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    How the Holiday Blues Impact You All Year

    As the sights and sounds of the season surround us so do familiar feelings and memories. It makes me wonder, what’s the very first picture that pops up for you when it comes to the holidays from childhood? You’d be surprised by how much meaning even the smallest...

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    What it Really Means to Let Go

    A new campaign launched by the Skin care company Sanctuary, is urging young women to just ‘let it go’ in response to rising stress. The campaign includes a video of women in their later years, offering advice to their younger selves. It urges young women to let go of...

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    How to Break Bullying- Forever

    Bullying remains a dark reality for hundreds of people. It doesn’t just impact the 6 out of 10 students who say they are victims of bullying on a daily basis but also a growing number of adults in the workplace. Technology has extended the reach of bullying beyond the...

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    Why Childhood Bullying Impacts Everyone

    There has been a lot of talk about bullying lately - and with good reason. Bullying is a traumatic experience that deeply marks victims and impacts every aspect of their life, long after the harassment ends. In America alone, 28 percent of kids are victims of bullying...

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    How Freedom Redefines Routine

    Sometimes our life changes in the most unexpected ways! Recently a client of mine shared an amazing shift in perspective that has totally transformed her life! I’m sure many of us can relate to her story: The Drain Game Christina is a married and working mom of 2...

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    The Power Of Perception

    Your perception creates your reality, but what creates your perception? Every new experience is filtered through your core beliefs, your personal past, and unique emotions. Even your mood impacts how your reality looks at any given moment. No 2 people exist in the...

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    Where Is Your Drive Taking You?

    When you woke up this morning, were you all relaxed and able to take your time to start your day? Or did it take you some time to wake up; snoozing a little bit until you slowly felt your whole body energize? Or perhaps you woke up and INSTANTLY, your mind filled with...

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    What Every Argument Reveals About You

    Ever had an opinion about something, or someone, and you felt it in your entire body that your opinion was based on solid facts and therefore the only right opinion? (Read: believe system) Every vessel in your body is telling you that you are so right about this! The...

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    1 Simple Secret for Greater Health

    What does physical health means to you? I like staying active, exercising and exploring the outdoors. But I also like going out with my loved ones and/or laying on the couch and watching a movie or one of my favorite shows. Add some snacks and I’m a happy camper 😉 Do...

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    How Ideals Become Reality

    I was thinking a lot about ideals lately. We all have them and for some of us, they represent a deeper sense of what we really want from life. These perfected pictures of what life ‘should’ be can sometimes impact people’s decisions, opinions, and plans. But, far too...

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    How To Stop Caring What ‘They’ Think

    Children are really interesting little humans aren’t they? I think a huge part of what makes most kids so special is their innocence, complete openness, and drive to learn and adapt to their environment. The minute you meet a child it’s easy to tell if they are shy or...

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    How To Plug Into Endless Energy

    Even the best-lived life can be exhausting! Responsibilities at home and work, activity filled weekends, an ever-growing list of to-dos and unavoidable stress can make bedtime feel like a well-deserved vacation at the end of a long day! You deserve to relax! But if...

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    1 Simple Remedy for Permanent Health

    If you could change one thing- right now- about your physical health, what would it be? Maybe it’s joint or back pain that won’t go away no matter what you do or weight that has been challenging to lose. Perhaps you get sick more often than you’d like or suffer from...

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    What Every Parent Needs To Change

    Almost nothing compares to the joy and excitement of a new baby entering the world. The freshness of a new beginning and the prospect of a fulfilled life is exciting and inspiring. But the foundation for life begins months before we first enter the world. In the womb,...

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