What Every Parent Needs To Change

What Every Parent Needs To Change

Almost nothing compares to the joy and excitement of a new baby entering the world. The freshness of a new beginning and the prospect of a fulfilled life is exciting and inspiring. But the foundation for life begins months before we first enter the world. In the womb, as we connect with our mothers we also began to make connections with the sounds and sensations of the world around us. Mothers begin to parent from the moment a new life begins to form inside of them. Even before you meet your new son or daughter, you are starting to lay the building blocks of their identity.

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The Building Blocks

As soon as an embryo’s cells start to perceive any kind of signal, they begin to code and store information. This data becomes the foundation people continue to build upon for the rest of their life. Unfortunately many experts still believe that babies have no memory of their time in the womb and even insist that what children learn the first 2 years of life completely disappears from the brain. They could not be more wrong! It’s as if to say you built a home and once you added the roof, the foundation disappeared. Sounds crazy right?

That’s because it is crazy! Can you imagine just learning to recognize your mother but having no idea who she is the next time you see her? You learn by experience that crying makes this momma person show up to feed and hold you but can you imagine what would happen if those previous memories disappeared and you had no idea who this person is that came to feed you? Or imagine you learn how to walk and the next day everything you learned is gone?  You would not be able to continue building upon everything you learned before. I know you get my gist 😉

How impossible would life become if you could not revert to previously learned and stored comparison material in your subconscious?

Throughout our entire life, we use past experiences as the foundation we continue to build upon. Just think about any subject you studied in school. Did you have to start all over again and again before you learned new aspects of the information? You would never graduate if that was the case!! What about biking or swimming? If you hadn’t practiced from childhood, do you think you could still bike and/or swim?

You’re not a bad mom!

Because even our earliest experiences are catalogued and carried in our subconscious throughout our life, every moment is vital to a child’s long term development. The parent’s I speak with are extremely aware of their important role in the emotional and physical health of their children.

One of the most common concerns that mothers bring up in personal sessions is their fear of being a ‘bad’ mom and of raising their child incorrectly. I usually ask them: “So when did you decide to start acting like a bad mother?” They normally respond offended and insist that they would never purposely be a bad mom. The reason behind my question is to emphasize that no normal parent makes the decision to raise their children the wrong way or to damage them. Normal parents will always raise their children the best way they can based on the circumstances that they find themselves in at any given moment. However, parents always react out of their own personal subconscious comparison material.

Some of that comparison materiel consists of bad clusters. This means that parents can be triggered by all kinds of things, even by the behavior of their own children. Once the parent is activated, they will respond accordingly. These bad cluster-enriched feelings can lead to painful and unjustified reactions by parents that can scare their children and even cause bad clusters to form in their children’s subconscious.

Healing is Happiness

Revealing and restructuring bad clusters in your subconscious allows you to respond to your children from an emotionally clear perspective. You’ll parent with more patience, energy, and understanding. More importantly you’ll feel more connected to your children’s behaviors, needs, and desires.

The most important thing you can do for your kids is to heal yourself. Start addressing your subconscious health and behavior programs today and empower your parenting.

End the emotional cycles that defined your past and fuel the unfolding of your child’s greatest potential.

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