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How to Find Your Soulmate Instantly

There is something magical about the effortless connection, trust, and honesty shared between soul mates. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or lifetime romantic partner, a soul mate is a breath of fresh air that can make you feel as if you’ve hit the relationship...

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How to Speak Your Mind Fearlessly

In the Age of Communication, technology is the most powerful vehicle for information about the world and deeper connections with the people in our life. But despite these technological strides, emotional expression hasn’t become any easier, in fact it remains a...

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How To Start Doing What You Love Right Now

Odds are, you hate your job. That’s according to a recent Gallup poll which cites that 70 percent of people dislike their place of work. SEVENTY percent! That’s a huge number! Are you one of the millions of people who wake up, every morning, dreading the day ahead?...

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Why Advice Doesn’t Work

We live in an era of advice overload. I don’t know about you, but my Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with 101 ways to conquer an interview, find love, lose weight, and even how to clean the shower the right way! I’m just saying;) It seems there’s a demand for...

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How to Discover the True Source of Your Sadness

How are you feeling today? I mean, how are you really feeling? Many of us are quick to answer ‘Great!’ when the reality is not so positive. Do you ever notice that even if someone feels particularly sad, they often say that they’re ok? Sadness is an integral part of...

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How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking For Good

It’s time. The moment you’ve prepared for. You’re back stage and take a peek at the growing crowd out front. At any moment you’ll be standing in front of all those people for a presentation. You feel your stomach get into knots…or maybe it’s butterflies! Your hands...

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Why you’re Still So Exhausted

Yawn. I’m pretty exhausted today! I just couldn’t get out bed no matter what I tried and I definitely hit the snooze button about 10 times this morning. Have you ever had one of those mornings? You just feel like staying buried in your comfy covers all day in your...

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What Your Anger Reveals About You

What Your Anger Reveals About You Few emotions are as powerful as anger! Have you ever watched a toddler scream at the top of his lungs and kick in the throes of uncontrollable emotion? It is really a powerful illustration of anger’s intensity! That intensity of anger...

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How to Overcome The Hurdles of Change Forever

Where there is change, there is courage. Change means doing something you’ve never done before, exploring new terrain, and throwing yourself blindly into the depths of discomfort for the chance at a new life. Whether you’re jumping into a new career or starting a...

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1 Solution for Permanent Happiness

Do any these popular words of advice sound familiar to you? Sleep. Wake Up. JUMP IN Eat Right. Exercise. LET GO. Love. Read. Meditate. Talk. Listen. Be Silent. Reconnect. Disconnect. Say Thank You. Smile. Cry. Think Positive. Forgive. Breath. Be Aware. Be Yourself....

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When Giving Doesn’t Help

“When you learn, Teach. When you get, Give” – Maya Angelou Giving is love’s greatest poem. To give means to offer your energy, kindness, protection, comfort, time, ideas, attention, resources, and more to benefit another person or cause.  To relinquish ourselves of...

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How To End Panic Attacks Forever

Have you ever had a ‘Freak Out’ moment? It’s that familiar feeling of panic and anxiety that rushes in when you realize you forgot something important at home, your pants rip during an important meeting, or you suddenly realize you don’t have the notes for the...

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How To Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey rock star! How are you feeling today? Have you successfully accomplished the goals you set out for this day or are you pushing yourself along one heavy step at a time? Accomplishment always feels better doesn’t it? Nothing is better than the spark of motivation!...

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There’s no time like girl time! I love to catch up with friends, have a good talk, and exchange silly stories. We laugh and enjoy a drink and a good meal. It’s a refreshing and healthy break from daily life. It’s easy to use the woman in our lives as a standard from...

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How Self Discovery Solves Insecurity

Hi beautiful! What is your reaction when someone greets you that way? Do you own it? Does it make you smile or do you automatically reject it internally? According to some interesting stats about body awareness, more than likely, you don’t even believe it when someone...

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