’s an introduction to some of the greatest gifts offered by this revolutionary science designed to offer permanent transformations in your health and happiness!

Knowledge is the first step. If you are ready to take the first step into inner freedom here’s what you should know.


Progressive Mental Alignment shows you who you really are

Many of us talk about finding ourselves but only Progressive Mental Alignment shows us how. Meaningful life change begins with knowing yourself and Progressive Mental Alignment does that by opening the door to self-discovery like no other technique can. It helps you separate what you think from what you’ve always known deep down; the inner truth of your strength, beauty, talent and power. You’ll dig deep to experience the core of reality, and honestly it will amaze you-YOU will amaze you!

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Progressive Mental Alignment links all of your struggles to ONE source.

Have you ever felt a random wave of sadness, self-doubt, frustration, or anger? Is there a situation or ship that makes you emotional whenever you think about it?  Do you know someone who suffers from random mood swings? Are you or someone you know impacted by a disease or physical ailment with no obvious cause? Is there a bad habit you’ve tried to change permanently but no matter what you try, you just can’t?

Progressive Mental Alignment shows us how bad clusters are the reason for all of these and other issues while providing you the tools to solve them. All human beings have bad clusters. They form throughout your life, starting in infancy! These wrongly processed pieces of information are stored in your subconscious and interlinked with the most intense feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, and all other sorts of negative emotions you felt during the bad cluster event. These feelings arise within you whenever the bad cluster is activated by triggers in your environment. This is why bad clusters greatly impact our daily moods, decisions, actions, behaviors, and overall health.


Progressive Mental Alignment reveals the powerful force behind your thoughts and feelings

We all have beliefs about ourselves, the world, how things are or perhaps should be. Progressive Mental Alignment shows us that these thoughts are not random. They arise from two subconscious programs.

The first one is the program that uses all the sensory data you’ve collected during your entire life, or in other words, everything you ever learned and experienced. The second program is the so called friend mechanism. It’s the strongest force in our bodies! It’s a genetic ‘body guard’ powered to drive us away from pain. It does this by generating thoughts and beliefs that guide us in less painful directions. It’s an amazing force responsible for your daily behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself and others!

Because bad clusters are loaded with painful feelings, the friend mechanism is always working extra hard to keep us far away from discovering their content. The energy used for this mission drains us of important vitality and health. Only the Progressive Mental Alignment method can show you how to recognize the actions of your friend mechanism and how to cooperate with it to reveal the content of the bad clusters- the hidden root cause of all behavioral, emotional, and physical problems.


Progressive Mental Alignment puts YOU in the driver’s seat

The Progressive Mental Alignment technique allows you the option to work on yourself in the comfort of your own home! The technique is designed to show you how to understand the language of your own subconscious. There is no diagnosis, no counseling, advice, or conclusions offered. In fact, it is not necessary. It encourages you to simply stop and listen to your subconscious. All of the answers and solutions to your problems are already stored there. This places the power of transformation and healing in your own hands! When the content of a bad cluster is revealed, its negative and unhealthy power will instantly be replaced by positive energy that will empower you to reach your goals effortlessly.


Progressive Mental Alignment creates permanent change. Really!

Once you reveal a bad cluster, the details within it are re-processed correctly and all painful feelings associated with it dissolve instantly and permanently! It is an amazing process! Once you turn a bad cluster into a regular, correctly processed and coded cluster it will never go back to ‘bad’. No repetition is needed and any emotional or physical challenges related to this bad cluster will be gone-forever.


Progressive Mental Alignment is really easy

Progressive Mental Alignment doesn’t require a degree, a certain amount of experience, or a long drawn out process. It just takes a curious mind and some quiet time! With so many ways to get acquainted with the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, you’re sure to find the tools that fit right into your life style. Start by keeping up with this blog or reading one of the many books written about Progressive Mental Alignment! If you prefer, you can learn through the Home Study Kit or via one of our free online educational videos. For a more interactive experience you can attend one of the many Progressive Mental Alignment seminars held several times a year or participate in a live Progressive Mental Alignment session in person or via Skype. It’s an easy to master technique that you can use for yourself and your loved ones. Trust me; the minute you experience this you’ll want to know more simply because you’ll recognize that this is how your brain works and that it will give you all of the answers and solutions you need. Once you got the feel of it you’ll want to share it with everyone just like I do!

Begin Forever Today

Learn more about this revolutionary technique used to untangle the complex connections of our subconscious brain so that you experience new levels of self-discovery, health, and happiness. Unlock the deeply buried vaults of pain inside your subconscious so they don’t weigh you down ever again. Break through subconscious barriers that prevent you from quitting bad habits, changing negative behaviors, healing physical ailments, and transforming self sabotaging thoughts.

Eliminate these roadblocks from your journey so you experience a smooth ride to the life you’ve always imagined. All you have to do is make the right decision. You are the only person who can do this. The life you’ve always imagined can be yours. I know you can do it because I did!

Join me in my quest to share the greatest vehicle for healing the world has ever seen.

Jump in. You’re in for the thrill of a lifetime!

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Where Your Shopping Addiction Really Comes From

Oh hi! I was just online checking out this amazing blouse I just HAVE to have. There’s something about buying a brand new shiny thing that can sometimes be so hard to resist! And did I mention it’s on sale! So basically I save money. 🙂

I know for me, buying something beautiful creates excitement and happiness. You get home and stare at it a little bit and you just can’t WAIT to use it or wear it for the first time….or is that just me? 😉

Think about how shopping makes you feel. Do you automatically start thinking about the things you love the most or a special memory that involves shopping? Does it make you smile and get excited? It should!

Shopping, for many, is an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon but for some, this habit can have a dark side.

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The Shopping Drug

Shopping, can become a serious addiction for some people. In fact, did you know that it affects about six percent of the U.S. population? That is more than 19,000,000 people! It’s a real addiction with some of the same types of treatment used for drug addicts. It’s marked by a compulsion to spend despite financial status, a tendency to hide purchases, an inability to pay off debts, and constant buyer’s remorse.

Do you recognize these behaviors in you or someone else? This type of compulsion is a dark cycle of highs and lows that can leave you drained, stressed out, and even worse.

You know, based on your almost maxed-out credit card that it would be wiser for you not to buy. Logic tells you that. So why can’t a large amount of people stop this self-sabotaging behavior? The reason it’s so hard to stop is because the cause is much deeper than logic can reach.

Like any addiction, a shopping addiction is in many cases used as a form of relief. It’s a behavior that you turn to when strong uncomfortable emotions arise within you.

Do you recognize some of these behavior patterns in your own life? Some of us do this on a smaller scale. For example, have you ever turned to chocolate or a similar treat when you feel sad or stressed out? Sometimes you’re so emotional you experience a sweet overload! You may feel a sense of peace right after eating something yummy but quickly that feeling can turn into guilt and physical discomfort.

With an addiction, this cycle is extremely intensified. Powerfully strong emotions are constantly triggered and somewhere along the way, you created the beliefs that your urge for shopping is normal, instead of understanding that this urge and the shopping itself is a ritual that your subconscious friend mechanism created to lead you away from the content of bad clusters.

Because of the way the human brain is wired, shopping (in this case) becomes the vehicle used to drive you far away from pain. The drive to escape from pain happens to be the most powerful force within you and all human beings!

It’s an amazing testament to the powerful role of our subconscious. The more you understand these impulses and forces within you, the more you’ll understand how to overcome some of the most damaging behaviors in your life!

Window to the Subconscious

The key here is not to focus on the shopping but to pay attention to what’s really happening on the inside. Ask yourself: What motivated you to go on a shopping spree? What happened just before you felt this urge? Once you understand how to approach your subconscious you will discover that there is always something that ‘triggered’ that feeling.

Once you recognize this picture of the sudden urge to shop and you are ready to get the scoop into why and how this urge is created in your brain, then join me for a little exercise:

  • In your mind go back to a situation that you remember getting a sudden drive to buy something
  • What comes spontaneously to mind in the seconds and minutes just before you wanted to surrender to your shopping urge?
  • Go to that moment and relive this moment in your head.
  • What particular part of that moment stands out?
  • Don’t think about it. Your body will tell you exactly what stands out if you really relive that moment and not just ‘remember’ it.

You will notice that the shopping urge always is preceded by negative and unpleasant feelings. At this point you might think: Okay, but how does this help me? You will tremendously benefit from this when you continue and complete this process. How? By applying the proper technique based on the understanding of how the brain works.

In this technique you do not stop at this first relived memory. You will continue the process until you reveal the underlying root source; the so-called bad cluster. Once you reach that stage, then the trigger that originally created the uncomfortable feelings will have lost its power forever. This means: no unnecessary uncomfortable feelings, no sudden urge to shop, and no more maxed-out credit cards. You’ll feel better about yourself and experience many other benefits.

Reveal. Restore. Restart.

If you are willing to change, then here is what you can do: Before you embrace the impulse to shop next time, stop and really feel those emotions you felt just before the shopping impulse came up. They are there for a reason! They are trying to tell you something! Start applying the exercise as described above.

If shopping has become an addiction, shopping is used as a means to make you feel safe and to distract you from the real source of the activated negative emotions. Once you reveal the true source of these emotions, you won’t feel the need to cover it up anymore and the addiction will end. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and it’s truly amazing! What will happen is that you will control the buying impulses and not the other way around.

I can help you so that you can leave this negative and self-sabotaging behavior behind you forever and make shopping fun again!

Don’t ever feel like there’s no hope. There is always a reason for your behavior and there is always a solution!

Invest in the most valuable gem you’ll ever acquire; a more peaceful, joyful, and confident you! Rest assured, shopping will still be a lot of fun but now, without previous negative activations, it will the purest form of fun 🙂

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.

What Your Anger Reveals About You

What Your Anger Reveals About You

Few emotions are as powerful as anger!

Have you ever watched a toddler scream at the top of his lungs and kick in the throes of uncontrollable emotion? It is really a powerful illustration of anger’s intensity!

That intensity of anger never changes as we mature but how we handle it does change. Do you remember the last time you got angry?  Like, so angry that you felt like walking out of a room to breathe, or punching a wall, screaming, or even crying?

How we get angry is very unique to us all. Sometimes it can make us yell; other times we just shut down in silence. No matter how we handle it, that sort of extreme frustration stops you in your tracks doesn’t it? It consumes you and forces you to feel it and address it somehow.

What makes you angry varies as well.  Have you ever spilled coffee on yourself on the way to work or slammed on your breaks after someone unexpectedly jumped in front of you on the road?

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It can even make you mad when someone is rude to you or speaks to you in a way that feels disrespectful. These types of situations can upset you for a while but they can eventually leave your thoughts and allow you to move on with the rest of your day normally.

This type of anger is a normal part of humanity. It is a natural but temporary jolt of motivation to set boundaries and escape from danger but in the core of our being we are not angry creatures. We want peace. Logically, there is no reason to stay angry.

If anger consumes you and is hard to let go of then there may be a deeper issue that should be addressed. Have you ever met someone who just seems to have an angry disposition and always seems seconds away from an outburst? With these people it often feels as if you have to walk on eggshells… or is there something in your life that always makes you angry or upset when you think about it? It’s something that no matter how much you try, you can’t quite let go of.

Whether a deep resentment or a broader anger management issue, new science is showing us that this type of extreme frustration has a much deeper source which is triggered daily by events in our environment and radiates powerfully deep emotions of pain.

In our modern world we depend upon help from anger management classes or specialized medication that helps control outbursts. Some people explore mindfulness techniques that allow us to disconnect from anger as it arises. Others teach lessons of forgiveness and letting go.

All of this advice is useful and can help you manage anger but none offer to address the root source of this internal rage. When you dig deep you’ll find that what you think is the reason for your anger may not be the original source at all! It is usually a specific event from your past that you don’t remember, which was perceived as significantly painful and traumatic at the time.

With Progressive Mental Alignment you are able to find what is REALLY behind your deep irritation and other negative emotions. Once you address this truth, you’ll release the hold that this powerful emotion has on you – forever.

Isn’t that what we want after all? None of us want to be angry. We want better relationships with our family and friends- and, ultimately, with ourselves!

Embark on a once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery that instantly improves the quality of your life and those around you.

Now, that’s something to smile about!

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1 Solution for Permanent Happiness

Do any these popular words of advice sound familiar to you?

Sleep. Wake Up. JUMP IN Eat Right. Exercise. LET GO. Love. Read. Meditate. Talk. Listen. Be Silent. Reconnect. Disconnect. Say Thank You. Smile. Cry. Think Positive. Forgive. Breath. Be Aware. Be Yourself.

These are the reminders that commonly run through the minds of millions as they manage the strains of daily life.

These words are seen on websites, books, billboards, and magazines and heard on Television and Radio. We are inundated with ideas, tools, and advice for finding balance and contentment.

The demand for happiness is greater than any food, car, or electronic product on the planet.

There is no greater desire than the wish to harness a stream of endless motivation and happiness to help us fulfill our greatest wishes and goals.

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There are whole industries and professions dedicated to the pursuit of joy and countless options available to the seeker of self-improvement. Commonly we have preferred techniques that help us keep our bad habits and negative thoughts in check.

Do you have something that you prefer?

Many seek the peace of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga. Others prefer the energy and advice found at motivational seminars and from Self-help books.

Have you ever experienced any of these popular tools?

Before I discovered Progressive Mental Alignment, I used many of these same techniques to manage the emotional and physical problems I was experiencing.

Like most people, my first attempt to rid myself of these issues involved visiting several different doctors. They tried to suppress my symptoms through medication. I had seen way too many people in a medicated zombie like state to go down that route so I decided to turn to more natural practitioners. I saw chiropractors and homeopathic doctors that provided some relief but never anything permanent. I went on to see two different psychologists. They offered great advice but I never felt that they addressed the root cause of my problems. After several months I stopped these sessions after experiencing only minimal results and falling back into the same habits no matter how hard I tried not to. It made me feel so bad about myself. Every thing they told me sounded so logical and yet, somehow, it did not stick.

After those experiences I started to practice techniques such as NLP, mindfulness, chakra healing, magnetizing, hypnotherapy, and finally, EMDR. There were absolute moments when all of these techniques provided relief but over time most of my issues returned. I was so bummed about it.

My experience is not uncommon. In fact, therapists, counselors, coaches, and trainers admit that only about 10 to 25 percent of all the good advice they give their clients leads to permanent change. I don’t know about you but when I instinctively feel that I’m not getting enough out of life, then I’ll keep looking until I find the way. It did not make sense to me that I couldn’t avoid the eventual fall back that happens with 75 percent of all the good instructions. So I kept looking for answers.

While these methods that I mentioned before can lead us in the right direction and provide some relief during times of stress, none are permanent solutions. These popular methods simply do not address or eliminate the root cause of most health problems.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying here that those methods aren’t valuable but they only work up to a certain level.

Being a Dutch girl, a typical Dutch thought came to my mind: that paying for something that helps only 25% is a waste of my money 😉  But I know now that this is not the case.

So don’t be afraid that you wasted your money and time on attending seminars and investing in self-help programs or coaching. Once you understand the brain, as explained in Progressive Mental Alignment, you will be able to effortlessly execute all that knowledge you learned in those programs and seminars.

The moment I learned about Progressive Mental Alignment, I knew it was different. I instantly realized that this is the only technique that deals directly with deeply hidden trouble spots in our subconscious.

For instance: Did you know that our subconscious brain causes 75 percent of all known diseases, behavioral and relationship problems? How mind-boggling is that?

Progressive Mental Alignment provides us with the tools to reveal the main reason for these negative health and behavioral issues stored inside our subconscious. The result is healing, joy, and change that is permanent.

It’s truly a revolutionary trip on the road to everlasting happiness.

Remove the barriers blocking your re-connection with the core of your being where pure joy already resides.

You just have to unlock its powerful gates, set it free, and watch life transform.

Jump out of your daily routines and into a once in a life time journey of transformation!

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey rock star! How are you feeling today? Have you successfully accomplished the goals you set out for this day or are you pushing yourself along one heavy step at a time? Accomplishment always feels better doesn’t it?

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Nothing is better than the spark of motivation! It’s a powerful emotion, which jolts you to action and makes you feel accomplished and happy. When you’re motivated you can move mountains and you can inspire others to do the same.

What did your last spark of motivation move you to do? Maybe you cleaned the whole house top to bottom, or jogged 5 miles.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like this all the time?

Motivation is a big deal and it’s also big business.

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He is one of the most well-known motivational speakers and life coaches on the planet.

In his hugely popular seminars, Robbins uplifts thousands of people to extreme enthusiasm. He guides people through exercises that literally move them to scream, dance, jump, climb chairs, and even walk on fire. People leave the seminars inspired and uplifted.

While some do experience a significant life change, more often than not, people return to their old habits. In fact, 75 to 90 percent of people who’ve attended motivational conventions report losing most, if not all, of their enthusiasm after a certain period of time.

Have you ever attended a seminar or watched a motivational video that gave you a jolt of positive drive? During these sessions most people are 100 percent confident they will change and end the habits that don’t serve them like negative thinking or unhealthy eating.

Maybe you recognize this feeling. If you can be honest with yourself, did you stick to your motivated goals? Did you maintain positive thinking and begin to eat healthier?

The numbers show that even the best motivational inspiration has short staying power with most people returning to their old self-sabotaging habits within a short period of time.

So why does motivation fade so frequently?

It has nothing to do with your capacity to accomplish goals and EVERYTHING to do with the powerful forces in your subconscious brain which overpower the amazing feeling of motivation.

There is now an amazing and scientifically backed technique that can remove this heavy negativity from our subconscious to make room for a permanent positive flow of motivation.

In Progressive Mental Alignment these negative forces are called bad clusters.

First of all we have to realize that during the time that the more conventional motivational methods such as NLP, EMDR, The Works, EFT, Avatar, etc. were developed, bad clusters and their enormous negative and sabotaging power were unknown. If health or behavioral problems are caused by bad clusters, than these older techniques will never lead to permanent changes because they do not reach the root-source of the problem. That is why, after a while people fall back into their old habits and health problems.

We now understand the negative power of bad clusters and that the answer to transform them into positive energy lies in the content of our subconscious.

Our brain is constantly processing the world around us by what we perceive trough our senses and storing all of that information in regular clusters in our subconscious. These clusters include all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and emotions of all of the things we experience in life. It’s a testament to how miraculous the human brain is!

But our brain can process things incorrectly as well. Bad clusters are incorrectly stored during life experiences that activate an emergency response in our bodies. During this Code Red state, the brain is only focused on survival and so information in our environment is not processed as it normally would be, forming bad clusters.

This event could be as simple as a vase falling and landing on a toddler. The toddler panicked and her body went into an instant Code Red state as a form of survival. Even if she quickly came out of that state, anything picked up by her senses during that Code Red state will group together into a bad cluster. All of the negative feelings she felt during that moment will be connected to all of the sensory details of that moment. The music that was playing in the background, the color of the vase, or the specific smell of the kitchen during the episode are details that can trigger the fear and anxiety associated with the Code Red moment, whenever the bad cluster is activated, even in adulthood. This will stay this way until the bad cluster is revealed and rendered harmless.

The powerful emotions from this bad cluster are strong enough to create belief systems and behavior patterns that inhibit you later in life from accomplishing you goals. Progressive Mental Alignment’s detailed insights about how the brain works provide greater understanding about this destructive link.

So long as the content of the bad clusters remains hidden from our conscious brain, their power will always be strong enough to wipe out any conditioning technique or motivational approach.

The solution through Progressive Mental Alignment is to reveal these bad clusters so that the brain can re-process all of the information correctly. Keep in mind that our subconscious processes a million times more data than we will ever become consciously aware of! Once the information is correctly stored, the bad cluster is no longer a burden.

The Progressive Mental Alignment Homestudy Kit is specially developed to help find and transform bad clusters and is an excellent resource for the retrieval and transformation of bad clusters. The kit breaks down the amazing functions of the brain and guides you through the incredible process of revealing and transforming bad clusters. One kit allows you to practice Progressive Mental Alignment in the comfort of your own home and to help others practice it!

Everyone has experienced situations in their lives that created bad clusters. So everyone has them. The great thing is that we now have a solution for that problem which will open the possibilities for more growth, health, and successful achievement of your goals.

The more bad clusters we remove, the more energy and motivation we will experience.

Without the sabotaging power of bad clusters, motivation becomes permanent and life instantly changes into a landscape of endless opportunities.

Don’t feel unmotivated ever again. You CAN become healthier, more energized and more accomplished today.

You’re dreams are waiting for your arrival.

Get motivated to take the first step today!

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read all you need to know in Desirable Power

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There’s no time like girl time!

I love to catch up with friends, have a good talk, and exchange silly stories. We laugh and enjoy a drink and a good meal. It’s a refreshing and healthy break from daily life.

It’s easy to use the woman in our lives as a standard from which we measure ourselves. It’s something that can provide perspective but research shows that this can also trigger deep insecurities within us.

Do you relate to the impulse to compare ourselves against what we view as beautiful celebrities and people we know? All aspects of a women’s appearance is up for grabs! Hair, makeup, body type, weight, and clothes, are all used as a means to measure our own self-worth.

Social media emboldens this habit and literally places the power of comparison right at our finger tips. We can follow every wardrobe change of our favorite celebrities or closely monitor a friend’s weight loss journey. But Facebook and Instagram aren’t the only culprits. Television, magazines, and advertisements also play a huge role.

It can happen while strolling through the internet, watching your favorite sitcom, or even as you pass someone interesting in a shopping mall. It can seem like an innocent and automatic habit but research shows us that there is much more to this behavior.

20150127 - Discover the truth within you and watch the world transform before you.

I recently came across an issue in Glamour Magazine which explored this very issue. The article found that self-comparison significantly affects our relationships with others, contributes to the self-image problems at large, and negatively contributes to our personal well-being.

The article found that in most cases this type of comparison only leads us to find something negative about ourselves. It strengthens the insecurities in our minds and makes the issue bigger than it really is. Your beliefs kick in and the negative view that you HAVE to do something to fix problem gets even worse. The weird part is that what was once a small problem grows by the day.

So if it doesn’t serve us in any way and only intensifies our own insecurities why do we do it?

Through Progressive Mental Alignment we learn that our image is usually not the real cause. The habit of comparing is really a way for us to stay away from the real problem.  The thoughts and feeling that come with the act of comparing keeps you quite busy. Busy enough that the real underlying issue will not arise from your subconscious. And while there is no one that can multi task better than a women, there are still only 24 hours in a day! J So how do we remove this behavior and make time and energy for the things that really matter- like discovering and believing in the real beauty within you?

The answer lies in self-awareness.

The comparison of others is a reference point from which we judge ourselves and it’s driven by our own self-image. But where does your self-image come from?

Self-image is really a belief that you have about yourself which, like all beliefs, is rooted in your life experiences.

Some of these experiences impacted us more than we even know.

Through PMA I became aware of the fact that during certain experiences that are significantly negative, our brain activates an emergency response in our bodies which causes information to be incorrectly processed and stored in our subconscious. This abnormal collection of information is known as a bad cluster in Progressive Mental Alignment and is interlinked with all of the emotions and details we experienced during this emergency state.

Here is a simple example:

Growing up Leah’s parent’s argued often. One night the argument got out of hand. Her parents were both screaming loudly. In the end Leah’s father looked at her mother and then turned to Leah, hit her and pushed her aside and shouted ‘you’re as ugly as your mother!’ He stormed out of the house, never to return.

This was a significant moment in Leah’s life. She heard her mother crying as she watched her father drive away forever. In this helpless, panicked state, her brain activated an emergency response in her body which created a bad cluster but also shaped her beliefs.

After this traumatic incident (bad cluster) Leah adopted the internal belief that her father left her mother because he thought she was ‘ugly’ and that in order to for people to stick around she cannot be ugly.

This moment shaped the rest of Leah’s life.

As a child Leah was healthy but became a bit overweight. A negative remark of one of her friends activated the bad cluster and after that she became consumed with the slim and photo shopped models that sprinkled the pages of her magazines and dreamed of transforming into one of them. As a young woman and adult Leah goes to great lengths so that others will not view her as ugly.

She became an extreme dieter and spends a lot time comparing her appearance to that of other women as a tool to measure how she should look. That’s how far negative beliefs that originate from bad clusters can impact us.

It’s important to note that Leah doesn’t necessarily remember this incident with her parents or what her father said to her. But subconsciously, this incorrectly processed event radiates powerful emotions there are activated in her daily life and used as comparison material by her brain to create negative beliefs about herself.

Progressive Mental Alignment shows us that we create beliefs that seem logic and just to us. The purpose of these beliefs is to pull our conscious brain away from the real source (the bad cluster). Consequently, the ‘comforting’ beliefs we develop, while well intentioned, are really leading us in the opposite direction from the real cause of our negativity.

In Leah’s case urge to alter her appearance is strong and exhausting but because of her activated bad cluster, she will continue feeling this way. As long as Leah is not aware of the real cause of her discomfort with her body, she will be consumed by her negative beliefs about image.

After revealing the content of the bad cluster she will effortlessly let go of her negative beliefs which will allow her to fulfill her true potential, with no hurdles! She will feel balanced and become aware of the true beauty inside of her.

Can you even imaging how much time and energy has been lost in her life trying to pull away from an incorrect feeling?

Progressive Mental Alignment allows her to put a stop to that once and for all.

The beliefs about her body are so embedded in Leah’s subconscious that no amount of logic or positive thinking can permanently re-wire her brain.

Only Progressive Mental Alignment can locate these bad clusters, address inhibiting belief systems, and free of us the negativity that impacts our daily lives and prevents us from reaching our full potential…and the process is easier than you think.

In the book Desirable Power, you are taught how to find and remove your own bad clusters. It’s a process which promises to provide more clarity, energy, and happiness in your life.

Many people want to forget their past and leave it where it is. But here is an important fact: the past will never leave you alone until you make the proper conscious and subconscious connections! And don’t get me wrong here. I don’t want to scare you. Instead, I want to inform you that you have the power within you to finally get rid of those nagging feelings and habits that control your life in an unnecessary negative way.

I know that not loving who you are is hard and exhausting. You don’t have to feel this way any longer…and you won’t, once you see the beauty that’s been there all along. Trust me. It’s more alluring than any magazine cover you’ve even seen!

By removing the damaging blemishes from your subconscious you’ll begin to shine brighter than ever.

Who’s the star now? 😉

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Witness the powerful and immediate impact of Progressive Mental Alignment on yourself and others!