How Freedom Redefines Routine

How Freedom Redefines Routine

Sometimes our life changes in the most unexpected ways! Recently a client of mine shared an amazing shift in perspective that has totally transformed her life! I’m sure many of us can relate to her story:

The Drain Game

Christina is a married and working mom of 2 small children, embroiled in the non-stop responsibilities and activities of life. She loves her family and job and has a great group of friends that she’s super grateful for. Still- something was stressing her out and draining her energy. She thought that cleaning up her to do list would give her more energy. But it felt like no matter how much she checked off her list, there were a 100 more things to do and not enough energy or time to do them. She felt like she was always playing ‘catch up’. She found herself with very little time for fun, hobbies, and self-improvement and any moments that did appear, made her want to hide away and do nothing! The ’10 year’ plan that she and her husband created years ago to propel themselves forward financially and personally didn’t seem to be blossoming at the speed they once hoped. It seemed life was on ‘repeat’ with each day, week and even year resembling the previous. They always TALKED of wanting and needing more but simply felt stuck.

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What you believe, you receive

The thing is that Christina began to accept and believe that this routine was a normal part of life. “How is it possible?” she thought, “to fit ANTYHING else into our overloaded days without neglecting something else? She also saw this exact same pattern happening with her friends, so she knew that she was not the only one. Ever notice how we seek confirmation and proof in our surroundings to strengthen our beliefs, even if it doesn’t feel right?

So back to Christina. She “just” accepted routine as a ‘necessary’ part of her life and, simply, as ‘the way it is’.  Her desire for personal growth was always separate from her routine because, she honestly didn’t feel that it needed or should change. She didn’t realize that you can’t separate your routine from personal growth! Although some routines are healthy, many people hold on to unnecessary routines in a way that inhibits their personal growth. As a matter of fact, they need these distracting routines to experience a feeling of control in order to suppress the emotion from moments in their life in which they lost control.

Because of Christina’s strong ‘belief’ that her routine wasn’t a problem, she blamed her exhaustion, stress and moodiness on other things.

Connecting the dots

During our recent session I asked Christina to pick out a recent situation that upset her so much, that she could still feel the emotions in the present moment. She immediately came up with a recent dispute with a friend that left her feeling frustrated. Christina describes the situation and through my questions, based on the information she is giving me, she becomes more aware of the specific details that trigger the most negative feelings in that recent situation. She focuses on that feeling until a new picture pops up from her childhood. In this memory she relives where she is, who’s around her and what is happening. The details from that memory and the emotions that those details activate lead to an even earlier moment in her life, during a car accident when she was 3 years old. She was able to relive the memory of this car accident and remembers the moment of impact when another vehicle hit them from behind. In this moment Christina felt totally out of control. She isolates that moment and remembers the screeching sound of the car, the laundry basket full of clothes flying to the front seat, the loud sound of the car horn and the pressure from her seat belt. Many of these details matched the recent dispute Christina had with her friend which took place in a car in a lot of traffic with the sounds of car horns all around her. She was able to see how those details from the recent argument match the details from the accident. By reliving the moment, her subconscious was able to reprocess those details properly, which removed their negative load. The details of this situation were able to reveal the root cause of Christina’s frustration and were instantly able to see the whole situation, totally differently.

The session directly connected her to a specific moment from her past that she couldn’t remember but that was stored away in her subconscious.

The road to renewal

Christina’s session was very successful and offered a great amount of relief, offering a lot of personal insight but that was only the beginning of her growing process. As the days passed she continued to ‘connect the dots’ of her life (past and present) totally differently. She was able to see her life from a different perspective.

All of a sudden she realized that life, doesn’t HAVE to be anything or fit into the destructive “routine” mold she created for herself. In truth, we have full control to make life what we want, once we understand how the subconscious brain controls our life! That doesn’t mean that the outcome is always exactly how we want it to be, but we have a choice to do what is best for us in every situation.  She realized that it was her very beliefs that were creating the stresses of her routine. It hit her that she was letting the routine run her life, instead of creating a routine that benefited her and her family’s goals.

So what changed? What caused Christina to free herself from her exhausting routine? The answer to this question will lead to solutions in ALL areas of life that need improvement.

The bridge to better

It begins by understanding that we always do whatever it takes to avoid the most powerful negative feelings in our subconscious. Even if that means engaging in behavior that isn’t good for you emotionally or physically. As long as those things keep you away from the strongest pain, you’ll feel compelled to repeat it. This is our strongest genetic impulse. It’s called our Friend Mechanism because it protects us from pain.

In Christina’s case, the pattern of her routines distracted her from the real, more powerful root source of her deepest pain. Even though the routine was draining and stressful, it felt better than having quiet time to dig deeper and discover what was really bothering her. The routine was suppressing subconscious materiel called bad clusters. For example, Christina began to notice that seeing a bin full of dirty laundry had an immediate impact on her mood. (Remember the laundry basket from the car accident?) It made her feel instant panic. In order to avoid that annoying feeling she created a ‘schedule’ of washing, folding and organizing clothes that kept her very busy but the laundry basket empty.  Of course this routine was stressful but it felt better than looking at a basket filled to the top with laundry!

This is the damaging cycle that bad clusters cause. That laundry basket filled with clothes ‘triggered’ an activation of a bad cluster- filled with powerfully emotional details from the past.

By addressing this bad cluster she’ll discover the real cause of her stressful feeling and the urge to hold on to self-sabotaging routines will be gone forever. This doesn’t mean that Christina will stop doing the laundry!! It just means that this chore won’t cause the stress and panic it once did and will prevent the draining behavior that followed. She’ll be able to handle it efficiently and productively, and without distress!

With all the knowledge and insight she gained from her session she was able to tap in more deeply to her emotional perspective of the world around her.  She quickly began to see a different picture and created a new plan with her husband. It’s a new schedule on their terms. One that offers more attention and help to each of them while allowing space for rest, fun, quality time and important projects. Together they’re forging a new path.  She still has responsibilities but they have become a small piece of the greater puzzle. She likes to say that she put those responsibilities ‘in their place’. They don’t control her life anymore. She has more energy and even more amazingly more ‘time’ has started to appear. Now her routine has become a springboard from which she can explore life!

See the bigger, brighter picture

Do you relate to Christina’s story?

What are your routines? We all have them. These scheduled systems can offer a sense of organization and structure in a life filled with responsibilities and unpredictability. But they’re supposed to make life easier not harder. Routine is supposed to streamline our day and create an effective way to get through all of our obligations. But too often, routine, if connected to activated bad cluster (link) will leave you feeling stuck and running in circles trying to catch up, like Christina was doing.

When you let routine become your life, it gets harder to enjoy hobbies and passions while unique experiences and precious YOU time take a back seat. When the repetition of routine takes over, it

To truly enjoy your life, to improve your reality and to live in every moment you have to free yourself from the chains of routine. But if you’re thinking, “That’s impossible” “There are only so many hours in the day” “I have work, children, a house to clean and obligations” – then it’s time to check your beliefs- and why you believe the way that you do.

The more you begin to make the proper connections in your brain, the more your beliefs shift in your favor. You’ll start to re-gain control of your life and move it in the direction of more happiness and success. Nothing and no one can hold you back! The amazing news is that YOU are stronger than your most powerful impulses. You have the natural ability to STOP running in circles and begin running forward.

Don’t settle for corners of happiness in the spaces between everyday routine. You deserve and are MEANT for so much more. Life is meant to be enjoyed in every moment! So, this very second, choose to embrace, explore, and experience the greatness of the world outside the barriers of routine and watch your world blossom.

Discover and dismantle the root source of all your emotional and physical pain!

The Power Of Perception

Your perception creates your reality, but what creates your perception?


Every new experience is filtered through your core beliefs, your personal past, and unique emotions. Even your mood impacts how your reality looks at any given moment. No 2 people exist in the same perception of reality and it’s why, often, people can see the same situation so differently.

I am pretty sure you’ve run into this ‘difference of opinion’ on occasion. J Maybe you felt differently from someone else about the same topic or you remember an experience differently than your friend. It can be so frustrating trying to ‘convince’ someone to see it your way and really, it’s impossible because they are trying to convince you just as strongly!

Picturing perception

Maybe you recognize the following example:

A friend of yours always speaks highly of her nice neighbor. You’ve seen her in pictures but never met this neighbor in person.

Your brain produces an amazing phenomenon that happens when someone is describing another person. You begin to instantly envision images of how this person should react and behave. Our brain is capable of creating mental pictures on the spot, just by hearing a story. How cool is that?! Your brain can do this because of the huge amount of your own subconscious comparison material. Okay- I’m a little side-tracked now so let’s continue with the exampleJ.

So, based on your own comparison materiel about nice and helpful people, you created a picture in your mind that meets your criteria of how such a person should behave.

One day you’re at the grocery store. You look to the right and instantly remember that face from the pictures of the nice neighbor your friend described!  You approach her, and based on the mental image you created of how she would behave, you start to talk to her as if you’ve known her for years. (From all the stories your friend shared and the mental images you created from those stories, it sure feels that way to youJ J) So, you’re babbling about all kinds of things and all of a sudden she reacts out of the blue saying, “Sorry I am not in the mood for your small talk, please leave me alone!”

It feels as if you are struck by lightning. Your whole perfect mental picture you created of her scatters in your head. That nice neighbor is not nice at all! So… based on how she responded to you, a totally new picture of her emerges in your mind, and guess what? In this new mental picture she doesn’t turn out so nice, grrr!

Your face starts to turn red, your heart is pounding and you feel like sinking into the ground. You mumble the words ‘sorry’ and walk away. You’re totally embarrassed and quite angry by the whole situation. Your embarrassment turns into question marks. How could your friend be so wrong?

So you call your friend and explain the whole annoying event to her. Your friend is quiet for a moment then says, “Oh my gosh”, I know why she reacted that way. This morning her cat died unexpectedly. She’s heartbroken.”

This information puts the behavior of your friend’s neighbor in a totally different perspective. Based on your own experiences of losing a beloved animal, you now suddenly re-assess her behavior and those negative feelings towards that neighbor melt away like snow in the sun.

By the way- your interpretation can go either way; meaning you may have perceived someone as a good person even though they were described to you as a bad person initially.

Black, white and perception

This simple example is rooted in a basic model of how our perceptions are created. The truth is, perspective can’t determine ‘right or wrong’. It simply represents the way you filter the world around you solely based on your existing subconscious comparison material of previously stored experiences.

Ever worn those big shades in a 3D movie theater? Everything comes to life on the screen and pops out at you in the theater! Without those glasses everything looks twisted and blurry. But when you put on the 3D glasses your perspective changes and becomes so much better and more pleasant! After your understanding of how your subconscious brain works, your assessment of events and other people will change drastically. You will see the world through different glasses and so much clearer and with so much more fun.

The really cool thing is that when you rise above your own perspective, you expand your view and experience the wonderful reality of the amazing world around you! AND you discover the truth of your greatness.  Ask yourself– are you beautiful, confident, creative, or loving?  You’ll answer these questions based on your perspective. But the REALITY is much clearer, much more fun and above all, gives you much more inner peace and balance.

Rising above your perspective will allow you to reclaim your TRUE self, connect and understand other people on new levels, and see the world in a brand new way.

Your perspective is powered by the past

If your life is not exactly where you want it to be, it’s time to get insight about how your subconscious controls your perspective and how you can change that to your advantage!

This amazing exploration all begins by understanding how your unique perspective was formed in the first place. It all starts in the womb, where every single detail absorbed by your senses begins to build the album from which all new experiences are compared and processed in your subconscious.  Every single fragment of your experiences are coded with emotion and helps form your opinions and feelings about the things you see in the world.

Emotions are always the determining factor for how you respond to your environment, even when you are not always consciously aware of them.

Unfortunately, it’s those emotions with the most powerfully negative feelings that serve as the strongest drivers of our perception. Our powerful impulse pushing us away from pain creates beliefs, behaviors and perceptions that sabotage our greater well-being.

The newest scientific insights reveal that specific neurophysiological processes cause a sort of short circuiting and create so-called bad clusters in our subconscious. These bad clusters produce the most powerful perception-controlling beliefs. The scary thing about these bad clusters is that you cannot spontaneously remember their content, but you do feel the very powerful feelings they produce. These feelings create your most powerful beliefs and perceptions. Just imagine, there is a power in each of us that controls our thinking, perception, beliefs and even our health. Isn’t it great that there is now a technique that allows you to isolate and re-process the root-source of your most powerfully negative emotions? It’s the key to in-depth healing and growth!

Allow yourself to perceive the truth

The truth is your brain impacts every single aspect of your life. The truth is that you’re genetically wired to move away from pain as far as possible – even if going towards that pain can help you grow!

The most amazing truth is that you’re stronger than your most powerful negative impulses. You have the power and freedom of choice!

Choose to push through the control-center of your perception, face the hidden source your fears and watch the truth transform your perception of the world!

Lack of money can’t stop you from getting healthy.

I have to share this heartwarming story with you that was shared with me recently.

Dear Ingrid,

My name is Isabelle. I am a loyal reader of your blogs. I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning but it also made me curious. Deep down I felt that it was all so logical what you described about the brain.

Unfortunately, my financial circumstances did not allow me to buy the Progressive Mental Alignment products or attend the seminars. Based on your suggestion in one of your emails, I Googled Progressive Mental Alignment and found a lot of amazing helpful information, especially on YouTube and several Progressive Mental Alignment websites. I ordered the book Desirable Power by Jacob Korthuis, the founder of Progressive Mental Alignment. I finished reading it in just two days! Mindblowing!  

I was surprised to discover how easy it is to use Progressive Mental Alignment; that is to say as long as I was willing to allow my subconscious to come up with whatever it wants.  

Before I started my subconscious journey I suffered from depression, migraines and fibromyalgia. I tried so many things to get better, but at best it gave me just temporary relief of some of my problems. 

After some practice I got the hang of it. This opened the door to my first real self-help Progressive Mental Alignment session. I was used to at least two serious migraine attacks per week. After my first session, using the Progressive Mental Alignment self-help technique, I was free of migraines for a whole month! Based on the insight Progressive Mental Alignment gave me to be alert for triggers, I did a session instantly when the migraine returned. It took me less than an hour to discover the root cause of that particular migraine attack. During the session the migraine disappeared. That’s more than five months ago and no migraine ever since. Can you imagine how happy this makes me?  

How Isabelle created solutions for her and others

Of course I was thrilled to read about how she used Progressive Mental Alignment to cure her migraines. But I am impressed what Isabelle wrote in the second part of her email.

This changed my life so substantially I could not stop talking about the insight and results Progressive Mental Alignment offered me. Some of my friends are in similar financial situations. Specifically, three of my friends showed instant interest in what I told them about Progressive Mental Alignment.

We decided to sit together and I would tell them everything I learned so far from Progressive Mental Alignment. We agreed that we would help each other by coming together on a weekly basis. We applied what we learned from the Internet and the book Desirable Power.

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One of my friends (36) suffered from epilepsy. Even with medication she still had seizures, at least once a week. The last two months she’s been free of seizures. My other friend has Crohn’s disease (intestinal inflammations) that caused her a lot of pain. Her health improved at least 50% during the last 3 months. She is sure that her Crohn’s disease will soon be cured completely.

Because we experienced improvements in our health, we decided to create our own little “Progressive Mental Alignment Health Club” 🙂 . We all realized that Progressive Mental Alignment had even more to offer than we already knew, but for that, we did not have the financial means. So we decided to buy 1 Progressive Mental Alignment Home Study Kit, together. Because of the payment options that was easily doable for the four of us.

You might have already figured out how this continued. The Progressive Mental Alignment Home Study Kit taught us more details about the self-help technique and also how to treat others with Progressive Mental Alignment. Our little Progressive Mental Alignment Health Club now has 11 members and we treat each other on a regular basis. Although some grow faster then others, we all experience significant improvement in our health and behavior. On a regular basis, people tell us that we changed and look so much happier than before.

Ingrid, I write this to you to thank you for all of the beautiful and enlightening blogs you write. Please keep doing this. If you think you can help other people by sharing this email, please feel free to do so.

I am lucky that most of my friends are open-minded. They do not allow themselves to dwell and drown in their problems, but are constantly searching for answers and solutions. That is why we started our personal Progressive Mental Alignment Health Club. If we can do that, others can do it to.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work, and who knows, maybe we will meet in person in the future at one of the Progressive Mental Alignment seminars.

Kind regards,


I think Isabelle’s email speaks for itself. Her email gave me goose bumps. I see this kind of strength and passion in many among us. It is this mind-set, this unstoppable drive that decides our health and future!

Don’t allow yourself to get consumed by a problem. Focus always on how many solutions you can come-up with to solve the problem. Isabelle showed us all a beautiful solution for her financial problem.

Dare to live – dare to take action!

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.


Where Your Shopping Addiction Really Comes From

Oh hi! I was just online checking out this amazing blouse I just HAVE to have. There’s something about buying a brand new shiny thing that can sometimes be so hard to resist! And did I mention it’s on sale! So basically I save money. 🙂

I know for me, buying something beautiful creates excitement and happiness. You get home and stare at it a little bit and you just can’t WAIT to use it or wear it for the first time….or is that just me? 😉

Think about how shopping makes you feel. Do you automatically start thinking about the things you love the most or a special memory that involves shopping? Does it make you smile and get excited? It should!

Shopping, for many, is an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon but for some, this habit can have a dark side.

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The Shopping Drug

Shopping, can become a serious addiction for some people. In fact, did you know that it affects about six percent of the U.S. population? That is more than 19,000,000 people! It’s a real addiction with some of the same types of treatment used for drug addicts. It’s marked by a compulsion to spend despite financial status, a tendency to hide purchases, an inability to pay off debts, and constant buyer’s remorse.

Do you recognize these behaviors in you or someone else? This type of compulsion is a dark cycle of highs and lows that can leave you drained, stressed out, and even worse.

You know, based on your almost maxed-out credit card that it would be wiser for you not to buy. Logic tells you that. So why can’t a large amount of people stop this self-sabotaging behavior? The reason it’s so hard to stop is because the cause is much deeper than logic can reach.

Like any addiction, a shopping addiction is in many cases used as a form of relief. It’s a behavior that you turn to when strong uncomfortable emotions arise within you.

Do you recognize some of these behavior patterns in your own life? Some of us do this on a smaller scale. For example, have you ever turned to chocolate or a similar treat when you feel sad or stressed out? Sometimes you’re so emotional you experience a sweet overload! You may feel a sense of peace right after eating something yummy but quickly that feeling can turn into guilt and physical discomfort.

With an addiction, this cycle is extremely intensified. Powerfully strong emotions are constantly triggered and somewhere along the way, you created the beliefs that your urge for shopping is normal, instead of understanding that this urge and the shopping itself is a ritual that your subconscious friend mechanism created to lead you away from the content of bad clusters.

Because of the way the human brain is wired, shopping (in this case) becomes the vehicle used to drive you far away from pain. The drive to escape from pain happens to be the most powerful force within you and all human beings!

It’s an amazing testament to the powerful role of our subconscious. The more you understand these impulses and forces within you, the more you’ll understand how to overcome some of the most damaging behaviors in your life!

Window to the Subconscious

The key here is not to focus on the shopping but to pay attention to what’s really happening on the inside. Ask yourself: What motivated you to go on a shopping spree? What happened just before you felt this urge? Once you understand how to approach your subconscious you will discover that there is always something that ‘triggered’ that feeling.

Once you recognize this picture of the sudden urge to shop and you are ready to get the scoop into why and how this urge is created in your brain, then join me for a little exercise:

  • In your mind go back to a situation that you remember getting a sudden drive to buy something
  • What comes spontaneously to mind in the seconds and minutes just before you wanted to surrender to your shopping urge?
  • Go to that moment and relive this moment in your head.
  • What particular part of that moment stands out?
  • Don’t think about it. Your body will tell you exactly what stands out if you really relive that moment and not just ‘remember’ it.

You will notice that the shopping urge always is preceded by negative and unpleasant feelings. At this point you might think: Okay, but how does this help me? You will tremendously benefit from this when you continue and complete this process. How? By applying the proper technique based on the understanding of how the brain works.

In this technique you do not stop at this first relived memory. You will continue the process until you reveal the underlying root source; the so-called bad cluster. Once you reach that stage, then the trigger that originally created the uncomfortable feelings will have lost its power forever. This means: no unnecessary uncomfortable feelings, no sudden urge to shop, and no more maxed-out credit cards. You’ll feel better about yourself and experience many other benefits.

Reveal. Restore. Restart.

If you are willing to change, then here is what you can do: Before you embrace the impulse to shop next time, stop and really feel those emotions you felt just before the shopping impulse came up. They are there for a reason! They are trying to tell you something! Start applying the exercise as described above.

If shopping has become an addiction, shopping is used as a means to make you feel safe and to distract you from the real source of the activated negative emotions. Once you reveal the true source of these emotions, you won’t feel the need to cover it up anymore and the addiction will end. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes and it’s truly amazing! What will happen is that you will control the buying impulses and not the other way around.

I can help you so that you can leave this negative and self-sabotaging behavior behind you forever and make shopping fun again!

Don’t ever feel like there’s no hope. There is always a reason for your behavior and there is always a solution!

Invest in the most valuable gem you’ll ever acquire; a more peaceful, joyful, and confident you! Rest assured, shopping will still be a lot of fun but now, without previous negative activations, it will the purest form of fun 🙂

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.

What Your Anger Reveals About You

What Your Anger Reveals About You

Few emotions are as powerful as anger!

Have you ever watched a toddler scream at the top of his lungs and kick in the throes of uncontrollable emotion? It is really a powerful illustration of anger’s intensity!

That intensity of anger never changes as we mature but how we handle it does change. Do you remember the last time you got angry?  Like, so angry that you felt like walking out of a room to breathe, or punching a wall, screaming, or even crying?

How we get angry is very unique to us all. Sometimes it can make us yell; other times we just shut down in silence. No matter how we handle it, that sort of extreme frustration stops you in your tracks doesn’t it? It consumes you and forces you to feel it and address it somehow.

What makes you angry varies as well.  Have you ever spilled coffee on yourself on the way to work or slammed on your breaks after someone unexpectedly jumped in front of you on the road?

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It can even make you mad when someone is rude to you or speaks to you in a way that feels disrespectful. These types of situations can upset you for a while but they can eventually leave your thoughts and allow you to move on with the rest of your day normally.

This type of anger is a normal part of humanity. It is a natural but temporary jolt of motivation to set boundaries and escape from danger but in the core of our being we are not angry creatures. We want peace. Logically, there is no reason to stay angry.

If anger consumes you and is hard to let go of then there may be a deeper issue that should be addressed. Have you ever met someone who just seems to have an angry disposition and always seems seconds away from an outburst? With these people it often feels as if you have to walk on eggshells… or is there something in your life that always makes you angry or upset when you think about it? It’s something that no matter how much you try, you can’t quite let go of.

Whether a deep resentment or a broader anger management issue, new science is showing us that this type of extreme frustration has a much deeper source which is triggered daily by events in our environment and radiates powerfully deep emotions of pain.

In our modern world we depend upon help from anger management classes or specialized medication that helps control outbursts. Some people explore mindfulness techniques that allow us to disconnect from anger as it arises. Others teach lessons of forgiveness and letting go.

All of this advice is useful and can help you manage anger but none offer to address the root source of this internal rage. When you dig deep you’ll find that what you think is the reason for your anger may not be the original source at all! It is usually a specific event from your past that you don’t remember, which was perceived as significantly painful and traumatic at the time.

With Progressive Mental Alignment you are able to find what is REALLY behind your deep irritation and other negative emotions. Once you address this truth, you’ll release the hold that this powerful emotion has on you – forever.

Isn’t that what we want after all? None of us want to be angry. We want better relationships with our family and friends- and, ultimately, with ourselves!

Embark on a once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery that instantly improves the quality of your life and those around you.

Now, that’s something to smile about!

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read all you need to know in Desirable Power

1 Solution for Permanent Happiness

Do any these popular words of advice sound familiar to you?

Sleep. Wake Up. JUMP IN Eat Right. Exercise. LET GO. Love. Read. Meditate. Talk. Listen. Be Silent. Reconnect. Disconnect. Say Thank You. Smile. Cry. Think Positive. Forgive. Breath. Be Aware. Be Yourself.

These are the reminders that commonly run through the minds of millions as they manage the strains of daily life.

These words are seen on websites, books, billboards, and magazines and heard on Television and Radio. We are inundated with ideas, tools, and advice for finding balance and contentment.

The demand for happiness is greater than any food, car, or electronic product on the planet.

There is no greater desire than the wish to harness a stream of endless motivation and happiness to help us fulfill our greatest wishes and goals.

20150224 - TW - Blog

There are whole industries and professions dedicated to the pursuit of joy and countless options available to the seeker of self-improvement. Commonly we have preferred techniques that help us keep our bad habits and negative thoughts in check.

Do you have something that you prefer?

Many seek the peace of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga. Others prefer the energy and advice found at motivational seminars and from Self-help books.

Have you ever experienced any of these popular tools?

Before I discovered Progressive Mental Alignment, I used many of these same techniques to manage the emotional and physical problems I was experiencing.

Like most people, my first attempt to rid myself of these issues involved visiting several different doctors. They tried to suppress my symptoms through medication. I had seen way too many people in a medicated zombie like state to go down that route so I decided to turn to more natural practitioners. I saw chiropractors and homeopathic doctors that provided some relief but never anything permanent. I went on to see two different psychologists. They offered great advice but I never felt that they addressed the root cause of my problems. After several months I stopped these sessions after experiencing only minimal results and falling back into the same habits no matter how hard I tried not to. It made me feel so bad about myself. Every thing they told me sounded so logical and yet, somehow, it did not stick.

After those experiences I started to practice techniques such as NLP, mindfulness, chakra healing, magnetizing, hypnotherapy, and finally, EMDR. There were absolute moments when all of these techniques provided relief but over time most of my issues returned. I was so bummed about it.

My experience is not uncommon. In fact, therapists, counselors, coaches, and trainers admit that only about 10 to 25 percent of all the good advice they give their clients leads to permanent change. I don’t know about you but when I instinctively feel that I’m not getting enough out of life, then I’ll keep looking until I find the way. It did not make sense to me that I couldn’t avoid the eventual fall back that happens with 75 percent of all the good instructions. So I kept looking for answers.

While these methods that I mentioned before can lead us in the right direction and provide some relief during times of stress, none are permanent solutions. These popular methods simply do not address or eliminate the root cause of most health problems.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying here that those methods aren’t valuable but they only work up to a certain level.

Being a Dutch girl, a typical Dutch thought came to my mind: that paying for something that helps only 25% is a waste of my money 😉  But I know now that this is not the case.

So don’t be afraid that you wasted your money and time on attending seminars and investing in self-help programs or coaching. Once you understand the brain, as explained in Progressive Mental Alignment, you will be able to effortlessly execute all that knowledge you learned in those programs and seminars.

The moment I learned about Progressive Mental Alignment, I knew it was different. I instantly realized that this is the only technique that deals directly with deeply hidden trouble spots in our subconscious.

For instance: Did you know that our subconscious brain causes 75 percent of all known diseases, behavioral and relationship problems? How mind-boggling is that?

Progressive Mental Alignment provides us with the tools to reveal the main reason for these negative health and behavioral issues stored inside our subconscious. The result is healing, joy, and change that is permanent.

It’s truly a revolutionary trip on the road to everlasting happiness.

Remove the barriers blocking your re-connection with the core of your being where pure joy already resides.

You just have to unlock its powerful gates, set it free, and watch life transform.

Jump out of your daily routines and into a once in a life time journey of transformation!