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How to Find Your Soulmate Instantly

There is something magical about the effortless connection, trust, and honesty shared between soul mates. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or lifetime romantic partner, a soul mate is a breath of fresh air that can make you feel as if you’ve hit the relationship jackpot! Do have a special soulmate in your life? It’s a deep connection many of us long for but so few people have experienced. Why is it so hard to establish the deep trust found between two strongly synced individuals? You’re stuck in a Traffic Jam You can blame it on an invisible wall that makes connection challenging. The real but widely unknown cause of this connection barrier is powerfully negative energy buried deeply in your subconscious known as bad clusters. Bad clusters arouse negative beliefs that inhibit us from communicating deeply and from reaching high levels of trust with other individuals. These bad clusters are the source of many health and behavioral problems but also the real reason behind why we experience all kinds of dark feelings that influence negative beliefs about others and ourselves. These beliefs prevent us from creating real soul to soul connections with other people.   It’s All Because Of Fear! The dominant emotion always present in a bad cluster is FEAR. It’s not the type of fear we are born with. It is hidden data in our subconscious brain connected to fearful experiences of which we are not consciously aware, mostly from our childhood. Despite what you may think, bad clusters are NOT suppressed memories. Instead, it’s data from our environment that was wrongly processed during moments that caused... read more

How to Speak Your Mind Fearlessly

In the Age of Communication, technology is the most powerful vehicle for information about the world and deeper connections with the people in our life. But despite these technological strides, emotional expression hasn’t become any easier, in fact it remains a difficult obstacle for most people to overcome. The World Wide Wall While technological advances have helped us communicate more effectively and motived rapid economic growth it has also been known to foster a more intense separation between different countries, organizations, and individuals. It’s because the internet and other high tech tools allow us to seek out the stories, people, and information that support our beliefs about ourselves and the world. In that way, it fractures understanding and compassion between people and can make it challenging to express our own ideas and opinions. Is communication block something you relate to? Have you ever watched a movie or show and thought, “Just say it!!” during an emotional moment between two people? It’s almost difficult to watch how many problems could have been avoided by open communication. Have you ever noticed how watching these kinds of scenes create tension in your body? Filmmakers use these annoying moments on purpose to create these feelings of tension to draw you into the movie and lead you into a satisfying finish. Did you ever realize that they’re enticing the similar experiences that you have stored in your subconscious to activate all these emotions? Next time you experience any kind of emotion during a movie ask yourself: ‘Have I ever found myself in a similar situation?’ Perhaps you desired to talk about something openly but... read more

Lack of money can’t stop you from getting healthy.

I have to share this heartwarming story with you that was shared with me recently. Dear Ingrid, My name is Isabelle. I am a loyal reader of your blogs. I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning but it also made me curious. Deep down I felt that it was all so logical what you described about the brain. Unfortunately, my financial circumstances did not allow me to buy the Progressive Mental Alignment products or attend the seminars. Based on your suggestion in one of your emails, I Googled Progressive Mental Alignment and found a lot of amazing helpful information, especially on YouTube and several Progressive Mental Alignment websites. I ordered the book Desirable Power by Jacob Korthuis, the founder of Progressive Mental Alignment. I finished reading it in just two days! Mindblowing!   I was surprised to discover how easy it is to use Progressive Mental Alignment; that is to say as long as I was willing to allow my subconscious to come up with whatever it wants.   Before I started my subconscious journey I suffered from depression, migraines and fibromyalgia. I tried so many things to get better, but at best it gave me just temporary relief of some of my problems.  After some practice I got the hang of it. This opened the door to my first real self-help Progressive Mental Alignment session. I was used to at least two serious migraine attacks per week. After my first session, using the Progressive Mental Alignment self-help technique, I was free of migraines for a whole month! Based on the insight Progressive Mental Alignment gave... read more

How To Start Doing What You Love Right Now

Odds are, you hate your job. That’s according to a recent Gallup poll which cites that 70 percent of people dislike their place of work. SEVENTY percent! That’s a huge number! Are you one of the millions of people who wake up, every morning, dreading the day ahead? Many employees say it’s because of a lack of appreciation, respect, encouragement, and fulfillment. People overwhelmingly feel as if they aren’t living out their dreams or using their talents in a valuable way. Check Your Beliefs at the Door So the big question is why? Why do people stay in jobs that make them so unhappy? If you reflect upon your own experience, what do you feel when you think about your own job? What do you feel are the reasons you aren’t pursuing your dreams? Do any of these sound familiar?   -It’s too hard to find a job in my field -I don’t have enough education -I have too many responsibilities at home to risk it -What I like to do wouldn’t pay enough -I don’t have the time to put the effort it takes -It’s too late for me to switch careers now -I don’t have enough support from those around me. -There are too many hurdles -This is life. We don’t always get what we want -I’m not getting noticed by the right people   No matter what you’re reason, you’re right, at least that’s how it feels for you. You’ll notice, all these statements or reasons are belief systems. Belief systems only possess power if they are supported by feelings. The data of many experiences that... read more

Why Advice Doesn’t Work

We live in an era of advice overload. I don’t know about you, but my Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with 101 ways to conquer an interview, find love, lose weight, and even how to clean the shower the right way! I’m just saying;) It seems there’s a demand for answers. There’s a hunger for step by step directions and secrets for many of life’s daily and long term to-dos. We want to do better, want to BE better and are on a mad hunt to find the right, most effective way to do this. Advice can offer us important perspective and insight about our life, and can even solve more practical dilemmas like choosing the right school, job, or doctor. But what about more serious problems that impact growth, happiness and health? How does advice play into these life-changing situations? If you’ve ever offered advice to a friend confronting a serious personal issue you know how tricky it can be to say the right thing- something that will spark a light bulb which forces an Oprah enriched ‘aha!’ moment. Even if the advice is appropriate or even PERFECT, we’ve watched friends walk right back into the same pattern of behavior again and again. Even professional advice-givers like counselors report seeing high levels of clients who constantly return to old behavior patterns. Have you ever witnessed this? For example, many of us have had that friend that KEEPS choosing guys that are all wrong for her! Time and again she shows up at your doorstep, looking defeated and crying about what her boyfriend did to her. Even if... read more

6 Things You Should Know About Progressive Mental Alignment

Progressive Mental Alignment. When I first heard about this method, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. It ended up being the most important journey of my life. The more I learned, the more I discovered the answers to some of the biggest questions I had about myself and about the world around me. Progressive Mental Alignment opened the curtain to the real causes of my physical and emotional pain, my bad habits that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, and my thoughts which were preventing me from believing in myself and from reaching my dreams. It’s the single most important discovery I made in my life because it really became the beginning of a new life- the life I always dreamed of. It’s why I get so excited about sharing everything I know about Progressive Mental Alignment with as many people as possible! I know that the Progressive Mental Alignment tools can do for you what they did for me. No matter your struggle, Progressive Mental Alignment can help you map out the solution that best fits you. Because Progressive Mental Alignment has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start! So I decided to compile a list of what makes Progressive Mental Alignment so special. It’s an introduction to some of the greatest gifts offered by this revolutionary science designed to offer permanent transformations in your health and happiness! Knowledge is the first step. If you are ready to take the first step into inner freedom here’s what you should know.   Progressive Mental Alignment... read more

How to Discover the True Source of Your Sadness

How are you feeling today? I mean, how are you really feeling? Many of us are quick to answer ‘Great!’ when the reality is not so positive. Do you ever notice that even if someone feels particularly sad, they often say that they’re ok? Sadness is an integral part of the human story because, unfortunately, we all experience real sad and painful events at some point in our life. Sadness reminds us that life is an unending journey of highs, lows, and the peace in between. It also reminds us to appreciate the good times. It’s a powerful emotion that can stop you in your tracks! Sadness can be related to something very specific that, once resolved, will allow you to move on emotionally (like not getting that job you really, really wanted!) but there are other forms of sadness that are much deeper, impactful, and long lasting, like the pain of loosing someone you dearly love. Then- there is that type of deeply felt sadness that keeps hitting you and can make you feel sick or even guilty. Have you ever experienced this type of sadness? It seemingly pops up randomly out of nowhere. It’s a wave of melancholy that can hit you at work, home, or anywhere. It can even show up at an otherwise happy occasion. You don’t know where it comes from and because this uncertainty causes an additional negative feeling, you create all kinds of belief systems to explain the sadness. You start to wonder if it’s the weather, or if maybe you’re starting to feel sick, tired, or something else. Can you relate... read more

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking For Good

It’s time. The moment you’ve prepared for. You’re back stage and take a peek at the growing crowd out front. At any moment you’ll be standing in front of all those people for a presentation. You feel your stomach get into knots…or maybe it’s butterflies! Your hands get sweaty and your heart starts beating. You take a deep breath and….show time! Freeze Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Think about the last time you were asked to speak in front of a group. What did you feel right before you went up? Many people express feeling frozen, and confused about what they’re going to say while replaying the possibilities in their head about all of the things that could happen. They talk about not wanting to look nervous while often replaying the moment in their head afterwards; fixated on what they could have said differently and wondering what the audience must have thought. Can you relate to that? Those moments are very intense and many of us have been there. Public speaking is one of the most common fears of adults. In fact it’s reported that 74% of people have some level of fear about talking in front of people. That’s a huge number! What makes the fear even worse is that most people can’t avoid public speaking. Whether you have a presentation for work, a special personal event, or an educational project, at some point you have to stand in front of a crowd! Because of its lingering presence in our life, public speaking is something worth addressing for the benefit of our personal and professional goals.... read more

Where Your Shopping Addiction Really Comes From

Oh hi! I was just online checking out this amazing blouse I just HAVE to have. There’s something about buying a brand new shiny thing that can sometimes be so hard to resist! And did I mention it’s on sale! So basically I save money. 🙂 I know for me, buying something beautiful creates excitement and happiness. You get home and stare at it a little bit and you just can’t WAIT to use it or wear it for the first time….or is that just me? 😉 Think about how shopping makes you feel. Do you automatically start thinking about the things you love the most or a special memory that involves shopping? Does it make you smile and get excited? It should! Shopping, for many, is an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon but for some, this habit can have a dark side. The Shopping Drug Shopping, can become a serious addiction for some people. In fact, did you know that it affects about six percent of the U.S. population? That is more than 19,000,000 people! It’s a real addiction with some of the same types of treatment used for drug addicts. It’s marked by a compulsion to spend despite financial status, a tendency to hide purchases, an inability to pay off debts, and constant buyer’s remorse. Do you recognize these behaviors in you or someone else? This type of compulsion is a dark cycle of highs and lows that can leave you drained, stressed out, and even worse. You know, based on your almost maxed-out credit card that it would be wiser for you not to... read more

Why you’re Still So Exhausted

Yawn. I’m pretty exhausted today! I just couldn’t get out bed no matter what I tried and I definitely hit the snooze button about 10 times this morning. Have you ever had one of those mornings? You just feel like staying buried in your comfy covers all day in your pajamas far away from all the days responsibilities! This can happen every so often after a busy previous day or after a little too much fun the night before 😉 The day’s upcoming obligations can feel like a thousand pounds on your shoulders and you wonder how you’re ever going to get through the day! Have you ever had this feeling continue for days or even weeks? This long term exhaustion is not fun at all. No matter what you do, you’re tired! Exercise? Check! Coffee? Check! Energy booster? Protein Smoothie? Extra vitamins? Check Check Check! Despite all that you can’t seem to sleep well at night and suffer from exhaustion constantly. Although occasional fatigue is burdensome and can have many different causes, chronic exhaustion is definitely concerning.  An increasing amount of people suffer from chronic fatigue. Many of them lose hope and start believing they’ll always feel this way. For a lot of women the following describes a familiar morning routine. You get the kids and yourself ready and out the door every morning before getting on the road for a congested commute to the office for a long day of work. Once you leave work you rush home to even more demands and responsibilities. By the time you’re done, you’re ready to knock out but you have... read more

What Your Anger Reveals About You

What Your Anger Reveals About You Few emotions are as powerful as anger! Have you ever watched a toddler scream at the top of his lungs and kick in the throes of uncontrollable emotion? It is really a powerful illustration of anger’s intensity! That intensity of anger never changes as we mature but how we handle it does change. Do you remember the last time you got angry?  Like, so angry that you felt like walking out of a room to breathe, or punching a wall, screaming, or even crying? How we get angry is very unique to us all. Sometimes it can make us yell; other times we just shut down in silence. No matter how we handle it, that sort of extreme frustration stops you in your tracks doesn’t it? It consumes you and forces you to feel it and address it somehow. What makes you angry varies as well.  Have you ever spilled coffee on yourself on the way to work or slammed on your breaks after someone unexpectedly jumped in front of you on the road? It can even make you mad when someone is rude to you or speaks to you in a way that feels disrespectful. These types of situations can upset you for a while but they can eventually leave your thoughts and allow you to move on with the rest of your day normally. This type of anger is a normal part of humanity. It is a natural but temporary jolt of motivation to set boundaries and escape from danger but in the core of our being we are not angry... read more

How to Overcome The Hurdles of Change Forever

Where there is change, there is courage. Change means doing something you’ve never done before, exploring new terrain, and throwing yourself blindly into the depths of discomfort for the chance at a new life. Whether you’re jumping into a new career or starting a fresh relationship, change means refusing to accept things as they are and breaking open what should have been all along. Self-evolution propels us to fulfill our greatest potential. It offers us more confidence, joy, focus, and energy. It makes the path clearer and pulls our dreams closer. Facing Change When you really change, you feel it. You see the difference it makes in your life and those around you. This type of transformation gives you more confidence, happiness, focus, and energy. Do you remember a change that made a great impact in your life? Maybe you disconnected yourself from a bad influence, lost a significant amount of weight, had a conversation you put off for a long time, or attempted to become more punctual. These types of accomplishments are not easy. Other challenging changes might be the desire to control your temper or to better manage emotional confrontations, like disagreements between married couples. Imagine a woman who turns around and slams the door every time there is a disagreement with her husband. She knows this isn’t productive and doesn’t solve her issues. But every time she starts feeling the emotion rise, she feels the need to walk away and slam the door as hard as possible. Maybe you can relate in some way to this like when you get the feeling that you want to... read more

1 Solution for Permanent Happiness

Do any these popular words of advice sound familiar to you? Sleep. Wake Up. JUMP IN Eat Right. Exercise. LET GO. Love. Read. Meditate. Talk. Listen. Be Silent. Reconnect. Disconnect. Say Thank You. Smile. Cry. Think Positive. Forgive. Breath. Be Aware. Be Yourself. These are the reminders that commonly run through the minds of millions as they manage the strains of daily life. These words are seen on websites, books, billboards, and magazines and heard on Television and Radio. We are inundated with ideas, tools, and advice for finding balance and contentment. The demand for happiness is greater than any food, car, or electronic product on the planet. There is no greater desire than the wish to harness a stream of endless motivation and happiness to help us fulfill our greatest wishes and goals. There are whole industries and professions dedicated to the pursuit of joy and countless options available to the seeker of self-improvement. Commonly we have preferred techniques that help us keep our bad habits and negative thoughts in check. Do you have something that you prefer? Many seek the peace of mindfulness, meditation, or yoga. Others prefer the energy and advice found at motivational seminars and from Self-help books. Have you ever experienced any of these popular tools? Before I discovered Progressive Mental Alignment, I used many of these same techniques to manage the emotional and physical problems I was experiencing. Like most people, my first attempt to rid myself of these issues involved visiting several different doctors. They tried to suppress my symptoms through medication. I had seen way too many people in a medicated... read more

When Giving Doesn’t Help

“When you learn, Teach. When you get, Give” – Maya Angelou Giving is love’s greatest poem. To give means to offer your energy, kindness, protection, comfort, time, ideas, attention, resources, and more to benefit another person or cause.  To relinquish ourselves of these most valuable treasures is a beautiful sacrifice in which your needs and desires are placed behind something or someone else’s. It’s a powerful tool that builds bridges from separation to ultimate unity. The connection that happens between giver and receiver breeds joy, contentment, and inspiration for all parties involved. I always had the desire to help others in any way I could. When I learned how to apply the Progressive Mental Alignment technique, giving became much more meaningful and enjoyable. I cannot even express the immense difference between the results before and after Progressive Mental Alignment when it comes to health and relationship issues. The most unexpected surprise was the amazing impact it had on my own personal growth and health. You can learn so much from helping others when you’re doing it in a meaningful and effective way! This is one of the most important reasons I started my blog. I wanted to share my experience with as many people as possible. It was a long and hard road in self-discovery that cost me a lot of energy, money and disappointment. Now I’m able to pass the answers and solutions on to others, saving them all those unnecessary hardships. So many people can experience more happiness and success in life if they possess the right tools. The Giver’s Light Have you ever experienced the great... read more

How To End Panic Attacks Forever

Have you ever had a ‘Freak Out’ moment? It’s that familiar feeling of panic and anxiety that rushes in when you realize you forgot something important at home, your pants rip during an important meeting, or you suddenly realize you don’t have the notes for the presentation you’re about to give! We all feel anxious, nervous, and scared from time to time. But for some people it can get much more serious very quickly. A panic attack is a whole different level of anxiety that can really impact a person’s overall health. Have you ever experienced one? Experts say it’s a feeling you’ll never forget. According to WebMD about 40 million American adults get panic attacks every year. It strikes without any warning and it isn’t necessarily caused by a stressful situation. It can happen at any time and in any place. They can include sweating, chest pain, heart palpitations and sometimes even a feeling of choking. The symptoms can be so severe that some people often confuse it for a heart attack and may even feel like they’re going to die. Can you relate to this feeling? One woman I spoke with described her panic attack as “an inner rumbling you can’t control. It takes over your inner self. You can’t find ground….the opposite of peace. You lose communication with your heart, mind, anything that grounds you on earth- you lose it. You’re on the scariest roller coaster you’ve ever been in. You can’t control it. You can’t get off, you don’t know how and you can’t see the end of it.” Current responses to panic and anxiety... read more

How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey rock star! How are you feeling today? Have you successfully accomplished the goals you set out for this day or are you pushing yourself along one heavy step at a time? Accomplishment always feels better doesn’t it? Nothing is better than the spark of motivation! It’s a powerful emotion, which jolts you to action and makes you feel accomplished and happy. When you’re motivated you can move mountains and you can inspire others to do the same. What did your last spark of motivation move you to do? Maybe you cleaned the whole house top to bottom, or jogged 5 miles.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like this all the time? Motivation is a big deal and it’s also big business. Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? He is one of the most well-known motivational speakers and life coaches on the planet. In his hugely popular seminars, Robbins uplifts thousands of people to extreme enthusiasm. He guides people through exercises that literally move them to scream, dance, jump, climb chairs, and even walk on fire. People leave the seminars inspired and uplifted. While some do experience a significant life change, more often than not, people return to their old habits. In fact, 75 to 90 percent of people who’ve attended motivational conventions report losing most, if not all, of their enthusiasm after a certain period of time. Have you ever attended a seminar or watched a motivational video that gave you a jolt of positive drive? During these sessions most people are 100 percent confident they will change and end the habits that don’t serve them... read more

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There’s no time like girl time! I love to catch up with friends, have a good talk, and exchange silly stories. We laugh and enjoy a drink and a good meal. It’s a refreshing and healthy break from daily life. It’s easy to use the woman in our lives as a standard from which we measure ourselves. It’s something that can provide perspective but research shows that this can also trigger deep insecurities within us. Do you relate to the impulse to compare ourselves against what we view as beautiful celebrities and people we know? All aspects of a women’s appearance is up for grabs! Hair, makeup, body type, weight, and clothes, are all used as a means to measure our own self-worth. Social media emboldens this habit and literally places the power of comparison right at our finger tips. We can follow every wardrobe change of our favorite celebrities or closely monitor a friend’s weight loss journey. But Facebook and Instagram aren’t the only culprits. Television, magazines, and advertisements also play a huge role. It can happen while strolling through the internet, watching your favorite sitcom, or even as you pass someone interesting in a shopping mall. It can seem like an innocent and automatic habit but research shows us that there is much more to this behavior. I recently came across an issue in Glamour Magazine which explored this very issue. The article found that self-comparison significantly affects our relationships with others, contributes to the self-image problems at large, and negatively contributes to our personal well-being. The article found that in most cases this type of comparison... read more

How Self Discovery Solves Insecurity

Hi beautiful! What is your reaction when someone greets you that way? Do you own it? Does it make you smile or do you automatically reject it internally? According to some interesting stats about body awareness, more than likely, you don’t even believe it when someone tells you you’re beautiful.  In fact, the website notes that a whopping 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies, 58 percent of college aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight, and more than 40 percent of women would consider cosmetic surgery in the future. Have you ever felt that pang of self-consciousness when you just can’t seem to find the right thing to wear or you arrive at a party and start questioning how you look? How about the constant comparing most women do with other women about weight, hair, makeup, or body type? It’s common among women and it’s rooted in our self-value. So why are so many of us so unhappy about our appearance? We know that female babies and toddlers aren’t concerned at all about their self-image which means that we are not born with all of those negative feelings about ourselves. So where does it start? Like all belief systems, they are based in our life experiences and in understanding how those experiences impact us every day.  Some of these experiences date way back to our childhood and while they differ from person to person there IS a common theme of feelings rooted deeply in fear, although we are usually not aware of it. As a simple example, let’s look at the experience of... read more
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