How to Find Your Soulmate Instantly

How to Find Your Soulmate Instantly

There is something magical about the effortless connection, trust, and honesty shared between soul mates. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or lifetime romantic partner, a soul mate is a breath of fresh air that can make you feel as if you’ve hit the relationship jackpot!

Do have a special soulmate in your life?

It’s a deep connection many of us long for but so few people have experienced. Why is it so hard to establish the deep trust found between two strongly synced individuals?

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You’re stuck in a Traffic Jam

You can blame it on an invisible wall that makes connection challenging. The real but widely unknown cause of this connection barrier is powerfully negative energy buried deeply in your subconscious known as bad clusters. Bad clusters arouse negative beliefs that inhibit us from communicating deeply and from reaching high levels of trust with other individuals.

These bad clusters are the source of many health and behavioral problems but also the real reason behind why we experience all kinds of dark feelings that influence negative beliefs about others and ourselves. These beliefs prevent us from creating real soul to soul connections with other people.


It’s All Because Of Fear!

The dominant emotion always present in a bad cluster is FEAR.

It’s not the type of fear we are born with. It is hidden data in our subconscious brain connected to fearful experiences of which we are not consciously aware, mostly from our childhood.

Despite what you may think, bad clusters are NOT suppressed memories. Instead, it’s data from our environment that was wrongly processed during moments that caused extreme fear.

In the present, this fear is often disguised as other emotions that feel like mistrust, jealousy, irritation, anger, insecurity, suspicion, disbelief, doubt and more.

But why would fear that is rooted in a bad cluster present itself as a different negative feeling?

It happens because a genetic program, called the ‘friend mechanism’, creates these feelings in order to push you away from the activated bad cluster. You can learn more about how this powerful genetic drive works in my previous blog which explains the powerful purpose of the friend mechanism.


Reveal a Whole New World

These self-sabotaging programs in our subconscious are still unknown to most doctors, therapists, counselors, and life-coaches.

The good news is that you don’t need any of those titles or degrees to understand and successfully benefit from Progressive Mental Alignment. All you need is a willingness to explore the gigantic and important role your subconscious and bad clusters play in your everyday life. To jump start a deeper understanding of these powerful impulses checkout this short video by Progressive Mental Alignment Founder, Jacob Korthuis.

Once you understand the power of bad clusters and the friend mechanism you’ll discover that you can remove the root source of what’s prevented you from open and honest communication.

You’ll discover that the secret of finding soul mates lies within your own subconscious mind.

Understanding how your emotions and beliefs are created will offer tremendous help in the mission to create better health, relationships, and happiness.

You’ll be filled with the renewed possibility of new and inspiring connections with yourself and with others on a completely new level.

When you search your soul, you’ll discover your soul mate!


Begin your exploration today!!

Explore the depths of your subconscious and the powerful inmpact of a Progressive Mental Alignment session right from home!

How to Overcome The Hurdles of Change Forever

Where there is change, there is courage.

Change means doing something you’ve never done before, exploring new terrain, and throwing yourself blindly into the depths of discomfort for the chance at a new life.

Whether you’re jumping into a new career or starting a fresh relationship, change means refusing to accept things as they are and breaking open what should have been all along.

Self-evolution propels us to fulfill our greatest potential. It offers us more confidence, joy, focus, and energy. It makes the path clearer and pulls our dreams closer.

Facing Change

When you really change, you feel it. You see the difference it makes in your life and those around you. This type of transformation gives you more confidence, happiness, focus, and energy.

Do you remember a change that made a great impact in your life? Maybe you disconnected yourself from a bad influence, lost a significant amount of weight, had a conversation you put off for a long time, or attempted to become more punctual.

These types of accomplishments are not easy.

Other challenging changes might be the desire to control your temper or to better manage emotional confrontations, like disagreements between married couples.

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Imagine a woman who turns around and slams the door every time there is a disagreement with her husband. She knows this isn’t productive and doesn’t solve her issues. But every time she starts feeling the emotion rise, she feels the need to walk away and slam the door as hard as possible.

Maybe you can relate in some way to this like when you get the feeling that you want to throw something or slam a door or yell. For a moment it brings a sense of relief. After you slam the door the feelings subside a bit but flare up shortly after. It’s a roller coaster that you want to get off of- and fast!

Feeling Change

To begin to change it’s important to explore the deeper meaning behind these types of behaviors.

In the above example of the ‘door slamming’, what is it about the disagreement that makes her react the way she did? What is the emotion that she feels right before leaving? Where in her body does she feel this emotion? Is it in her stomach or chest or her head? If she is able to stop and analyze the emotion at the moment it’s happening she’ll open the door to greater understanding of her emotional ticks which are all signals from her subconscious! A big part of change has to do with understanding your own subconscious impulses and tracking their source.

It’s also important to understand why we resist change so much even though we want to change!

You first thought might be “Yes, I need to change this. Once I change this I will be happier”.

If you pay close attention, you might notice another voice in your head that pops up a short time later (sometimes seconds later) that begins with “Yes, But….” That second voice is part of your belief systems that kick-in to remind you why you can’t or shouldn’t change and why it’s better to stick with your old belief systems and old way of living. The woman in the example above arguing with her husband might think:

He should have known better

This will show him what he said was wrong

He will never change

I don’t deserve that type of disrespect

These type of beliefs justify our behavior and sabotage our desire to change. We all have our own beliefs that block change and growth in our own life. Do any of the following sound familiar to you? I remember believing some of these myself in the past!

It’s too hard to make change

I’m too busy to make time for it

Maybe this is just who I am and there is no way to change

I don’t have the necessary skills to change

I don’t have the sufficient will power

I don’t have the enough connections to the right people who can help me

I’m too late. My chance to change passed. Now I’m too old

These thoughts have more power than you know. They become the belief systems that shape your current life! If you’re attempting to change who you are in any significant way, these belief systems will greatly impact your attempt.

Ask yourself: Have you simply accepted your life as it is, accepting the emotional and physical pain as a companion to the happy parts of your life?

Think about where you are in your life and where you could be, even 1 year from now, if that pain and negativity wasn’t in the picture. By mentally keeping room for these negative and inhibiting behaviors, emotions, and, discomforts, you are seriously blocking the potential of greatness in your life.

Know that YOU are more powerful than the forces that are holding you back from progress.

All you need is the knowledge. I can help you by providing you with the tools that can help you reach your goals and make permanent changes in your life.

Embrace Permanent Tranformation

Don’t be so hard on yourself! If you haven’t made the changes you so desire in your life yet, it’s not because you aren’t strong, smart, willing, or deserving. You are all of those things and more. The amazing truth is that all you need is the right tools to help you get where you’ve always wanted to be- where you deserve to be.

Once you find and eliminate the root cause of these behaviors, they will never hold you back again.

Motivation is ever lasting and change will be permanent. You’ll understand how truly amazing you are!

Don’t struggle any longer to grow in the way you so desire. Join me in my journey to discover the truth within. It really is the key to unlocking our greatest potential and fulfilling our greatest dreams.

Learn about the most powerful subconscious forces behind all of your behaviors and beliefs!