1 Simple Secret for Greater Health

1 Simple Secret for Greater Health

What does physical health means to you?

I like staying active, exercising and exploring the outdoors. But I also like going out with my loved ones and/or laying on the couch and watching a movie or one of my favorite shows. Add some snacks and I’m a happy camper 😉

Do you ever notice how many drug commercials you see on TV? For every “problem” there is a pill nowadays.  Even if you feel good, they insist you take certain pills after you reach a certain age, just as a precaution because maybe you could get a serious illness!

And maybe it’s the Dutch girl in me that gets even more stunned when they start warning you about all of these nasty side-effects; some of which seem even worse than the original problem for which you’re taking the medication!

On top of that, at the exact time that the moderator is describing all these horrors, they’re filling the screen with a series of smiling faces and happy people just blissfully enjoying their life. How confusing is that?

And don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you shouldn’t take medication. Medication can be helpful and even necessary. But I am saying you can also take medication to an obsessive level. But of course there are medicines for obsessiveness too 🙂


Stop Searching

For many of us, the pursuit of health is a heavy weight on our shoulders.


It can add-up; especially if you are a worrier who commits yourself to all sorts of tasks for yourself and others.

Exercise is work. Eating right is work. And most people do a lot of things that negatively impacts their bodies and minds.  We all WANT to be healthy but we also want to enjoy life’s greatest and sweetest pleasures without this overbearing distraction!

That’s why so many of us lose ourselves in the business of quick fixes and cures.

How many organizations exist to raise money for the ultimate cure? How many drug commercials promise more happiness and peace with their product? How many new age remedies offer meditation, positivity, yoga, and mindfulness as the answer to managing the stress that impacts our physical health?

The options are limitless! But the most important questions is why.


Shift The Focus

Why haven’t we found a cure for some the world’s most devastating diseases? Why don’t drugs provide permanent results? Why do natural remedies have to be practiced over and over?

It’s because the CAUSE is not the focus, when it should be.

How much time have we really spent focused on the cause of our struggling physical health?

I’m here to inform you that the cure is NOT as important as the cause. In fact the cure lives in the cause!

The problem with the cure is that it can address the revealed symptoms but it does NOT address the driving force behind those symptoms.

Have you ever pondered a negative situation? Although pondering apparently takes place “just” in your head, how did those thoughts make you feel in your whole body? What did you feel and where in your body did you feel the effect of the pondering process? Did these feelings give you energy or did they drain you?

Pondering only persists if it is rooted in so called bad clusters. As long as the bad cluster is not rendered harmless, the attacks on your physical health will continue. Although this is all controlled “just” in your head, your total body will pay the price for it. All exercise, healthy eating and additional health techniques can lose their effect as long as the subconscious programs of activated bad clusters control your physiology.


See The Source

Until the root cause of your symptoms is addressed, it will manifest itself in different ways and with different symptoms over and over again.

This will leave you in circles, jumping from quick fix to quick fix in an attempt to feel better.

Think about it. You can clean up a water spill from a leak but unless you address and repair the source of the leak, you can expect a lot more mopping in your future!!! J

Pinpointing the exact cause of our health issues simplifies the process. It allows you to zone in on the root source of the problem and heal in a localized, effective, and permanent way.

We know that in at least 75% of cases, the root source of all health problems is located in our subconscious brain. That’s where deeply stored data emanates powerful energy when triggered by your environment.

The most negative of that energy weighs us down physically and causes a variety of symptoms that is felt in all areas of our body.


Feel The Difference

Now there’s a way of reaching and re-processing deeply buried brain data causing the most havoc on our bodies. Specifically targeting and re-processing these problem spots means they will never cause an issue again, offering people a huge increase in physical health and healing from a number of physical issues.

The results have been amazing to watch and mean much more health and happiness for anyone looking for solutions to physical pain and discomfort.

Take the guess work out of health and free yourself to experience life without limits!

Discover and dismantle the root source of all your emotional and physical pain!

How To Plug Into Endless Energy

Even the best-lived life can be exhausting! Responsibilities at home and work, activity filled weekends, an ever-growing list of to-dos and unavoidable stress can make bedtime feel like a well-deserved vacation at the end of a long day! You deserve to relax! But if you take a look at your own life, how much natural energy do you really have? Are you constantly tired and battling to get through the day? Do you rely on coffee, tea, or other supplements to stay energized? While exhaustion is normal and an important sign of much needed rest and relaxation, more serious fatigue has a deeper more powerful source. It’s a problem that can’t be fixed with temporary boosters or even with sleep, exercise, or a change in diet. It requires a strong look within.



You Are More Powerful Than Your Impulses!

Inside of your subconscious there is a great struggle taking place that is robbing you of precious energy. This battle is led by the most powerful force in the human body- the “away from pain” drive. This drive is a physiological system known as the Friend Mechanism.While it helps you survive, it also drains you of great amounts of energy as it works to keep you away from deeply stored pockets of pain in your subconscious known as bad clusters. Bad clusters are filled with powerfully negative emotions from past experiences that we usually don’t remember. The most powerful of those emotions is fear. The brain fights to keep us away from fear at all costs. This deep internal battle is the NUMBER 1 reason for our lack of energy. Because the friend mechanism works on genetic impulse to help you steer clear of physical danger, it doesn’t recognize that facing your own internal fear is actually good for you! That’s why it is up to YOU to rise above your friend mechanism, open the gates to your fear, and let it go forever!


Don’t Ignore. Embrace!

We’ve been trained to ignore our pain and push it aside but not only is that hard, it’s impossible simply because you carry it with you wherever you go, stored inside your subconscious. On top of that, the pain is as real today as it was in the past. You feel it powerfully in the present. You don’t heal by pretending it’s not there, you heal by facing it. It starts by addressing the root source of this pain. By moving towards it in the right way, the bad cluster that unrightfully keeps fear active is revealed. As soon as you become aware of its content, your subconscious will re-process the data correctly. This results in eliminating its negative draining power forever. There is no danger in doing this. What IS dangerous is leaving these health damaging, bad clusters undiscovered in your subconscious. Bad clusters are not just the root cause of your fatigue, they are also the reason for at least 75% of all diseases and behavioral problems! Face it, once and for all. Reveal why it hurts and how it controls your thinking, beliefs, actions, behaviors and health. Break apart the biology of these subconscious sabotaging forces, piece by piece.


Dig Deep to Discover Your Own Treasure

Reaching these subconscious jamming-stations is super easy using the PMA method. Using a system of advanced self-questioning, you’ll be able to connect the dots that lead directly to the bad cluster. Once you reach it, your subconscious automatically re-processes the data and releases the pain- permanently. You will feel an immediate surge in natural energy.

The energy it takes to fight negative emotions from your past is draining you! You don’t have to battle it anymore. PMA reveals the root-source of your negative emotion to specific events in your past which you don’t remember. Remembering these past events, releases them from their prison, re-processes the information, and disconnects its negative influences from the present.

True growth happens when you become completely aware of the bad clusters of your past and embrace the amazing self-healing power of your subconscious, once you understand how to approach it.

In return, your subconscious transforms draining events from your past into healthy inspiring energy to live your life to the fullest.

Are you curious how your brain is functioning and want to free yourself of your psychological and psychosomatic complaints? Read all you need to know in Desirable Power

1 Simple Remedy for Permanent Health

If you could change one thing- right now- about your physical health, what would it be? Maybe it’s joint or back pain that won’t go away no matter what you do or weight that has been challenging to lose. Perhaps you get sick more often than you’d like or suffer from serious allergies. It could be that you’ve lived with a long-term condition like asthma or severe migraines, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, or perhaps are struggling with a disease that significantly disrupts your daily life.

20150603 (TW-Blog)

It’s all in your head

What if I told you that whatever you struggle with physically starts in your head?

No, you’re not crazy. What you’re feeling is real! But the reason behind your health issues may not be what you think it is. Science tells us that at least 75 percent of the time, your health problems are a direct result of what’s going on in your subconscious. In other words, the content of your subconscious determines how healthy or sick you are in most cases. But why?

It begins with understanding stress.

We know that stress can cause serious health problems such as diabetes, fat storage, skin problems, back pain, strokes, premature aging, asthma, seizures, and much more.

That’s because of how stress works. Stress is the physiological activation of the fight or flight response in our bodies. This genetic survival mechanism prompts the release of hormones, a rise in blood pressure and a spike in blood sugars.

When this fight or flight response becomes over activated, our bodies pay the price. An over active fight or flight response (panic with loss of control) forces something else to happen in our brain; something that is even MORE impactful and disastrous. The brain goes into overload in those moments causing incoming sensory data (The things we perceive through our senses at every moment) to be processed incorrectly. The result, in such an extreme panic moment, is a neurophysiological ‘short-circuiting’ of all the details around you like colors, shapes, smells, sounds, and sensations. ANYTHING will be processed incorrectly.

These pieces of wrongly coded data, known as bad clusters, remain STUCK in your subconscious. They stay dormant until specific triggers in your environment activate similar ingredients that are also stored in the bad cluster. From that moment on, they drain you of important energy AND because they’re connected to the stress of the fight or flight moment, they release strong feelings of stress and anxiety.


Free yourself!

If a bad cluster remains active, and this is almost always the case, its negative physiological power will damage you physically and create serious health problems.

So what’s the solution?

In this fast paced world we crave quick fixes that bandage our pain and allow us to continue with life as usual. The problem with quick fixes is that they only help temporarily because they only suppress the symptoms and not cure the cause.

But what if there was a quick fix that actually offered permanent results? Now there is.

I’m talking about a one-time method that uses NO medication, drugs, needles, or even much time.

The only requirement is a willingness to face the hidden areas in your subconscious that cause you stress. The bad cluster experiences that are stored in our subconscious (we don’t consciously remember them) are scientifically proven to be the MAIN reason for the stress and anxiety that cause health problems.


Remember. Renew!

When you remember these events something amazing happens – you break apart all the details of the bad cluster content in a way that re-processes the data in a correct and healthy manner. Its connection to negative feelings ends permanently. All of this happens in just a fraction of a second.  The memory and all of the little details that were stuck are now moved along naturally – leaving you with an instant feeling of clarity, peace, and joy.

Connections that were impossible to make before in your brain, happen instantly, creating a subconscious drive for more health and personal growth.

Discover the most important discovery in health and wellness of our time and reap the rewards of a life without limitations.

Don’t just survive; thrive!

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.

Why you’re Still So Exhausted

Yawn. I’m pretty exhausted today! I just couldn’t get out bed no matter what I tried and I definitely hit the snooze button about 10 times this morning. Have you ever had one of those mornings?

You just feel like staying buried in your comfy covers all day in your pajamas far away from all the days responsibilities! This can happen every so often after a busy previous day or after a little too much fun the night before 😉

The day’s upcoming obligations can feel like a thousand pounds on your shoulders and you wonder how you’re ever going to get through the day!

Have you ever had this feeling continue for days or even weeks? This long term exhaustion is not fun at all.

No matter what you do, you’re tired! Exercise? Check! Coffee? Check! Energy booster? Protein Smoothie? Extra vitamins? Check Check Check! Despite all that you can’t seem to sleep well at night and suffer from exhaustion constantly.

20150317 - Blog

Although occasional fatigue is burdensome and can have many different causes, chronic exhaustion is definitely concerning.  An increasing amount of people suffer from chronic fatigue. Many of them lose hope and start believing they’ll always feel this way.

For a lot of women the following describes a familiar morning routine. You get the kids and yourself ready and out the door every morning before getting on the road for a congested commute to the office for a long day of work. Once you leave work you rush home to even more demands and responsibilities. By the time you’re done, you’re ready to knock out but you have trouble falling asleep or wake up in the middle of night with thoughts of all the things you still need to knock off of your to-do list.

Do you recognize this in yourself or someone else?
It’s a horrible cycle that can really impact your quality of life, career, and relationships with those you love the most!

Nothing beats a good night sleep! It makes you feel like you can run a marathon! Or at least face the day’s challenges with no problem 🙂 When you have energy the world is brighter. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that way more often?

You’d be surprised how much EMOTION plays into your exhaustion. I know that being tired may not feel like it’s connected to subconsciously controlled emotion but amazingly, it is!

Chronic exhaustion is a result of a deep battle taking place within your subconscious. You see, every human being is born with an amazing protection mechanism (the friend mechanism) that is genetically tasked with keeping you away from your deepest sources of pain. Some pain is stronger than others.

The strongest pain is caused by activated bad clusters. This leads to conflicting forces in your subconscious which lead to self-sabotaging belief systems. This might create, for instance, the belief that we have to do all kinds of things because of the alleged high expectations from others.

This powerful subconscious battle, while well intentioned, is robbing you of important energy and in the long run leads to exhaustion or even what they call chronic fatigue!

It may seem like something so engrained in you is hard to manage but there is a way to stop its negative impact on your mind and body.

I can show you how to release the power of the deepest wounds and conflicts in your subconscious so the battle ends! YOU end up being the winner of this fight and you’ll see how quickly energy returns to your life!

Don’t get me wrong- there is nothing wrong with a lazy day! Enjoy your bed, sleep in when you can, and refuel!

But when you’re ready to get up, start the day with the natural energy you were born with.

Accomplish all those things on your to do list AND find the time to enjoy your loved ones and the hobbies your passionate about.

Wake up to a better life and a more vibrant you!

Explore the depths of your subconscious and the powerful impact of a Progressive Mental Alignment session right from home!

How To Give Yourself More Energy Instantly

In one of my previous blog posts I briefly spoke about bad clusters. We all have these subconscious programs that interrupt our health and happiness. But after revealing the content of a bad cluster, it can transform into a powerhouse of positive energy that you can use to reach your goals in your life.

Bad clusters are created during events in our life that we feel we emotionally cannot handle. These moments of panic create a “short-circuiting” in our subconscious brain and the consequence of that is – we store all our sensory perceptions of such event incorrectly.

These bad clusters can get activated at a later moment, sometimes after many years, and will cause problems in our thinking, beliefs, decisions and actions. And what’s even worse, these bad clusters cause all kinds of emotional and physical health problems.

You might be thinking, is this something I even want to be aware of? Will this information really help me? If I’m not aware of my bad clusters, then why bother?

Well, here comes a huge wake up call. You cannot consciously remember the content of a bad cluster, but your body definitely feels their damaging effects! Once activated, bad clusters create unnecessary health and behavioral problems like depression, panic attacks, mood swings, addictions and all kinds of psychosomatic problems and many more unpleasant feelings.

But here is the good thing; I will share valuable information with you on how to effortlessly get rid of your bad clusters. You will be your own Sherlock Holmes, and will discover all these precious diamonds of energy that just are dormant waiting for you to get discovered.

How to give yourself more energy


Most people who know me think that after all these years I’ve practiced Progressive Mental Alignment, I don’t have any bad clusters left. Believe me, once in a while I still get introduced to an activated bad cluster that was dormant but suddenly popped-up. And with how weird it may seem, I’m totally fine with that! And you now why? I know for a fact that I will gain a lot of healthy and positive energy once I reveal the content of that bad cluster.

It allows me to continue my growth and I discover new valuable aspects about myself that I did not know I had. And believe me, that is such an amazing experience! When you start with Progressive Mental Alignment you’ll also know (and feel) with every fiber in your body the amazing tools inside of you. Then you can use them for what you feel is necessary right now in your life.

I attached a short video where the founder of the Progressive Mental Alignment method, Jacob Korthuis, explains bad clusters.

Hop on the “self-help train” with me to explore all your possibilities. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my contact page.

Place the power of transformation in your own hands and heal your deepest wounds.