There’s only one negative I have to say about this book and it’s the cover design. It looks as though you’re about to read a textbook for college, but in fact, it’s a very readable yet professional book that captures your interest and doesn’t let go. It’s not boring or textbook-ish in the slightest.
Filled with information about how our mind works and stores information, you’re in for a treat if you love anything psychological or simply understanding life better. I’m a big fan of knowing why things work the way they do, that way you can make better choices and CHANGE. Change is possible when you know why things are the way they are, why you’re emotions are acting a certain way. And this book is a very very comprehensive guide to how our brains, bodies, and emotions are working together. If this subject is of any interest to you at all, or if you simply want to know how to overcome depression, anxiety, fear, etc., and live a beautifully profound life, this book is exactly what you need. You won’t be disappointed.