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How Science Is Making Change Easier

It is the Dalai Lama who asserts “To be aware of a single shortcoming within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else.” Maybe it’s because we can’t truly change the world until we change ourselves. It’s certainly a popular concept and one...

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How To Love Yourself More Starting Right Now!

“You are unique!” We’ve all heard that time and time again. But what is it that actually makes you unique? Please click on the picture above (You will be temporarily leaving the PMAminded site, just click the 'back button' to take you back to the blog) It’s your...

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Where Your Self-Sabotaging Belief Systems Came From

We all have an opinion,are driven and decide everything we do based on our beliefs. Some of our beliefs are very powerful and we will do everything possible to defend and hold on to them. Our most powerful beliefs determine who we are, how we think, decide, act and...

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Why Challenging Yourself Is Important

Have you ever felt really stuck in life? I’m referring to the feeling that life is passing you by without really living it to it full extent? You’re in a state of vegetating, captured in the daily routines of life, instead of being passionate and vibrantly alive. Is...

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How Kate overcame her Depression symptoms

I’m pretty sure that you are now well aware that I am really passionate about the Progressive Mental Alignment method. 🙂 It completely changed my life and countless of other people. My passion to help others in the fastest and most effective way keeps me talking...

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How To Instantly Value Yourself More

We all know the familiar phrase: “Love your neighbors like yourself”. There are many people who practice this very seriously, and next to their already busy work schedule, are constantly helping others. Some help to such a level that they totally exhaust themselves. I...

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How Panic Strikes: A Subconscious Blueprint

You know that feeling... Your heart starts racing. It’s pounding out of your chest at hundred miles an hour. You’re dizzy, have shortness of breath, feel completely out of touch with reality -total panic. These are the accepted explanations for symptoms and [causes]...

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How To Give Yourself More Energy Instantly

In one of my previous blog posts I briefly spoke about bad clusters. We all have these subconscious programs that interrupt our health and happiness. But after revealing the content of a bad cluster, it can transform into a powerhouse of positive energy that you can...

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How One Little Flyer Changed My Life Forever

On the “Meet Ingrid” page of my website I talk about a “little flyer” that completely changed my life. The content of this little flyer activated a turning point, the message was so clear and logical that I instantly knew - this method will finally give me the answers...

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